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  1. ‘Wet and forget‘ has been recommended on here in the past. I’m trialling it on my patio, driveway and decking atm.
  2. My neighbour has a Range Rover sport ph400e hybrid. That can tow 2500kg so could handle any caravan I can think of.
  3. If you’ve tried so many wiper blades, it’s not them, the problem is elsewhere. Most likely in my mind is the screen having some form of contaminant. I’d give it a really good clean, starting with a clay bar and then using a good glass cleaner. I tend to use Autoglym. There’s pros and cons for Rainex or similar coatings, but I like them, you could consider that once the glass is really clean.
  4. Caravans are definitely prohibited between la Thuile and Seez. And with very good reason, although it’s an excellent route on a motorbike.
  5. Although we don’t want one at present, I’ve been in a number of Motorhomes which have significantly more headroom than caravans, where I’ve been able to stand straight easily.
  6. I’m bang on 2 metres tall, or 6’6”. We couldn’t find a caravan I can stand up in, not entirely a shock. Like the OP I can only stand straight up under the roof light. I’ve never found it a problem, but I’m not in the habit of standing in the van for any length of time. Preparing food is probably the longest I’m on my feet for, and I’m quite happy to bend my neck slightly while I do that. A made up double bed bed at the front is plenty long enough, our layout is a transverse fixed bed, which is obviously too short to stretch out in. But I’m used to my feet hanging off most beds, and I find I sleep very well in the caravan.
  7. I’m pretty sure pilots don’t have a zero limit, although it is lower than the driving limit.
  8. From experience attending many RTC’s over the years which have involved drunk drivers, if people are going to have a crash when drunk, it’s unlikely they’ll be slightly over the limit. My impression is that most are way over. Reducing the limit for habitual drink drivers will not alter their behaviour, just alter how far over the limit they are. Any more than it will affect the seemingly increasing numbers of people who drive while off their heads on other substances. There needs to be a limit, obviously, but zero is utterly impractical. Too many regular items contain traces of alcohol, mouthwash for one. And trace amounts of alcohol from even one drink are detectable in breath for up to 24 hours. I think we we have a sensible policy and limit as it stands. Shoot me if you want for admitting this, but I enjoy a beer or glass of wine with a meal out, and am happy to drive home after that.
  9. People have free choice. Given that most of the sales in this country are of British vans, people clearly are prepared to put up with the current levels of build and design. Or else we’d all be in foreign made vans already, surely? For us, our British made van has been almost perfect from day one.
  10. Neoprene should certainly provide protection. And I for one don’t think you’re mad if you’ve got the skills. I like making things instead of buying them wherever I can these days. More for the satisfaction than for money saving, by the time I’ve factored my time in, I’d normally be better off buying stuff and working a bit more.
  11. Having removed or had rear view mirrors fall off on previous old bangers I wondered about taking mine off my Jeep. Until I realised how much was built into it and gave up on the idea. I haven’t once used one in the last 20 odd years, and being tall I find it obscures my view through the screen. But I’m stuck with it.
  12. Hand pump for me quicker than an electric one, and I find it very little effort, although I’m still in pretty decent nick health wise.
  13. We’ve only ever bought one van and we chose the brand new, lower spec option. Perfect decision for us, we love our van and after 4 years have had little or no problems with it. but it’s going to be a personal choice, some people want more bling, we were more interested in everything being new and ours and only ever used by us.
  14. That was the very first caravan site we ever stayed on!! I just assumed it was common and most caravanners used their helicopter to get to and from their seasonal pitches. 😂😂
  15. But why not allow them on suitable vehicles? They’re so much more versatile than a ball. You can fit a 50mm ball adaptor to the receiver hitch, as well as loads of other accessories, such as pintles and winches. Even racks for motorbikes, luggage baskets and vehicle mounted barbecues. The sky’s the limit. Widely used in the States and Australia, but not legal to tow with in this country.
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