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  1. I’ve been a mountain rescue volunteer for nearly 20 years. In that time I’ve never known anyone set out for a walk or bike ride expecting to need to be rescued. But accidents happen. And in the Peak District alone, teams are typically called out over 300 times a year. Mountain Rescue teams are all volunteers, with families to consider. We are NOT equipped to deal with casualties in the same way as the NHS, any rescue involving a stretcher carry is going to expose a minimum of 12 people to a potentially infectious patient. We do not get paid for this, we do it because we’re good people. We have measures in place, but they are not even close to those that the ambulance can take, nor the fire service that I work for. I’m normally dead keen to get stuck into callouts for both services, but for the next few months, I’m hoping we have none at all. Show some consideration for others and STAY AT HOME. Anything else is extremely selfish😡😡.
  2. We only had one site booked, it’s a favourite of ours. Small family run, they’ve offered a refund of our deposit. I’ve said keep it, if we don’t land up a bit dead, we’ll want to back in future. It’s no good to us if they go out of business. Small gestures can go a long way.
  3. I drop into neutral if I’m stationary for more than a few seconds. And, as above, need N to select low range, although that won’t apply on your car. If you you ever need to be winched onto a recovery truck or similar short unpowered movement, you’ll need to be in neutral.
  4. Our CRiS document took 3-4 months from memory. Quick they are not.
  5. Sounds like a big leap. Have you thought of delaying your plans for a year and getting some experience working on someone else’s site, whether at home or abroad.
  6. Reggieperrin. Mine was a late model F2, I tried both types of pads, both worked ok, but with the V pads fitted they seemed to suffer less vibration.
  7. I used Milenco Aeros on mine too, I found the V pads offered a better grip.
  8. The answer is ‘maybe’ A lot of lgv pumps use standard diesel filler nozzles, 1” diameter which will fit into a car filler. However, some use an oversize nozzle, 1.5”, which will not fit most modern cars or 4x4’s. None that I’ve owned or driven for years anyway, apart from maybe our team Defender, but I’ve never tried an oversize nozzle in that. From what I’ve used in recent years, smaller nozzles on lgv pumps are more common, but I can’t say I pay them much attention. If an lgv pump is fitted with a standard nozzle it will dispense fuel at much higher pressure than a car pump, to get the volume of fuel in quickly, making the auto shutoff feature kick in early and frequently on a car.
  9. I disactivated the keyless thing on my Jeep, it’s a feature I dislike though, rather than a security issue. Kay gets all hung up on hiding the key fobs, whereas I prefer to leave them somewhere very accessible to thieves. By far the most common way to steal a car in this area is to break into a house for the key fob. If someone breaks in, I want them to find what they want and get out, sharpish, rather than having to hunt through the whole place. Especially if I’m on nights and kay’s at home on her own.
  10. Each to their own. I wouldn’t balk at towing Peterborough to Skye in one long day, I’d just start early and take a break when I need it. After all, I’ve got my bed made up behind me if I need a nap. Or if it gets too much and I need to call it a day. It’s all well and good taking 2 or 3 days to travel each way if you aren’t time limited. But if you’re on a less than 2 week holiday, as most working people are, it’s not so practical and it wouldn’t suit us. I’m not making a recommendation mind, just giving my point of view.
  11. As a current Mountain Rescue team member with about 19 years service I can categorically state there is no intention from Mountain Rescue England and Wales to ever charge for our services. Mountain Rescue Scotland are a different organisation, but I’d be staggered if they had any intention to introduce charging.
  12. Where did you get that idea from? Mountain Rescue in this country is a free of charge service.
  13. The Llanberis and Ranger paths are straightforward walking paths, but much more fun on a mountain bike. Pyg track I don’t know, and for me Crib Goch makes for the most pleasant ascent on foot if you can get up midweek, and is great fun at this time of year if it’s iced up. Although, my tastes probably aren’t for everyone and not for the inexperienced. Tryfan is another nice mountain in the area, I prefer it to Snowdon, and Glyder Fawr & Glyder Fach are a decent day out with a nice photo opportunity on the cantilevered rock at the summit.
  14. I fitted them to our Swift following lots of r3commendations on here. I’ve never been able to notice any difference in the way it tows. Dead stable before, and since. I certainly wouldn’t fit them in future. If it concerns you though, they’re not expensive, nor difficult to retro fit. I’m sure you’d be able to get the dealer to fit some as part of your negotiations.
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