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  1. Anyone had the cheap and nasty screw caps fall off their bathroom mirrors yet? Mine have, they were over-tightened at assembly causing the base part to break up. I just replaced mine with these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07HVPFCFL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 £6.49 for 20, they are Stainless Steel, and more high-end looking too. The base part is Brass and they screw on rather that push. I left the original silicone "top-hat" washers in the doors, but found none on the top mirror, so fitted the ones that came with the new
  2. I have seen this problem on two pumps so far (Mine and my Daughters) It looks to me as though the ends of the pipe inside the plug-in bit have possibly been warmed up to make them easy to fit? I fixed both by trimming 15mm off the ends of the pipes - Much harder to push back on, but have never leaked again in 12 Months.
  3. If you are halfway handy with a few simple tools, you can replace the fly-screen yourself. I did them in my Bailey vans, using a white mesh material I got from "The fly-screen Queen". The material I bought was slightly heavier, more durable and the end result was that it didn't pop out of the tracks at the edges, even when gusts of wind blew through the van. - It was some sort of fibreglass-based fabric. Worth a look: https://www.flyscreenqueen.co.uk/flyscreen-material/white-flyscreen.html
  4. Maybe the Alko ATC would have helped with this one?
  5. wozzer


    I was following my mate years ago, in the Scottish borders. There we were, merrily cruising along, when a pick-up truck which was towing a trailer load of sheep came the other way. When pick-up driver saw my mates outfit coming the other way, he braked (too hard) and his trailer load of livestock pushed him onto the wrong side of the road. The pick-up truck impacted the front offside of my mates caravan and it literally exploded. Most of the caravan ended up in the field alongside the road, leaving just the chassis standing on the road. I left half a dozen black stripe
  6. I would agree with all that you say - And I would have loved to have bike racks on the back of all 3 Bailey vans I had. Bailey would not add the reinforced parts in the framework when I approached them - their statement was that it would affect towing stability. As I said, I don't agree with that assertion - Your experience proves it can be done on UK caravans. I'd prefer full size bikes too.
  7. Most manufacturers (excluding Swift, it would seem) say that it isn't possible to fit rear mounted carriers. The Dutch use loads of them. The other thing to bear in mind is that continental caravans have a much larger A frame projection than ours - I measured one in France this year after being asked why I was hauling the bikes on the back of the car by a German guy, it was a good 16 inches longer than mine - This enables them to put a couple of bikes on an A frame carrier - God only knows what it does to the nose-weight though.... I have used a Witter carrier for a few years no
  8. Hey John, I don't know specifically about your model, but have a look here: https://leisurelines.net/water---taps--showers-8-c.asp They do a good range of taps which swivel. I put one onto the "Belfast" style sink in the Bailey we used to have, for exactly the same reason.
  9. I have just been informed at my 1 year service that I need a new brake drum and shoes (under warranty). Apparently, ALKO have had a batch of shoes which are too hard and these have scored the drum? I never had these problems with cars years ago - I am old enough to have owned cars with drum brakes all round, and I never had problems like these. Fitting new shoes meant tapering off the leading edge etc prior to fitting to give a nice "lead in" on the shoe, it also prevented squealing. Am I being "sold a story" here?
  10. Agree totally with AlwynMike - Don't go mental with the rinsing "slosh" - you can rattle bits off. In any case, emptying the thing is definitely a "blue" job for the boys. Ignore what it says about measuring Elsan, just use a good big measure, Don't bother with the green stuff, or tabs or pouches they are all useless; Genuine Elsan is always the way to go - It worked for the toilets in Bombers during the war and it works fine for me. Don't bother with the pink rinse either, you'll just end up with black slime in your flush tank. A teaspoonful of Elsan blue to 4 litres
  11. So far, we have had reasonably good service from our dealer with our coachman. They have pursued every warranty issue with determination (Thanks Tracy at Spinney North Staffs). I do feel that Caravan manufacturers have a lot to learn still. - We wouldn't accept faults in a new car, so why do they expect us to just roll over and accept faults in a new caravan? £26,000 isn't exactly "pin money" is it? The only direct dealings I have had with Coachman resulted in my having a (short) conversation with a very rude man, so I won't bother trying again. Such a shame that these peop
  12. Not running backwards is it?
  13. We have a similar list for our 2018 575 VIP Bathroom sink waste leaked under van - Repaired Unable to Calibrate water system - New whale unit shipped to me & I fitted it myself Middle drawer and Bottom pan draw runners failed as the drawers keep flying open whilst travelling - Replaced runners myself and added a lock which matches the others used in the van (see picture) I am doing the bottom pan drawer next - I can tell you that the locks are from Hafele (I bought mine from them anyway) Cooker casing distorted - grill pan won't stay in the runners - Ongoi
  14. Does anyone know what the theoretical output wattage of the roof-mounted Solar panel is? - I can't find any info in the big pile of books that came with the van. Thanks in advance....
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