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  1. SSHHHHH! If too many people get to know abut it it may, heaven forbid, become popular. Then what will happen? Ice cream, flip-flop shops, donkeys, deck chairs, bars, chippies and litter.
  2. Does anyone have first hand experience of the build quality of current Eriba Touring models? Are they still as good as their reputation would promise? Are there any "cons" to consider? I'm thinking of downsizing and would value the opinions of those who have experience of the marque.
  3. For a long term stay I use THESE. They also have the advantage of making the 'van fell much more solid. I try to divide the weight between them and the corner steadies; then I release the hand-brake. I've never bothered with chocks
  4. Got this set https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tefal-Ingenio-cookwear-pieces-black/dp/B01AHR5USC/ref=sr_1_13?keywords=Tefal+Ingenio&qid=1565695336&s=kitchen&sr=1-13 a couple of years ago. Mrs FG recommends them to anyone who'll listen. Non stick is lasting well and the storage is a real bonus when space is at a premium.
  5. Almost. Try reversing the whole pad assembly. It just unclips and then pops back in the other way; giving you the lower step against the awning rail. I have just found a spare Fix-On (pictures below). Hope it's not too late to be useful.
  6. The buff coloured pads on the Fix-Ons shown in the OP's post can be removed. Just slide a table Knife under them and gently lever them away. The pads can then be exchanged; giving you a stepped contact surface. From the look of your photo, you will have to unclip the whole pad assembly and reverse it. It works well on our Elegance, which has a similar, integral awning rail.
  7. Ask the seller if he knows what hitch is fitted. If, as I would expect, it is an Alko 3004, then yes the hitchlock will fit.
  8. Assuming you are not alone in being seasonal on your campsite, ask, and have a look at, what other seasonals are using. When it was being dismantled for the winter, I saw laminate wood flooring on top of pallets and builders membrane being removed from an awning. (Very civilized)
  9. Having said that, I would suggest, for safety's sake and peace of mind, you get a mobile, registered caravan tech to give it at least a chassis service. As Jaydug said "tow hitch, braking system and tyres" and everything else underneath. It would also be worth getting the gas and electrical systems checked, in that order of priority.
  10. Maybe not much to go on, but some friends of our's bought one at the beginning of this season. They, particularly the girly half of the couple, still wants to tell anyone who will listen, how chuffed they are with it. We, on the other hand, have left our 'van in Spain and are at the end of our first month in UK with our new Camplet Trailer Tent. Planning on six weeks in France with the TT so that we get back to the 'van once the summer temperatures have calmed down in Spain.
  11. Check for damp already on the inside, adjacent to the damage. If the damage is only cosmetic and you don't mind living with it, then it may be that you can expect a reduction in the price compared to a pristine example. If however, the damage may breached the integrity of the awning rail seal, you would have to factor in the cost of repair or face the possibility of water ingress in the near future.
  12. Typical UK bureaucracy. Caravans under 7 m are classed as leisure vehicles and are VAT rated at the normal rate. 'Vans over 7 m are classed as residential and a lower rate of VAT is applied. Quite how that defines the permitted class of towing vehicle, I have yet to understand
  13. Could it be to do with the car having an "inteligent" alternator? The car's system may not be providing enough voltage to charge the battery. My truck's system will not run the fridge properlybecause of low voltage output from the alternator and I was advised to remove the fuse from the battery charging circuit in the caravan in case of potential peaks in the charge which could do the battery no favours.
  14. Short answer; Yes Look HERE, scroll down to Category BE
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