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  1. 9 times out of 10 we find it quicker to site the van using the car while its still hooked up. Kay eyeballs the wheel lock position for me so I stop in the right place. Occasionally, a mover does make it easier. However, if I'm solo, its pretty much impossible to line up the AL-KO wheel lock on my own without the mover. And I'm normally on my own when I take it back to its storage.
  2. I really don't see the point in this idea. Most modern caravans are registered under the CRiS scheme already. And cars and bikes are registered, but plenty of them get stolen still. I can't imagine many users wanting to sign up to a scheme that will cost them time and money for little real benefit. I certainly wouldn't want it.
  3. If you need it as a handrail fine. If you expect it to offer any worthwhile security, I simply wouldn't bother. Caravans are ridiculously easy things to get into via other means than the door without doing any significant damage. And if not bothered about damage, they're even easier to access!! A 'security' handrail is minimal to no additional security.
  4. Bbqs arent a big problem, nor are cars, planes, eating steak or whatever. I've said it before, the biggest environmental damage being done to the planet is the ever growing human population. Less people equals less pollution.
  5. Or, on the flip side. You could buy one now, tieing up a load of money, and we could have another year like last one, where you get little or no chance to use it.
  6. Or try https://www.sgs-engineering.com/gas-struts?gclid=Cj0KCQiAnKeCBhDPARIsAFDTLTI4wPPA6x1v_3AuLVVCsBY53HGI6Oz8ikPPW4qmVRrdpohmn4sM0OwaAlNPEALw_wcB For anything gas strut related.
  7. My experience of owning 2 Land Rovers over almost 10 years and c100k miles. 1 fault, a failed boot release switch. 15 mins and about 30 quid to replace. That's it. Almost 3 years ago I switched to a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which has had 1 problem, the gearbox control module, which just needed a software patch. I'd have bought a Discovery 5, but they were newly released and out of my budget at the time. Having been using one offroad quite a bit over the last couple of weeks, it's a mightily impressive machine. It finds traction like nothing else I've ever experi
  8. We've got an Outdoor Revolution air awning. Had ours for 5 years, so it's not current. Really happy with it, and with OR customer service. After about 4 years an air valve started leaking. Their advice from customer service was that it probably just needed tightening in the air tube. Which turned out to be the case. They sent out a tool to do this, along with a couple of spare valves and a bleed valve, just in case. No charge. Cant fault that. In use, the only thing I find with it is it doesnt fit as snugly to the side of the van as easily as a Kampa, but now I've got
  9. Something is clearly wrong. Find and fix the fault would be my advice, rather than trying to patch over a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place. As others have said, it can only be 1 of 3 things, incorrect shutdown routine, parasitic drain, or a duff battery. Although if you've repeatedly flattened a good battery by either of the first 2 possibilities, it's quite likely knackered now anyway.
  10. I picked it up at the same time as you. 3 of us at work did, and several more since. We've all experienced it differently, from one bloke who didnt know hed got it, apart from losing his sense of taste. He spent his isolation shifting tons of dirt around in his garden. I was very sorry for myself for 3-4 days, really struggling with shortness of breath, but shook it off entirely within 3 weeks, and was back to my usual training regime. And the other guy on shift who caught it was off work for 6 weeks, and is still finding it hard going after nearly 4 months
  11. Sounds like the site owners have been very generous to me. I cant understand the OPs complaint at all.
  12. On level ground and smooth tarmac, a reasonably strong person can move a caravan, easily. On grass, gravel or the slightest gradient, it becomes a whole lot harder. Move it using your car, or if there isn't space for that......theres a reason motor moves are popular.
  13. Mountain Rescue England and Wales are an 'umbrella' organisation for all teams that is entirely made up of MR team members. They pay for personal accident insurance for us all. It has an upper limit however, and who knows at this time what Chris' ongoing care needs may be, or whether the insurance will be enough to cover the costs. One of those things that is paid and we hope never to need. In this instance however.......
  14. Who really cares? My name and address on an old car service receipt are hardly going to enable the criminal masterminds to empty my bank account. It's not like it includes all my credit card details. If someone wants to know when I bought a service kit for my motorbike they can do with that information whatever they like. The whole GDPR thing gets overblown IMO.
  15. The fund for Chris is fast approaching £700k plus gift aid. From what I know from a mate in Patterdale team, he's going to need every penny as his life has changed completely. A stunning level of response. As you can imagine this incident has been discussed within mountain rescue teams up and down the country, and with some very concerned partners too. Mine has certainly been worried for the first time, and I've been a team member longer than we've been together. The level of support shown has blown everyone away.
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