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  1. you may need to go older, my caravan is a 91 elddis and its 5 berth with mtplm 1050, towed by my focus with 1200 braked imit
  2. i have 2 towcars and a few items requiring a plate like trailer and bike carrier so i use these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trailer-Number-Plate-Clips-Holder-Spring-Loaded-Stainless-Steel-one-pair-lmx553/272920904481?epid=1066704341&hash=item3f8b5a8321:g:o-8AAOxyHslQ6DWO
  3. thats fair enough, last year mine went up by about 2 pond and wasnt bothered but 20 is a bit much, im sure some are like dont b tight but im not loaded hence have the older van and car etc and theres no harm trying to save a few quid
  4. the price went up by 20 yes, it was 98 for the year but its now 118 i run 2 cars and am familiar with always getting a cheaper quote and always been told never to stay with current provider though i sometimes find current are good
  5. fair enough, my tourer is at home with decent security on it but im not happy with price going up by that much
  6. hi all i have an Elddis pamperos xl 91 5 berth, ive had this for 5 years and had it insured for 2, ive just had my renewal and its gone up by 20 for the year, i wont be renewing as ive not used it this year and never made a claim ive also been with them for the whole 2 yrs, towergate caravan insurance, last yr it went up by £2 i think so wasnt bothered but this its its from 98 to 118, whos best for the policy, im not a member of anyone except here, ive done quotes on compare caravan ins and prime plus and quest are the cheapest, thanks all
  7. hi Stuart, im unsure what brand it is but i decided at the time a bit bigger and better distance, reason for changing was the smaller 1 flickered a lot on the monitor and the new one doesnt so much better, mines on all the time when driving and i find it easier and safer, like for reversing onto the pitch this is mine, may have different specs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Waterproof-Reversing-Camera-Car-Van-Security-Rear-View-18-IR-LED-Night-Vision/392807249674?hash=item5b7522f70a:g:RLcAAOSwMNJd8fQ8, my 1st cam came with monitor so didnt need that second time it look
  8. im sure many we be along after me with better cameras, but ive got a standard camera and 7 inch monitor and they are both powered via the caravan 12v as i dont use the 2nd plug so my battery can be used, mines wired under the van to the hitch and another wire into the car and when we go away i simply link the wires and turn on in the caravan, works great no interference, some say its a faf but fine for me,, old v new [the bigger 1 is the new 1 and is much better]
  9. im very fussy so i do all work on my 2, my sierra and focus, only jobs the garage does is things like clutch and welding that im unable to all rest is done by me, i know my cars and i dont trust garages as seen too many mistakes, plus if i do it i know wots been done etc, i do my sierra at 3000mls and focus at 5000mls, i always do my oil changes warm as its thinner and runs faster so drains better, sierra will never be sold so im happy with that, its easy with basic tools
  10. lol yes i suppose, only mods are leccy windows and remote locking, cant add many pics as website wont let me, pm me if u like, 1.6 pinto all factory setup minus the above mensioned,,,,,,,,i will remove this post if people dont want it here
  11. i have a 1992 Ford Sierra 1.6 with 118000 for towing my small trailer and a 2004 Ford Focus 2.0 with 103000 for towing my 1050 mtplm Elddis Pamperos xl i get 32mpg on solo and no idea towing but it does do very well on fuel towing
  12. in ours the cooker is by the door, ive got the co detector above and the fire alarm is at the front above the bed, to be honest it never goes off unless i test it myself, must be lucky
  13. i have got a proper sky dish and use a sky box as you would in the house, and ive used sky q in the caravan too by changing the lnb, ive never used my card from home in there as we just used freeview and the signal is better than an aerial and quicker setup for us, boxes and dish very easy to get and setup, i ran wiring from tv points to the front locker under the van ready for each trip away, best thing i did
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