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  1. PMW, you've made a lot of thought provoking points on here. Can I be a bit cheeky and ask what, if any, professional interest you have in the automotive/grid/hydrogen FCE industries?
  2. Interesting video. I'm not a forward thinker, nor particularly intelligent. It's been informative to hear the view of someone who not only is, but is knowledgeable about the subject. The glaring omission from that vid, that Harris mentioned, but Cooper glossed over, was battery material sourcing, and the environmental damage and restrictions caused by it. A comparison of that to the environmental impact of producing ICE and its fuel would be another big part of the argument.
  3. I dont carry a spare house key when I leave home, nor a spare car key when I'm out and about, so I've never felt the need to take spare keys for the caravan. All the spare keys for everything are in a box at home.
  4. Seems to be a Marmite thing. I can't help the OP as I havent liked the few HUDs I've tried. To me, its yet another example of tech for tech sake. That will be expensive when it fails. I'm relatively young for this forum, at 47, but I'm already harking back to a more simple time. Saddo that I may be.
  5. You aren't exactly using it for heavy duties. If your last one was a Lidl/Aldi jobbie and lasted 10 years, the same again should work.
  6. I've no real recommendation for standard road tyres, but I've used most premium ATs. BFG KO2s give astounding tyre life, and are a really tough AT tyre, with probably the most durable sidewalls and best mud performance of any AT. General Grabbers are known for their weak sidewalls, but do offer fair grip. Both are noisy. My current preference is Cooper Discoverer AT3 4s, a good balance of on/offroad, they clear mud better than Grabbers IMO. decent sidewalls and outstanding in winter. Excellent mileage, 50,000 on one set isn't unheard of. Not too noisy compared to BFG.
  7. Why would anyone think our National flag is cheap or chavvy? I dont choose to display it, but I do respect it, and those others that do choose to display it. Fair play to them. Better than a fake seagull and fairy lights on a fibreglass pole above a caravan IMO. Which is what some folk seem to prefer.
  8. It's got to be going somewhere. A 40-50 litre aqua roll going empty is a substantial amount of water to empty in minutes. With a full aquaroll and the pump running, get down underneath the van and look where it's coming from. Cos you'd already know about it if its leaking inside the caravan. As Plodd says, the yellow drain valves are known to stick, it's supposed to drain out when its upright, that's its purpose. But with the valve horizontal, there should be no water running underneath the van.
  9. Good grief, those issues are from back in the last century, the OP has a 7 year old Grand Cherokee, so a WK2, not an ancient ZJ.
  10. Very possible. Easy to tell at a glance under the rear bumper, if there isn't a big lump of structural steel running the width of the car....well...its missing. But fitting a towbar again as the OP intends to do will sort it.
  11. I've got the same model Jeep. When a towbar is fitted, the whole rear crossmember behind the bumper is removed, then replaced with a new version with the tow hook built in. The holes are in the unibody, the threaded sections to bolt it in are part of the crossmember/towbar. Theres absolutely no reason a new towbar can't be fitted , in fact removing one can't be done safely unless the original crossmember is available to bolt back in. Fitting the towbar is dead easy, fitting the wiring kit is not. It will be a fantastic towcar, no matter what caravan you h
  12. For bystander CPR, compression only is perfectly acceptable, and has been for some time before Covid hit us. Personally, I'd attempt rescue breaths only on someone I knew well, even with a face shield. If Bag, valve and mask is available, thats different, but not the case when you're just out and about. Just being nosy, whereabouts were you? I'm a member of Woodhead Mountain Rescue, covering a lot of the area off the A628, and it's relatively unusual for people to be walking around that area in the evening at this time of year.
  13. No secret. For us, we got off relatively lightly early in the year, but are being hit hard at present. 3 of the crew I worked with last have tested positive, me included, the others are obviously on 14 days isolation. It's the same story across the county. Staffing levels are way below our minimum levels every shift. We wear masks when we're on the truck or working in close proximity on station, and spend as much time as possible distant from each other. Every shift is started and finished cleaning and spraying every touch surface and theres sanitizer in every room, so
  14. Gotta feel sorry for the OP. Joins and asks an innocent question, and then all the armchair 'experts' chip in with their contradictory opinions and arguments and legal debates over and over again.
  15. Someone bought me a Floe some years ago. Even after driving home with the drain valve open I blow a couple of litres out of the system, which i do if the van isn't being used for any length of time, and certainly before any frost risk. I use a small 12v compressor that came with one of Kay's cars some years ago. It supplies about 12psi with a tap open, so I leave it running and just make sure theres always at least one tap open in the van.
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