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  1. I don’t think we will be replacing it. We only use it for one 5 night event each year. Will probably just hire one or a motorhome instead, to avoid storage costs, insurance & servicing.
  2. A quick look suggests the GVW is up to 2250, so the total weight should be no more than 3725. This give a 36.5 bhp/Tonne. That’s not too bad.
  3. I’m booked in for a quote at a local workshop on Friday. Based on my description he has warned me it will be at least £1500 based on my description. These vans appear to be selling for £3500- £5000 still. We are not in a position to spend any more to get a newer or better caravan. We bought this one for just over £5k four ago and it’s seem this budget buys less now than it did then ie £5k won’t get a 2008 model now.
  4. Update: I may have been misleading in my last post - I hadn’t bought the window, just found where I could buy one! A week before we went away I removed the window with a view to trying somehow to repair it, but there was a lot of distortion and it was not possible to push the broken parts together on either the inner or outer layers. We then tried to refit, but actually broke the window into 2 separate parts! We did go away with the 2 parts back in place and sort of sealed with silicone (see pic). We got there and back and kept dry, but the off-side widow frame wood is complete rotten and the top section is on its way too, the wall board above the window mostly fell out from behind the seal, so a fair bit of work is required. Taking it for an assessment later this week - I realise the quote will be high, probably at least £1000 for parts (£800 for window alone). If it’s 2k ish we will get it done, but much more will need some thought as £3k would be a lot towards a new dry van!
  5. The towbar fitter returned today and coded the car - using the tool suggested my Matelodave. I’ve quickly been up to the storage and it seem to work, no rear sensors, with a little trailer on the screen, no rear figs etc, the only thing I’ll never really know is if the trailer assist is activated. Now it’s resolved I’m quite pleased.
  6. I have sourced a window, at a cost! Is it worth changing window before I go away? Or could the damp have caused the crack.
  7. Thanks for all the quick replies. I’m coming around to the idea of securing the window and leaving it until after our time away. My only reservation is we are not really enthusiastic caravanners and only use it for this one annual event. There is a risk that once we have used it this month it will go back to the (open air) storage and then become out of sight out of mind until next summer and it will probably be scrap by then!
  8. We are due to go away next Saturday (20th) so I went to collect the Caravan Saturday and bring it home to clean and check it over. Found large cracks on both inner and outer layers of the large front single screen. It also seems the wallboard at the top of the window is damp. I’m not sure what we can do? I don’t think it’s even worth asking any workshops if they can do it before the 20th July and heavily suspect the cost could escalate towards £2000+. I think I have 3 options: 1. Make alternative arrangements - difficult at this late stage! 2. Use a suitable bonding agent and try and glue the screen back together and try and take it as it is and repair damp issues later 3. Take next week off work and strip the wallboard and attempt to change window frame and wallboard - nice idea, but have doubts over whether I have the skills to do it. I'm not sure if the crack and damp are related. If the weakened frame caused the crack, or whether last weeks sudden heatwave caused the crack.
  9. I’ve had a call back from the fitter - they are coming next Tuesday so hopefully should be completed then.
  10. It’s a different system on the later 2.0 engine. However I’m surprised a universal system would fully operate- do you get the trailer symbol on the dash when selecting reverse instead of the sensors? I agree in principle. However in reality I think my life will suffer more than his if he is not prepared to cooperate. I’m still trying to arrange the re-visit. Probably not worth the outlay for one job! I've spoken to 3 Ford dealers - one has never done one and has 3/4 wait to be booked in , the 2nd said it could be booked in, but the guy didn’t give the impression he knew what I was asking - I think he thought I wanted the reverse sensors permanently disabling due to a fixed towbar. The 3rd seemed to understanf but won’t work on my Tourneo as it’s a Van.
  11. Update: A Brink Detachable towbar with a PF Jones dedicated wiring kit was installed last week. However the fitter didn’t have the coding equipment, despite the original e-mail from them clearly stating they can do the coding, and follow The fitter tried to fob me off and told me coding isn’t required but when pressed phoned his boss and told me I’d be planned in for a return visit to complete. I’m doubtful I will see them back again. The fitter was sort of right, the electrics do work - all lights function on the caravan so I think it legal, but is probably only functioning in the same way as universal kit. The coding is required to inhibit reverse sensors, fog lights and I think to activate trailer assist. I’ll either have to manage without or take it to a dealer to finish off. I’m not sure if the towbar firm even have the kit to do coding, surely it would cost £1,000s and a separate system would be needed for each manufacturer. Or has a system been developed that only works for towbar parameters and perhaps is licensed at a lower cost? I dont suppose anyone here has Ford IDS or knows of a Ford specialist who does in the East Midlands?
  12. Thanks for the reassurance that it is possible for installer to do the coding. Some websites are offering dedicated electrics but say you need to take it to a dealer afterwards.
  13. I’ve had a price I’m happy with for a detachable towbar, dedicated electrics and the installer says they will do the coding too. Is it now the norm installers can do the coding, or should I budget for it to go to a dealer, if it doesn’t quite work?
  14. We are planning to sell our caravan and not intending to have a replacement. We are just in the process of buying a 2015 Tourneo Custom. The old C-Max with the towbar needs to go, but we will still need to move the caravan around locally so need to get a towbar fitted to the Tourneo. Once the caravan is sold which may not be until the spring, he towbar may just be used for a bike rack. I’m fairly set on a detachable towbar for aesthetic reasons and the Tourneo is a LWB so is long enough already! What I’m unsure about is whether I need dedicated electrics and coding, or if universal will suit my needs?
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