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  1. yes u can have it in caravan with the 2 feeds and the correct lnb fitted but not the mini boxes as they require to link to internet to do checks and will dropout every few hours
  2. my 92 Elddis has got damp in front with virtually the same as u describe but mines from a replaced window and the top rail wasnt sealed corectly, i saw a video on youtube for this exact issue and im going to try it later in the year
  3. i tow a 1050mtplm caravan with a ford focus 2004, 130bhp 1200 braked weight ability and its fine on flat and a bit slower on hills but does fine, in my experience your pulling a big weight behind you and gotta expect it to be a little slower up hills, your car sounds fine to me, but others may disagree, 140bhp to tow an older van sounds fine, also on counrty roads i corner slower as caravan can at times feel odd but i find it normal and never any issues, i always use stabilizer and check loading etc and tyres
  4. i have a garmin nuvi and ive had it 10 yrs, best satnav i ever had, its battery is worn out now but i run it off ciggy but never failed me
  5. hi all, right last year a mate gave me a portable a/c unit like the 1 in the picture and is heavy, i store it in my tourer out the way but am wondering on average what amp they use as would like to take it away with us but unsure if its too powerful thanks all
  6. its not an issue as il be towing with my focus i was merely looking to see how to translate a plate and IF i was to try would i be legal but obviously not so i wont b towing with the sierra,,,, thanks to all replies for info on this as ive been asking on sites for a while
  7. i was curious as the caravan is a 92 aswell so was guessing must b similar weight
  8. its my emergency car like if focus fails
  9. its ok my focus does it but wanted to kno if my sierra could, caravan is 1050 mtplm
  10. hi all can anyone tel me kerb or towing weight as cant understand these plates, car is a 1992 for sierra, pic was landscape oriented Mod edit: - Picture rotated
  11. my 2004 for focus is the same, wen i sold the old focus i put my crashbar onto it as the towbar was swapped from old to new and wen i sell this 1 il buy the bar to put back on too
  12. fab info all il be removing it tomorrow
  13. oh ok, so u mean empty the unit and fit back in, it must b fitted for my sytem to work
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