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  1. Well it’s an opinion, which is what forums are for. And they did say they were changing the wheels anyway due to damage. 🤷‍♂️
  2. 22’s are a BIG wheel for a Sorento. The tyres must be incredibly low profile to fit at all. I’d change them purely for comfort. Unless you going for the low rent drug dealer look?
  3. You and I have very different ideas about what is a fair amount of money. I guess I get about 25mpg? towing. So over 3000 miles I’ll burn 120 gallons of Diesel. What does it cost these days, about £5.50 a gallon? So over 3000 miles, if I can save 5%, I’d come out, what, 30 odd quid ahead? Maybe 40. I’d sooner press on a bit, and get my miles out of the way as quick as I can. I’m pretty sure that £30-40 to someone who can afford a modern combination is neither here nor there. I know loads of people love to obsess about mpg, how many posts on here about it, week in, week out? I just don’t get it. In the overall cost of running a car, the savings are tiny. I don’t even think about it.
  4. I’m with Stevan on that one, and I’m surprised at Andy choosing to have a restricted view of the road ahead. I prefer to get where I’m going, if it’s safe for me to drive at 60 on the motorway, that’s what I’m doing, often a bit more. I don’t really give a damn what it does to fuel economy, it’s not something I ever look at.
  5. The D4 has the Ford/PSA derived v6, Ingenium was originally fitted as 4 cylinder in the Disco Sport and Evoque. The bigger ingenium went into the D5.
  6. As others have said, people tend to recommend whatever they’ve spent their own cash on, unless they have a problem with it. I'm no different, I’m very happy with our Outdoor Revolution. Like Plod, I’m sat out in it now, at our favourite site in Northumbria, just considering opening a bottle of wine....
  7. On a 27/28 year old ‘van, who knows what has been changed by former owners? Or has maybe just failed? As Jaydug suggests, some pictures of what’s under the front seats would help people advise you.
  8. Sounds like a fair result from a very poor situation. Half a lifetime in the Fire Service has proven to me that accidents can happen to anyone. At least on this occasion it’s been handled in the best possible way. Is it a good enough response to tempt you to buy again from the same dealer?
  9. Is it related to post count on CaravanTalk? Once you reached 100 posts, you’re no longer a newbie. Anyone over 500 is experienced, and after maybe 2000, you become an expert!!😂😂
  10. Ooh, has it become a ‘jockey wheel up or down?’ topic now? Here we go again, it’s 🍿 time. Can anyone make a connection to the 85% ‘rule’ just to add to the fun?
  11. If your Swift is the same as my 2016 version the lock lever is simply held in place with a locknut (like Plod said earlier). When mine wouldn’t lock easily, it took about 12 seconds with a spanner to retighten the locknut on the loose lever.
  12. Fireman Iain

    Saving Gas

    If I’m on holiday, I’m happy to spend a few quid here and there. If I couldn’t afford to boil water on gas, I wouldn’t be going on holiday....Each to their own.
  13. After you past issues, I can appreciate why you’re questioning things. But logically, the engine is working harder towing, and especially up long hills. That extra work creates extra heat. There’s no avoiding it, no matter what the car. My car has a display where I can bring up coolant and transmission temperatures, as well as oil. I’ve never been concerned to look, but I guarantee they all go up to some degree when the car is working hard. Personally, I wouldn’t worry, I’d expect a modern car to chuck up all sorts of warning lights and buzzers long before things got critical.
  14. So you start a thread about Motorhomes moving pitch, saying it ‘doesn’t seem very fair’ and ‘doesn’t seem right’ But you’ve never wanted to move from a pitch. Ok. Fine. Nor have I. All I was pointing out is that it’s no big deal to move a caravan either. But since it doesn’t bother you, happy days.
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