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  1. On my second Galaxy with powershift boxes. Brilliant towcars. No gearbox issues at all. Have had recommended oil and filter changes. Expensive @ £250, but better safe than sorry.
  2. We store a caravan in Spain, and were advised by storage facility what not to leave in caravan. Amongst obvious things like food was soap! They obviously like a wash.
  3. Hi, Yes Repsol do a 6kg lightweight cylinder. It's called a K6. You will be very lucky to pick one of these up at a car boot sale. I purchased one about a year ago. Rental agreement about 30 euro. Gas refil earlier this year 15.95 euro (which is about the same as 11kg cylinder) but readily available at Repsol filling stations.
  4. Can anyone tell me where the switch is for the floor level courtesy light? Hoping someone has a similar caravan.
  5. I took out a contract for a K6 Repsol cylinder at a Repsol garage and campsite address was accepted. Be aware refil price for these cylinders is higher than 11kg cylinder. Refil this month 15. 95 euro (13. 5 last year if I remember)
  6. Spot on, Thanks!! Thought they were on forever
  7. Just got our Clubman ES. Can anyone tell me where to switch off Grab Handle lights please?
  8. Try This. Just put in area & fuel type http://geoportalgasolineras. es/#/Inicio Normal diesel is Gasoleo A habitual
  9. Travelled cordoned to burgundy today no problems with fuel. Probably project fear diversifying
  10. Just taken out contract on K6 6kg Repsol bottle. 37. 5euro for contract. 3. 5 Euro deposit. 13. 5 Euro for the gas. Service station happy with campsite address, then just wanted my phone no. Email address. No ID check. Larger 11kg bottles are easy to obtain second hand, but 6kg a bit like hen's teeth. Hope this helps.
  11. Further to my post above, Holbrook Leisure carried out my service last year, and also some substantial warranty work. The caravan was NOT purchased from them. I do not think you would have any trouble getting warranty work done elsewhere. If you look on Bailey website, most, if not all, retailers are listed as carrying out transient warranty work, ie on units purchased elsewhere. My caravan is booked into Newmarket Caravan Services (also listed as carrying out warranty work on Bailey website) next month. I will update when this has been carried out (especially if warranty work required).
  12. I've also spoken to them, I subsequently booked caravan into Newmarket Caravan Services for a service. They are Bailey approved & can do warranty work
  13. For a Family? In the school holidays? Don't think so
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