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  1. i have a 2004 2.0 ford focus hatch and i tow my elddis pamperos xl, caravans mtplm is 1050 and car tows it very well, i find the newer caravan you go the bigger they are, yes obvious i know but even 2 yrs can make a difference, its a 5 berth 91 model, my focus limit is 1200 braked https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/caravan-data/lunar-lexon-575-eb-2008-caravan-specifications/ i personally wouldnt tow a van this weight with my focus,,,sorry edited this as it said would and i meant would not, my apologies
  2. not paranoid at all, mines on axle stands but wheels still on as both got wheel locks, i have the hitchlock on and a car blocking and locked gates and if not enough also 24hr cctv to my phone, only thing is maybe dont remove wheels and just put on stands as they could have a similar van and bring their own wheels, this is why i left mine on, takes 2 min for them to fit their own wheels but an age to remove your locks and wheels its insured too
  3. i know this is an old thread and sorry to drop in but if it helps, i have a sky dish we use in our old elddis, and we always setup and test at home before we go and i find the hedge in the garden can block the signal so moving my dish away from it helps a lot, just thought i would add this as i wouldnt of guessed if it hadnt happened to me, ive run the wires to 2 points in the van and we have a box each, standard sky dish on the tripod as seen on ebay works a treat every time and worked for 3 plus years
  4. hi sorry to ask such a strange question and im hoping this is in the right place, i have a 1991 Elddis Pamperos, and for the last 2 years after using online tyre pressure sites stating 45-50 psi, i just managed to get hold of a handbook and it states 35psi, im baffled why one would be so high or the manufacturer would be so low, i set my cars at 32 psi, its a 5 berth but only 2 of us use it so no risk of overload but am curious for safety
  5. congrats lazarus and congrats and amazing help and info kelper, im like u lazarus i would b determined to find out and sort this, i have an older 1992 elddis pamperos caravan [gremlin when we got it] and a old ford sierra and am always trying to diagnose things, fab job all that helped, ps replying back with updates is key yes absolutely
  6. following this as really hoping lazarus can sort this, sorry to pop in like this, hope u cure it best of luck to u both,
  7. i use the standard one for when the caravan is standing or on being towed and have a motorised 1 for moving the caravan cheap 2nd hand and easy to use,
  8. usually our first weekend away is Abergavenny but we didnt book as this happened around the time we would, ive been tinkering with the caravan today but its strange not being there now, still got the easter weekend off as per my job but also still in work normal times, im planning to book as soon as sites and lockdown reopen
  9. im probably miles out but binding breaks on that side?? i had a squeaky brake on my sierra front left but only after 20 min of driving and re copper greasing cured mine
  10. we have a decent sized drive and ours is on the drive but out of the way to the side and by a hedge, load of room around it to access things and my neighbours are fine but no i wouldnt care if they werent as its our house and my drive, i must admit im very luck to have fab neighbours and a corner house so not affecting anyone
  11. well for me, my caravans up on axle stands to help tyres and suspension, both tyres have locks and bags on them, i have the hitchlock then i have a car infront then a locked gate and incase all that i got 24 hr cctv to my phone, i can only hope its enough
  12. im the same i just had a bump in my sierra and made it very clear to the insurers my cars more than just metal and bolts im having it back and i feel the same about our caravan, i maintain it and sort it out and we have had it for 3 yrs and love it, fab thing you did there hope new buyer gets it
  13. i live in cardiff and tow a caravan and trailer now and then and stick to the limits but even when im not towing and do 70 i see some towing well above 70 and it amazes me, today i saw a land rover towing a twin axle trailer and was doing well over 70, yes i know the limit is 60 hence being amazed at what i see
  14. im not currently a motorhomer but ive signed it
  15. ive upgraded to a 7 inch touch unit now with 2 video inputs so thats sorted but i was confused as this monitor has worked for the last 2 years fine and yes i tested it on my rear socket and same issue but it ran fab on caravan one as i upgraded the stereo i may sell this monitor as not needed now
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