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  1. fab info all il be removing it tomorrow
  2. oh ok, so u mean empty the unit and fit back in, it must b fitted for my sytem to work
  3. hi all, my 92 Elddis has a water filter and im due to go away and forgot about this, how long can i use it do you think, i usually replace each season and its used twice to 3 times per yr and was replaced april 2018
  4. all from ebay farely cheap too as i cant afford hundreds for the setup, im doing wiring at the min so when im finished il add pics if u like
  5. ok pic1 is the fitting, pic 2 is the monitor but not my pic, pic 3 is old on right and new on left new much better and doesnt flicker and pic 4 is my monitor testing on the dash on day i got new camera easily available on ebay with fab quality [sreen lines are my phone camera not actual picture when in use ebay numbers 123549417976 for the monitor,,in my experience the small camera was useless as constant flickering like it had a loose connection where as the new one is faultless,new one is the bigger one as fitted in pic1 and still there at this min 183443912155 camera
  6. best thing i ever did since buying our caravan, i rin my camera as a permanent to the dash when driving so i can use it as my rear view camera and i got the small monitor on my dash for it all was cheap but works fab and i link it at hitch when i hitchup etc
  7. i was a first time tower 3 yr ago and find it easy, patience is a help, start slow and plan well ahead,, take it to a carpark and do some maneuvers to help u, the brake will release wen u reverse it[ [provided caravans handbrake is off]our caravan weighs 1050 mtplm and my car can pull 1250 so thats a decent weight and we use a ford focus 2004, the best mirrors i find are aero but other may disagree but dont go without them as its illegal but some do and make sure u got the breakaway cable fitted and stabiliser if needs one depends on age if fitted,,,good luck you will enjoy
  8. i was shelfing the idea of side markers for view but indicators is a good idea to help as u said
  9. im getting ones that wire in and screw in not stick on ones also they are on ebay at 150 a light and im gonna tap into the wire before it gets to tail lights so all underside and easy done
  10. i undertsand that, i just thought i would add 4, 2 each side as a mates converting a van to camper and adding and they look decent, not adding for mods etc but for added safety and look nice, in pic ive linked ive drawn them in at bottom where i will put them,, the 2 reflectors on the green line are factory and the 2 stacked are covering small dents from before i bought her
  11. thats all fine and in law to my caravan
  12. ok where do i find that info
  13. hi all, im debating putting markers on the sides of my caravan along the underside of the awning skirt rail but am wondering how easy a job it is to wire them up, im guessing tap into the tail light wires and there we go, anyone else done this thanks all, ps doing it as a mate did his van and had some left so i decided good for visability etc
  14. i just looked at my caravan policy and it says TOWING COVER you and your family, and thats my tourer, also as a poster on here said and i agree i hate seeing caravans and trailers exceeding 60 i only do 60 with my tailer or tourer and ive played catchup running solo trying to overtake trailers etc at 70 so yes they need to slow down but hey they wont
  15. i have 2 22inch tvs as me and mum watch our own thing so i got the sky dish outside wired to 2 locations in the caravan and we each have a sky box, fab, no signal issue like an ariel can in rain etc and both have own range of channels
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