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  1. I agree with Andy. Almost 3 grand just to level the caravan??? It’s got to be said, some folk have more money than sense.
  2. I think Land Rover have done a good job, with reservations. The styling is ace, it harks back to the Series/Defender and is instantly identifiable, while looking bang up to date. Can’t see it being a 25 year design though😔 Its clearly not aimed at the farmers and utility companies wanting a basic truck, nor was it ever going to be. Land Rover are such a tiny player in the global market it doesn’t make economic sense for them to compete with the Japanese pickups. All the diehard Defender lovers complaining about the new one being too posh have missed a glaringly obvious point. Not enough of them ever bought a new one. That’s why used Defender prices are so high, even for ancient rusty examples. I agree with the above comments though. Land Rover are building vehicles that compete with each other. A Range Rover offers little more than a high spec Discovery, apart from price and prestige. And the new Defender will definitely steal sales from the Discovery range, it looks way better, is better priced, and no doubt at least as capable. I imagine that’s why they haven’t put the excellent TDV6 from the Disco/RR in the Defender, it gives a prestige gap between the ranges.
  3. I’m ambivalent about the concept of W3W. On the face of it, it’s easily understandable and very easy to use. It’s been marketed hard and has rapidly received market acceptance among the general public. On the the other hand, W3W is a commercial organisation, which is out there to make money. It does nothing that your device doesn’t already do via its GPS receiver, it just uses it in a different way. Lat/long are internationally recognised, and in the UK we’ve used the Ordnance Survey grid references for decades. Software exists for these platforms, or is already embedded in your device for free, just like W3W. Where W3W differs is that they intend to charge bulk users to access the information. In other words, the emergency services will have to pay them if you request assistance using W3W. Which is fine, it’s nothing new for taxpayer money being used to buy in software to make life easier. If only they they were being more open about their charges to the end user. Within Mountain Rescue, we’ve already adapted to getting casualty locations via W3W, using software to transfer their data to a grid ref, that all team members can understand from a map or ViewRanger in seconds. Of course, although W3W works via GPS anywhere as long as your phone has power, it’s information cannot be passed on unless you have signal reception, which simple fact not everyone has grasped.....
  4. Now we’re a few days on from the launch videos, any thoughts on the new Defender?
  5. I’ve never been directed onto a CCC pitch, we’ve always had a quick chat about our preferences and been shown what the site person thinks might suit us best. If we haven’t been happy for any reason, they’ve always been happy to show us options. Even at their very busy Keswick site in the height of summer, they had options and we didnt feel pressured. The only issue ive ever had was being turned away from Poolewe because 4 of us dared arrive on motorbikes. That site officer got a flea in his ear from his managers.
  6. Why bigger? In a word, space. Your OP suggests many advantages of a smaller caravan without really enlightening us as to what they are. And they aren’t obvious to me. We pay for storage, So I can fit as big a van as I want in there, I like big 4x4’s, and I’ve got my lgv licence, so I can tow anything, and even the biggest caravan doesn’t phase me. Plus I’m a big guy, so extra space in the shower or bed in a bigger van is good news. I’m an early riser and Kay likes a lie in, so we like the separate bedroom space of a fixed bed van. I genuinely don’t see what advantage a small caravan will offer us.
  7. There’s only 2 of us, but I can’t see us choosing a smaller van. Our current van is 7.5m and c1500kg, any future change will probably be longer, wider and quite a lot heavier.
  8. That does look like a heavy caravan for a fairly light car. Regardless of whether or not it’s powerful enough, stability will be marginal. It just looks like it’s going to be hard work, with an unpleasant risk of it all going horribly wrong. My preference is to go overkill on power and weight, although that suits my preference in cars anyway.
  9. Electrical contact cleaner probably your best bet.
  10. I’d guess there are other factors than outright speed, such as wind, hills, efficiency, number of stop starts, there’s probably others. Is it really noticeable? Over 180 miles, a difference of 2 or 3 mpg from say 25mpg is going to save how much? My maths isn’t up to much, but I’d be surprised if it saves more than 3 or 4 quid. Hardly worth bothering about in my mind. But I rarely consider economy, I drive a car I like, in a way I enjoy and when it needs fuel, I just pour some more in.
  11. Look at the shower tray and wall linings for cracks. If not, then most likely the silicone sealant will need redoing. The hardest part will be getting all the old stuff out, new won’t adhere to old properly. Ive done ours, it was straightforward, although restricted for space for a big bloke. I spent more time making sure there was no trace of the old stuff than anything else.
  12. We’ve only been once, in 2015, looking to buy our first caravan and it was with the intention of comparing all the vans we’d looked at online. We spent the morning browsing, decided on the van we wanted, then after lunch went and bought it. Cash buyers, dealers were tripping over themselves to get our business, we got a heck of a good deal, not from a local dealer, but within easy distance. Didn’t feel rushed or pressured by the sales guys we bought from, quite the opposite, they were very laidback, witty and had all the time in the world for our newbie questions. Never been back as we chose well, got a good van and have no desire to change it
  13. Not a caravan, not a motorhome and not a tent. https://www.hitchhotel.com/ It obviously won’t have any appeal to the conventional tourer market, but as an alternative to a tent, I like it. The Basecamp/teardrop target group might see the appeal too. Relatively secure storage, and a dry place to sleep.
  14. Always a good idea, I’m fairly handy, but still like to practice a few manoeuvres every now and again on an empty car park and using traffic cones. You never know what’s around the next bend and knowing you can reverse your outfit should the need arise takes a lot of pressure off.
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