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  1. robbie244

    tv shelf

    ok all i finaly got my brackets in and am very pleased, just waiting for screws to test fit the tv and then run wires but happy so far, it wont be used this far out from wall but was testing the bracket, what do u all think, my first time drilling into my tourer and yes was weary and its a triple shelf but 2 for spares or 1 for magazine and drink etc
  2. robbie244

    roof washing

    i dont use a pressure washer and only soap and water with my hose brush
  3. robbie244

    tv fitting

    ive measured up and found, y wardrobe wall to be 2 thin layers thick for wires etc to go through so ive got some mdf and cutting to fit the spaces between shelves then wala i hope
  4. robbie244

    tv fitting

    i will b removing for travel but looking at mounting options as checked today and the cupboard wall is no more than 2mm thick so definately needs reinforcing but i also got small sock type side shelfs on the side of mine so im guessing reinforce all areas in-between these we have 2 a rulers hight apart top to bottom, also our main power board [battery lights etc] and carver switch are on this wall
  5. robbie244

    tv fitting

    hi all unsire if im putting this in the right area but here goes,, we have the 92 Elddis pamperos and im debating putting mums 22 inch lcd tv on the wall that backs onto the wardrobe and a shelf for the sky box simply as it would b easier while we are away,, at this point im looking at types and suggestions, the one pictured is not mine but an idea of what im aiming at and the small tray like shelf end of the sink is what we use at the min and its akward to say the least hence this,,, what do you all thing or have you done different or better tv and sky box are light too, thanks all ps old pic of inside the vam,, it much tidier and better lol
  6. robbie244

    roof washing

    my biggest issue was access but now i put a ladder against the rails with some pipe protection foam round the ladder and it means i can get up there now
  7. robbie244

    Motorised Jockey Wheel

    i have similar to get my tourer off the drive and its a huge help
  8. robbie244

    Rear view cameras

    i fitted wired 2 yr ago, yes it inconvenient fitting but after its done its fab,, i link the 2 wires at the hitch wen going away and sit a monitor on my dash, small 3-4 inch thing and perfect, i wire it wen doing the caravan hitchup etc
  9. robbie244

    External lights

    this post is really good im going to do this as getting car to the van is akward im my garden and i have to move the caravan onto my street wen going away so this for general testing would be fab but il wire it so flashers are on too as just need them illuminated to test bulbs
  10. robbie244

    Unattended battery care

    i keep our battery in the outhouse thats a bit warmer than the caravan locker and i plug in a charger every month to keep it topped up and to be fair it shoots to 100% within 10 secs each time
  11. we remove all the cushions etc, open all cupboards drain the toilet and water etc and its on axle stands to help tryes and suspension, and i check it every week or so
  12. robbie244

    roof washing

    hi all, bought a new hose brush from halfords today as was given a voucher so had to go there not my first choice believe me, got it fitted up and gave a short wash to the roof that was starting to go a bit pitted and mossey, i say that as it was last done 2 yr ago and has lasted fine its not under trees etc,, 1 thing was i also got the soap sticks but not used yet,, are they any good?, i wont climb up at shes a 92 Elddis and prob wont hold me
  13. robbie244

    Twin lnb for sky+hd

    if both feeds go to the same location, change the ends to fit a satellite cable and then use a sat feed outside- dish to caravan feed point then another feed tv point to box,, provided all feeds match it should b ok but dont use any splitters etc
  14. robbie244

    Closing up for winter!!

    as the others said taps etc,, my tourer is on my drive but its still kept level and i put it up on axle stands to save suspension and tyres with break off also i wrap the wheels to protect also to cover my lock and we bring in all removable items like cushions etc
  15. robbie244

    New Swift Alpine 4 broke away from Towcar.

    ive been doing caravaning for the last 3 yrs and i do the lift test and put my fingers under the hitch to feel the ball and i get down and check last when all is wired up as i dont want to embarrass myself plus safety also i have a daxara trailer and when i unhitch i can put my hand under and release the handle for storage done by pulling back of the tongue