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  1. Just an update.......... Fitted the radio with the non powered splitter ( as recommended by SuperRed ) through the standard radio aerial. Works perfectly on DAB Thanks for the help and advice
  2. Thanks for your help everyone. SuperRed......was you splitter a powered one?
  3. Unfortunately the TV aerial is on the opposite side of the van to where the radio is fitted. I don’t believe the radio aerial is amplified but I assume I could pick up power from the live feed to the radio?
  4. I want to fit a DAB radio to an Adria Adora Seine (2019). I know I need a DAB splitter to enable me to utilise the existing radio aerial on the side of the caravan for DAB. Can anyone please tell me if I need just a standard splitter cable or one with a power source to amplify the signal?
  5. Thanks for your replies, I will now go back to the engineer
  6. I suppose you could fit the flared end of the spacer so it was against the wall of the caravan and not the screw head. Personally, I would agree that they should be fitted as the photo shows. The screws go through the interior wall, I cannot see what they fix into beyond that. I thought the same, that the screw is a self drilling/tapping type screw. Its just strange that the damage was not there until the expansion tank was removed and re-fitted.
  7. I have just had the fluid changed for the first time in our Alde heating. As part of the procedure the engineer removed and re-fitted the expansion tank. A few days later I noticed the there were three raised areas in the outer wall of the caravan (Bailey Unicorn Cadiz S3) that corresponded to where the three fixing screws of the expansion tank are. The paint was cracked and it looked like the screws were going to penetrate the wall of the caravan. When I checked the screws weren't over tight. Bailey say that the sleeves/spacers that go over the screws have been fitted the wrong way round allowing the screw to over tighten. They were fitted the way that the attached photo shows. The engineer believes that Bailey have used the wrong screws (ie that they are too long). The only way that the distortion on the outer wall of the caravan can be eased is to slacken off the screws to an extent that the tank is loose on the fittings. I don't know if it was fitted like this before, but the damage to outer wall of the caravan was definitely not there. Does anyone have experience of this?
  8. I am using 13 pin electrics. Tow bar was fitted after market four years ago and haven’t had this problem until yesterday
  9. Does anyone have any ideas please? i tow a series 3Bailey Unicorn Cadiz with a Volvo. XC60. i noticed yesterday that when I switch on the caravan fog lights they won’t turn off again. The fog lights on the car go on and off but the ones on the caravan stay on. The only way I could get them to turn off was to switch off the car engine and start it again. The fog lights on the car work fine without the caravan connected
  10. Had our Cadiz roof joint repaired last September after if leaked at six weeks old. It's been watertight since but we have experienced condensation dripping off the inner strip on the joint since. Bailey replaced the inner strip a couple of weeks ago and put in the foam insulation but the problem is still there. Has anyone else had this? To top it all, the photo attached shows what I found when I looked at the exterior of the roof joint this morning. ...
  11. Tigger that's great thank you I will have a look at the plugs next week on my days off and go from there
  12. Travelling back home along the M5 today I suddenly noticed that the road lights had gone out on the caravan. Luckily we were less than a mile from a service area so we stopped. The 13 pin plug was plugged in as usual I disconnected and put it back in about ten times I wiggled the plug and the wire to no avail, lights still wouldn't work After a few more attempts they came on, then went off again as I began to drive off Few more attempts at plugging in and out and, ,,,,,, Eventually they stayed on for the rest of the journey They then went out again as I got to our storage site Any ideas as to what may be wrong please? The contacts on the car and van all look clean
  13. Please be aware. .......... Our Cadiz was built in late June/early July this year. As I was aware of the roof joint problems I mentioned this to the then Customer Service manager at Bailey. He assured me that the new modified part had been fitted. Six weeks later it leaked. It has since been repaired by Bailey (so far so good) Fitting the modified strip therefore does not guarantee a good seal. I believe it's more down to the person who does it
  14. I am looking to but a new cover for the Cadiz. The body length is I think about 20'6" Do I get the 19"-21" size or the 21"-23" size to allow extra room for the solar panel. aerial on the roof etc? What size does anyone have please? Thanks
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