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  1. Can you spot what's wrong here?

    Good grief. Of all the things to worry about. .....
  2. Hitch lock

    When we’ve needed to get caravans or trailers free from cars on our stretch of the M1, we’ve never yet uncoupled one in the normal manner. It’s a reciprocating saw straight through the towbar. Takes seconds. There’s little or no chance of getting it to uncouple due to the loads on the hitch. So, using a hitchlock will make no difference. If there’s the slightest chance we’ll be parking up and leaving the combination unattended en route, mine gets fitted before we leave home, and stays on for the duration. Fortunately, it’s a very rare event, I’ve been in nearly 20 years, and I’ve only been to a tiny number of incidents involving caravans, or any other trailer. All on the motorway, as far as I can remember.
  3. Site lighting

    My preference is for no lighting at all. Apart from that, I don’t see the point in lighting the whole area when everyone’s asleep, why not switch it off at, say2300? Which, with ref to another thread about noisy neighbours, would serve as a reminder that it’s ‘quiet’ time. After that, if you do need to be out and about, what’s wrong with a small torch?
  4. Scotland

    Nearer to the sea is better than inland. A good chance of a breeze, and the little blighters can’t fly if there’s any wind. They don’t seem to like salt air much either. We had a week at Arisaig last June and didn’t see a midge, the previous week at Invergarry, they had been pretty unpleasant. May is early in the year for them and they shouldn’t be too bad anywhere.
  5. Wastemaster Wheels

    I take mine off regularly so it fits easier in the locker, just push them firmly into place. They take a bit of a wrench to get them out again.
  6. Caravan Club - Deliveries to sites

    Do people REALLY order parcels and food deliveries to sites as a routine? Especially if there’s even the slightest chance they won’t be on site to receive it? In an emergency, yes, I once had a new starter motor for my motorbike delivered to a campsite in southern France, but grovellingly asked the owners permission first. In the normal run of things, we wouldn’t dream of it. Sounds like some people are treating site owners and wardens as their personal servants and I’m pretty sure that’s not part of their job.
  7. Recommended Whitby and France sites?

    Whitby Park on the cliff top not a mile from the abbey is nice, if you like a busier site with more facilities. Their clifftop pitches are amazing. It’s not our usual sort of place, we normally stay on 5 van sites, but for views and the proximity to Whitby which Kay wanted it’s worth the compromise.
  8. New tow car

    Looks like this thread is discussing Discovery 4 v Discovery 5.
  9. Bad build quality swift s line 450 2017

    A single post rant do we think? Joined a forum to have a moan, then disappears when everyone isn’t immediately sympathetic.
  10. Bad build quality swift s line 450 2017

    A lot of what you list would have been visible at handover, if so, why did you accept the caravan? If not visible at the time, it implies they’ve occurred while in your possession and why would you expect Swift or your dealer to repair bodywork dents, upholstery pulls, dents to cooker or fridge or damaged trim? To me, they sound like self imposed damage.
  11. Heating during the night

    Definitely off overnight. With a window or 2 open. Same as at home. 365 days a year. I can’t sleep in a hot, stuffy environment, prefer to be cool and have some fresh air circulating. Kay wasn’t impressed at first, but she’s got used to it over the years.
  12. Dealer special advice

    In our case when buying our first caravan, we didn’t even know dealer specials existed. We bought at the NEC, and spent the morning choosing a van make and model from our internet browsing shortlist. A Sprite, as it turned out. We had a good price negotiated from a dealer on the Swift stand in the morning, albeit from the opposite end of the country, naturally. We went back to have another really detailed look to make sure it was right for us before committing and were collared by another much more local dealer offering the same caravan, but with XYZ upgrades. At an increased price, of course. So we had a look. We liked about 2/3 of the upgrades, and weren’t fussy about the other bits one way or the other. Liked it enough to start negotiating anyway. And ended up with a better price than the best we’d been able to negotiate on a standard van. No brainer.
  13. No Wonder Quality On Caravans Is Poor!

    Are caravans in general really as bad as some of you are making out? I can only speak for only van. In 2 years, apart from an oven thermocouple, nothing’s fallen off, come loose, leaked or failed to work in any way. And for 16 grand new, the size and space we have and the facilities packed into it are impressive, we certainly don’t think it was expensive for what we’ve got, far from it!! I’ve read enough unhappy posts to know that not all vans are faultless, but I find it difficult to believe that major problems are as common as some people make out.
  14. Site question for Caravan and camping member.

    No WiFi listed on their facilities page. Toilets and showers yes, WiFi and hookups, no.
  15. Hitchlock

    Any hitchlock is only a minor deterrent at best. A length of chain or half decent rope attaches a trailer to a van and the hitchlock can be removed later. A wheel lock or clamp has to be removed before the stealing can happen. As ever, layers of security are the best bet.