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    Caravanning and enjoying my classic car and of course family
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  1. i have a front and rear dual cam going to 1 sd card in both my cars wired in comes on with ignition, takes 5 seconds to start so i wait for it, by the time i start the car, unfold mirrors etc lol, pricless things to have but hopefully never needed
  2. not saying he should do anything but if he was desperate it may have helped him maybe he didnt have funds or time to wait etc
  3. hope you sort it out, ive had 2 accidents in 13 years of driving 1 was my fault, all ok nothing like this 1, if the car was ok try and fit your own towbar to save money, i did as was ridiculously priced and its fine, towed twice already and the caravan is fine, checked the fitting and its all good, off again in 2 weeks for the last 1 this year, good luck
  4. im not aware of anything not bothered either, i have legal uk plates with the welsh flag to the left as i always have done and thats how i keep them, my caravan and trailer plates are the same as the car welsh flag as im welsh
  5. we have a 1991 Elddis and after having signal issues years ago i decided to upgrade our aerial to 2 sky boxes as we have 2 tv in the caravan, so easy to setup, ive pre run the wires underneath to the points inside and the dish sits on the tripod at the front job done, never an issue now and if a box fails they are cheap though i do carry spares incase
  6. i use milenco aero 3s and i have a permanent rear camera to a monitor on my dash
  7. found this, it may help but may not,,,,,
  8. i have very similar lights to u but not the top bit, the light on the right of the cluster on the pic above should be fog being a single filament and the left bulb should be brake and sidelight as its a double just like my caravan as seen here, only difference is my triangles are separate, i replaced my spade connectors due to corrosion but the pic is on the same side as yours, the standard 12n plug powers the fogs just found this for you, this is the back of your lights, left is brake and sidelight and other is fog, wired like mine, i also found on mine 1 side had 2 wires as 1 side feeds other side, for example wire comes to rear left light then across to rear right from there so only 1 wire comes length of caravan just as seen in this pic
  9. i have a rear camera too, it would b best to find what plugs are on the end of the cable and go from there, rear camera is best thing i did, mines on constant with a monitor on the dash
  10. we got fire extinguisher, fire blanket, first aid kit, co detector and smoke alarm we hope to never use them but they are there
  11. we are away in 2 weeks then again in sept so ive bought a new tv stand/bracket as tv stand was lost last year, ran the system up including setting up tv and the sky dish etc to check it works inc fridge, in process of changing a tyre i found today is nearly 7,pitty as its like new and remembering caravan hasnt been out since aug 2019 but its law so im not risking it and test fitting/ and test drive with the new car and towbar and stabilizer bracket, i like to be prepared and make sure all works before we go but i do take certain spares incase
  12. wen i first started towing i had a set of the strap on type, total poor they were, now i use milenco aero 3 and they are great and yes before i set off each time going or returning i make sure i can see down the side etc as required
  13. my caravan is stored on axle stands brake off, now and then i do turn the wheels but its fine, im going to move it this week and wash it as not used in nearly a year and a half though i do checks used or not
  14. i have a darxara 127 same as erde 122 with hard top, payed a decent bit for it but then its a good trailer still looks new too, i added a few bits to it but looks and lasts well
  15. ive not had v5 yet, only bought car on wednesday, i kno mk3 is 1800 so was curious, 2.0 duratec zetec petrol, no idea what gearbox, thanks
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