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  1. the dealer said It does not have a battery only 240v
  2. i'm not sure what power unit the caravan has, the caravan is an Abbey voque2 620 2009 model
  3. We may be there for up to 3 seasons as i wont have a suitable towcar after next month, it is on a fully serviced pitch
  4. i am about to leave my caravan on a seasonal pitch from next month, i am in the process of purchasing a few essential items before the season starts,a battery is one of them, which would be the best option for me regarding the battery
  5. personally i wouldn't touch the CR-V for towing
  6. The first time we used the van in 2009 it took me and a fellow camper staying next to us nearly 2 hours to remove the cassette from the side of the van someone at the dealer had put the rectangle plate on top of the cassette in backwards which then caused the cassette to become wedged when we got back and complained they seemed to find it funny, not very good for a brand new van
  7. cheers mate i will have a look at that tomorrow night if i get chance
  8. this is whats happening on ours did you manage to fix it deribronco?
  9. When i took the fuse out the blades were corroded It's only a 2009 caravan they don't last long do they
  10. last year i was in my local halfords, on the way out i had a quick look on the clearance shelf they were selling towing mirrors for £4 each i purchased a couple just for spares as much as anything. though i would give them a try last weekend what can i say they were the best mirrors i have used no vibration excellent view even a blind spot built in, they are now my main mirrors for towing these are the mirrors My link
  11. if you are willing to take the risk you can get some deals the week before we just paid £45 for 3 nights last weekend(mayday), the price about a month before was ove £200
  12. The other day while we were on holiday the toilet suddenly started flushing by itself. Ii had to take the fuse out to stop it, has anyone else come across this problem. My other problem is when you slide the lever across on the toilet the trap door on the cassette only opens 2/3's of the way, when you clean the cassette it will open freely so the problem is with the toilet in the caravan.
  13. benjjohn

    BMW X5

    I towed my caravan back from storage compound to home yesterday about 10 miles. Having never towed with an auto before i wondered if this is normal, the car seemed to be struggling for the right gear especially on inclines the revs fluctuating between about 2-3000 rpm, i ended up knocking it into manual. it this right when towing with an auto
  14. you only need something like say a ford focus to overtake you on the motorway to start the caravan snaking, it isn't a pleasure to go on holiday
  15. Sorry my post was meant to read "i would NOT tow above 85%"
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