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  1. Green Flag

    I’ve got fairly basic Green Flag cover, which, as stated has a 7m limit for caravans to be recovered too. I queried this by phone and it’s a limit on the body length, not including the A frame. I’ve got this in writing as our van is 7. 4m total length.
  2. A6 allroad v freelander sd4 v xc60 v Audi q5

    I can’t speak for the others on your list but I love my Freelander2. Comfortable, very capable in all conditions and tows very well indeed. Just collected it from its 5 year service and mot. No faults, no advisories, same as normal. It’s our 2nd one, in nearly 9 years and 100 odd thousand miles of owning them, the only fault has been with the boot release switch on my current one. Took about 10 mins and 20 quid to sort it if I remember rightly.
  3. Young Caravanner - thoughts?

    I’ve tried solo trips a few times, and have sometimes set up on my own too, then Kay joins me a day or so later. It did feel a bit odd the first time, but I’m used to it now and enjoy my time alone. I’ve never met hostility as such, but have been on the receiving end of some questioning looks and people noticeably giving me a wide berth. One site in particular made me laugh this year. I was pitched closer to the tap and toilet block than the other 3 vans there. Whenever I was sat outside all bar one of the others on site walked out across the field and looped round rather than walk down the track past the front of my van, presumably to avoid me. My appearance may not help my cause, I’m a 6’6” 17 stone skinhead in my mid forties so I can look intimidating and not many people are ever going to be openly hostile towards me anyway. I’m actually quite a nice guy. .... I see it as their problem, not mine. Me and the dog are happy.
  4. New JLR Defender

    JLR are keeping their Defender replacement very well hidden. Those Autocar images are nothing more than a journalists imagination. And the camouflaged mules are a mock up body to test the platform and running gear, using what looks like a ‘cut and shut’ Range Rover sport or velar shell. Look at the gap between B and C posts on the SWB. The whole article is pitifully short on anything but conjecture. We’re going to have to wait and see.
  5. Biking in Dalby Forest

    The direct access to Dalby is a footpath, there’s a very minor road about 500m north of the Inn that gives bridleway access to Staindale Lodge and High Dalby and the rest of the forest. Less than 1km total.

    The Alko is widely accepted by insurers, unlike some other brands of wheel lock. It’s as good a deterrent as any of its type, as far as I know. Personally with a single axle van, we find it a doddle to fit, I back the van more or less where we want it, running it onto levelling boards if needed, then kay ‘eyeballs’ the wheel recess as I creep forward. All I have to do is stop when she tells me, then bolt it on.
  7. Mitsubishi Outlander Diesel Auto 2017

    I haven’t got one, but have also been tempted. They’re a 6 speed torque converter auto box, not a CVT. The ratios are in the transmission section of the spec list on the Mitsubishi uk website. http://www. mitsubishi-cars. co. uk/new-cars/outlander/specification/ There’s no 2 ratio transfer box on these, I’d surmise the L is just a low gear holder to prevent the transmission shifting up.
  8. We prefer Annstead farm about half a mile north. C&CC members only. More sheltered pitches, option of family friendly or adult only pitching and better value for money. And that's where we are now, unfortunately it's raining for the first time all week, but should clear later.
  9. Kampa Limpets - Warning

    Already tried a claybar, it helps clear the brown marks, but after the next tow in the rain, they're back. I think the wheelarch is white GRP or abs, rather than a painted surface, so I'm stuck with it. Thanks though.
  10. Top Tips Wanted Re Looking After Caravan Over Winter

    I follow the advice given by the CCC in Slopesoarers post. And am a big fan of our Protec cover. A quick wash before it gets parked up, a few minutes to fit the cover guarantees a gleaming van next time we come to use it.
  11. Kampa Limpets - Warning

    This is one of the marks on the wheel arch of our Swift, where I used limpets to attach the awning skirt. The minor marks on the aluminium sides have polished out, but nothing is shifting these.
  12. Caravanning On Isle Of Man

    Very expensive on the ferry, and, as above you're supposed to have a permit to take one on to the island.
  13. Assistance Choosing A Mover For Challenger 580

    That's an expensive way to line up a wheel lock. Can you not grab someone else to eyeball it as you ease forward. Kay's got really good at it and stops me bang on pretty much every time.
  14. Powerful Torches

    Various LED Lensers always knocking about our house and van. Very good torches, we all use them in the Mountain Rescue team I'm a member of.
  15. Towing With Cruise Control?

    An older but long running thread with lots of opinions here http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/123193-cruise-control-while-towing/?hl=%2Bcruise+%2Bcontrol