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  1. We bought what we thought was the right caravan for us in early 2016. Our first, brand new. So far, we’ve proven ourselves right. We love it, it’s exactly right for us, and we’ve no plans to change. I have idled away time looking online at others and can’t find anything that’d suit us better anyway.
  2. You know your dogs. My overriding priority would not be price or convenience, but stress. One of mine MIGHT cope, the other would be in bits. I’d never put them through it. Spain isn’t so far away, I’d drive them down.
  3. Caravanning is holidaying, and to me, holidays should be relaxing and fun. If OP is ‘terrified of the next time I couple up’ and ‘now dreading it’ maybe she should be looking at other ways of going on holiday.
  4. If nothing else, this thread is revealing the ages of some of us. Age 21, and driving anything from an late 80’s XR4i back to various Austin’s from the 1930’s. Anyone old enough to admit to a steam car?
  5. At 21? I had a diesel Escort van. My first car. Quarter of a century on and I’m only on my 4th car since then. Bit nicer now though.
  6. I assume its GRP. If it were mine, I’d repair it myself from behind. Or at least have a try, you’ve nothing to lose. I’d get some GRP matting and epoxy and reinforce the door. Then get the door covered in vinyl to hide the crack. I’d go for a carbon fibre effect personally.
  7. Had a lovely frost here in Yorkshire these last 2 mornings. Perfect shorts weather.
  8. Am I the only person that prefers a grass pitch? No grit or gravel being dragged into the van and feels lovely padding about barefoot. The only time I’d choose HS is if the weathers truly vile.
  9. I went to a preview day yesterday to see the new Defender in advance of it getting into dealers showrooms. I really liked the styling, it looks way better in the metal than in the launch videos, it echoes the traditional styling while being bang up to date. Can’t see it lasting 20 odd years before a redesign though. But the quality was awful, it felt like it’d been nailed together in a hobby shop. Flimsy plastic panels, already scratched, trim that didn’t fit, torn seat mounts. A steering wheel that looked like it was from a 20 year old Hyundai. Just horrible. I accept it was a pre production car, but why show anything sub standard to potential customers? Even the basics don’t work well, a big driver is pressed hard against the B pillar so they can squeeze in an optional middle seat. So disappointing.
  10. I thought not. Since both are Swift products in the same layout, look at the features of the challenger over the Sprite and decide how much they’re worth to you. And consider the dealer specials of the Sprite that bridge the gap somewhat, often for very little premium.
  11. Frankbullet’s pretty much on the money. Like him I’ve driven loads of LRs on and off-road. They’re very different to each other, try them to see what floats your boat. The Discovery SDV6 is an awesome thing, more capable than a Defender. Which is an agricultural throwback, and that’s why some people love them. Dont underestimate Freelanders, we’ve had 2 and an auto SD4 makes a very good towcar. Me, I landed up with a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is ace, but I do sometimes wish I’d got a late Disco4 instead.
  12. Nah, I’ve got Kudos, cost me a lot less than a Bessacarr.
  13. I tried a very light smear of grease on the stems, and the result....was a much more peaceful tow home. A couple of very minor squeaks, but the load groaning on every bend, bump, under braking and pulling away has stopped, thankfully. I really didn’t need anything else winding me up today, it’s taken 7.5 hours to travel a couple of hundred miles, which took barely 4 going down. Don’t you just love Friday traffic?
  14. Did you not end up with water pouring through your light fittings??😂😂
  15. I’m pretty ignorant of this dpf regeneration stuff, but how does that work? If the fuel is added on the exhaust stroke and gets forced into the exhaust pipe to be burned, how on earth does it make it into the sump? Even if switched off and fuel is left in the cylinder, providing the rings seal properly, diesel shouldn’t get to the sump. What am I not getting?
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