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  1. Is someone ( possibly with administration rights) removing threads ? I created a couple versatile the other night about break away cables which appears to have been removed. Just curious as to why and by whom??
  2. Thank you- this answers my question exactly. It's what I thought but needed clarity on.
  3. Thanks John, I've read the first half a dozen or so pages which deal with the legality of where to put the cablend. My question is more about what the cable is meanot for. 1. To apply the caravan brakes in the event of a coupling failure then to break itself thereby leaving the caravan adrift so to speak but stationary 2. To apply the caravan brakes in the event of a coupling failure then to remain attached and drag the caravan (albeit slowing down) behind you? People taking about putting carabinas on their cable as the normal clasps are not strong enough tends to imply that the
  4. The problem is though that whilst mine haso a dedicated place to clasp onto, it's nowhere near big enough to feed the clasp through to clip back on to itself. If you use a carabina then would it break at all? There has to be a given point at which the cable and/or the fastening fails, to stop you dragging the caravan along the road.
  5. I am lucky enough to have a dedicated ring on the pull down electric plug for my breakaway cable next to the detatchable towbar. However I know that some who don't put theirs around the towbar itself. I was talking to a neighbour today and fellow caravaner who said that he read on the Swift forum that DVLA were checking caravans at motorway services and issuing fines to those incorrectly hitched. He also said that those with normal clasp ends to the cable nend to get them changed for a carabina as the clasp gives way and isn't strong enough. This then caused me to challenge this by asking
  6. Robert. Sorry to hear what's happened to you. It's got me worried now!! I've picked up my new 2016 unicorn Cadiz but haven't used it yet. Going away in June. Is there anyway of telling if the pipe is not properly fitted before it is too late? I. e. a visual inspection ? Did the dealer say that this is a one off or a design fault??
  7. I hear what some are saying about justifying having a 4x4. I've got the 2014 Skoda Superb 170 DSG 4x4 estate. I tow a Bailey Unicorn 3 Cadiz which I've just taken delivery of. The Superb is such a good tow car. It was towcar of the year a couple of years ago and deserved the accolade. The interior is nothing short of massive. By far the biggest in its class. Nothing comes close to it. The power delivery is smooth. The DSG gearbox flawless and it just pulls and pulls like a train. My Cadiz is 1550 kgs MTPLM so 93% ratio to kerbweight of the Superb. But you can fit so m
  8. I've just taken delivery of my Cadiz 3 and have upgraded the plate from 1491kgs to 1550kgs. The certificate states the maximum per axle is 1550 kgs plus the maximum upgrade is 1550 kgs. Personally - why risk it? For £60 I'd rather happily get pulled over by the police safe in the knowledge that I'm not worried about an additional 59 kilos and get lumped with a fine for far in excess of £60 the upgrade cost. Equally having had issues with the nose Wright and overall weight on mine I couldn't do without the upgrade. Particularly as I've had a mover fitted.
  9. I own this car and tow a 2016 Bailey Unicorn Cadiz - upgraded MTPLM of 1550 kgs. Tows effortlessly with plenty of power. Huge, no MASSIVE interior. So much space! The DSG gearbox makes very easy towing and changes as I would manually going up hill. It keeps the revs in the torque range perfectly. Beautiful car to own and drive.
  10. Steven. I live in Rayleigh too. I store mine behind Wyvale garden centre on Eastwood Road. Give David Poole a call 07981 924598. He's not a gold star storage site or whatever they are but he's very vigilant and lives on site. £400 a year.
  11. I never thought of it that way but you're right.
  12. I've just taken delivery of your new unicorn Cadiz and was shocked when I put a nose weight gauge under the hitch to find it off the scale, and that was with an empty van. I then loaded it how I thought was sensibly and brought the nose weight down to 80kilos which is what my car needs. However in doing so the van weighed 1600 kilos when I took it to a local weigh bridge, 109 kilos over the MTPLM of 1491. Even with the upgraded max weight certificate to 1550 kilos which I've ordered I'm still over. I'll obviously have to remove at least 50 kilos of bits but as I put most of it behind
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