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  1. Hi, I'm looking for suggestions for a second hand non diesel towcar up £10k the caravan laden weight is 1550kg. Thanks in advance for all suggestions. Paul
  2. Hi, What should be the approximate labour time & cost to replace both wheel bearings on a single axle caravan, when using a Caravan engineer?
  3. I am pleased so say I have successfully removed the snapped of thread. I drilled into it & to my amazement it come out the back of the A frame so very relieved, I used a 12mm tap to clean up the thread, then greased it & now have a new jockey wheel installed. Thanks to everyone for all your help. Paul
  4. Unfortunately, there is no access to it from behind & is welded to the A frame. Thanks for your suggestion.
  5. The Jockey Wheel clamp bolt thread on our Caravan has snapped off, leaving part of the bolt thread in the A frame, has anyone any suggestions on how to remove the snapped off bit from the A frame so enable fitting a new Jockey Wheel? Thanks in advance for any suggestions received. Regards Paul
  6. I have a broken window on my Bailey Pagent series 5 & would like to know if anyone can advise on how to remove the old window & fit a new one please? I have included a photo of the window that is being replaced. Thanks in advance to all help hopefully received. Regards Paul
  7. Hi does anyone have any experience of replacing a gas Locker strut? What would be the correct procedure? Paul
  8. Which sealant do Bailey use around the grab handles on the Pageant series 5 2005? it's a clear type with a gel type consistency that forms a ring around the handles. Paul
  9. Just saying hi & thanks for letting as join you. Regards Paul
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