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  1. I have a Bailey Cartagena 111 caravan owned from new since April 2016. Baileys build quality for a £26k caravan is unfit for purpose. Bailey hark on about there GPRS AluTech Body shell technology and then go and stick an MDF floor in the van, which is then exposed to water from spray whilst towing. No thought about using marine ply which would be limited additional cost. The caravan has a well documented design flaw with the roof strap allowing water to cascade inside caravan. Which on mine let in water, that flowed down the inside of he caravan and has now after 4 years rotted the feebl
  2. I purchased a Bailey Unicorn Cartagena 111 twin axle caravan brand new on 30th March 2016. At that time they fitted a 100amp / hour battery and fitted on one axle only a set of Power touch evolution wheel movers. .. Realising that 1 x set of movers was futile to shift that size of caravan, I instructed BUC Caravans at Gosforth in September 2016 to fit a second set of movers to other axle giving me four evolution movers. .which I was told was more than capable of moving Cartagena 111. . Caravan was moving satisfactory with this configuration of 4 x movers and Cara
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