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  1. I had "3" data only sims for a few years. Recently I realised that the current price of an upgrade to unlimited data on the phone, along with the increased data only price, means that it is now economical to use the phone as a hot-spot instead of a MI-FI.
  2. Had the Truma system with fire and blown air in a 2009 Stirling Eccles. Only ever used the fire because the fan for the blown air was just too damned noisy. The Ultrastore water heating worked well though. Been with Alde since 2016. What a bonus. Keeping the 'van warm just takes a bit of forward planning with the control panel. Just make sure you are on inclusive EHU.
  3. I've had a Tyrepal system since 2014: originally six sensors then two added when we got a TA 'van. One sensor has given up completely but the system showed no error message; just didn't register the sensor. A new battery made no difference. I figure that given the rigours that the sensors endure, one failure from eight sensors over seven years isn't too bad.
  4. Scarsdale's comment is accurate with reference to tests passed after 1997. However, we are talking about tests passed before 1997. So, to clear up any possible misunderstanding: from the government website, (www.gov.uk/driving-licence-categories) Category B - if you passed your test before 1 January 1997 You’re usually allowed to drive a vehicle and trailer combination up to 8,250kg You’re also allowed to drive a minibus with a trailer over 750kg
  5. Watch any of the "border control" programmes on TV and see how people get on trying to sneak food stuffs into other countries. We are now in the same category as regards EU.
  6. I've seen people use a roof mounted canopy rolled out over a normal awning. Great for keeping the sun from getting the awning too hot.
  7. Correct. And their inflation pressure is only 4psi.
  8. See what comes with the 'van you're trading for.
  9. Thank you VV. Could be useful.
  10. What is the name of the site please?
  11. FIL probably does not recognise the AL-KO as a stabilizer. I imagine that he thinks you need an old school blade type. I remember those from the mid-eighties. Just be aware that the AL-KO relies on the tow ball being absolutely clean and grease free.
  12. I 've just looked at the photo's on Google and there is a caravan with full awning and annex in one of the images.
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