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  1. Stick it in D and let it do the work. It’ll be fine. I’m guessing you aren’t going to heading down any Alpine passes just yet, which is the only time I’d consider overruling mine. On roads anyway, different story off-road, but that’s not relevant.
  2. Moffat CCC site is a popular stop for people heading north. 5 mins off the motorway. You couldn’t pay me to stop in a motorway service area. Noisy, expensive, and far too many truckers are dirty obnoxious gits .
  3. I tow with a 2017 Grand Cherokee with 21k on the clock. Bought at 6 months old as a ex dealer demonstrater. As for finance or PCP, my attitude is quite old fashioned. If I want something, I save up and buy it. If I can’t afford it, I don’t have it, simple as that. The Jeep is the first car I’ve bought since 1996, for 12 of those years I didn’t own a car at all when things were a bit lean.
  4. I can’t see Grenadier working. Putting a whole new brand out there, globally, from scratch. Dealerships and servicing and warranty and parts back up. It can be done, as John Bloor and Elon Musk have proved. But the potential Grenadier market is tiny worldwide. Too many established and viable options in the working market. And mostly much cheaper. And it will lack the love and loyalty people have for the heritage of a Defender. Fleet buyers aren’t going to risk buying a truck that they may not be able to buy parts for in the future. The truck has has the potential to be very capable, but by the time they’ve paid BMW and Magna Steyr, and Carraro, the margins are going to be tight. Very tight. I’d give them a couple of years before they go bust. I cant believe how unadventurous they’ve been with the styling. An absolute rip off of the old Defender. Which is a desperately outdated and flawed design, but one with enormous brand loyalty. A start up doesn’t have any of that. Such a cop out.
  5. On our WK2, the parking sensor alarms and autonomous anti collision braking work regardless of towing electrics. You have to switch them off using the dash switch. Isolating the parking sensors also disables the autonomous braking. Odd, but that’s the way Jeep do it. Cant help you with stop/start, I switch it off every time I start the Jeep. Hate it.
  6. I pretty much don’t bother checking to any degree of accuracy. I have done so, with the van lightly loaded for weekends away, and as it is for longer trips. Typically, it was 85-95kg. As a quick down and dirty check, I found if I can lift the hitch one handed, it’s sub 80kg, which is too light for comfort, an easy 2 handed lift is around 90-100kg.
  7. Silicone spray for me too. Big can from Specialized aerosols near me lasts ages for only a very few quid.
  8. I’m in the fortunate position of having had a great deal of taxpayers money spent on my driver training by my employers. Who further pay for more refresher training by Police Class1 instructors every couple of years. Plus I’ve been trained as a 4x4 instructor through Mountain Rescue and have spent a good chunk of my own money on advanced rider training. I’m humble enough to recognise and accept my shortcomings as a driver/rider. I’m pretty good, but have definite recurring faults that keep cropping up, no matter how much I try. And I know lots of self proclaimed ‘good drivers’ who have never done a days extra training since they passed their DOT tests. Well done them.
  9. Kay had her licence revoked following a severe head injury in 2012. When she was able to reapply for it some 18 months later, her BE remains, but the heavier categories are gone. Not that it matters for her, she’s never going to drive a truck, nor tow anything.
  10. I could make a pretty strong argument in favour of having to have BE in order to tow any trailer, although maybe a more logical position would be to suggest any braked trailer......
  11. If i know somewhere that i can trust to do a good job, that’s where I’d be going. I’d take my dogs for a wander for 3 hours. So it’d be no inconvenience to me. Even if you don’t have a dog, it might be worth a few hours of your time.
  12. £630!!!! Where do you live, downtown Kinshasa ? With a diamond encrusted caravan? I don’t pay that for the house, contents and car insurance combined. 4 year old caravan is less than £200 with CCC. And no tracker needed.
  13. Next week’s breaking news. ‘Caravan and motorhome Club announce new collaboration with aftermarket caravan panel suppliers......’ I’m pretty confident and not to be sympathetic towatds people who complain they want more roadspace for their outfits, but that really hasn’t been thought through properly.
  14. Caravan breakers? It’s not like Swift are uncommon vans.
  15. I doubt it very much. A quick Googling of Fiamma bike racks on caravans shows the common mounting points. Which are nowhere near the corners. Also, those tiny little screw covers are nowhere near hiding anything substantial enough for the 30+kgs you could expect to hang off a bike rack, they look more like fixings for the corner caps than anything else.
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