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  1. I've just been to check in my V5. That gives Mass in Service as 2067 kg. The Nissan brochure quotes 1991 kg for Kerbwieght. The MIS is actually heavier than the "Kerbweight". That was also true for my previous vehicle (Nissan X-Trail) Maybe it's peculiar to Nissan.
  2. Published "kerbwieghts" can be misleading at best. Have a look in you V5 and find your car's Mass in Service. Base your decision (and other calculations such as car payload) on that figure.
  3. Have a look at http://www.caravanfinder.co.uk/caravans.html You can search by berth and layout which may give you a clearer idea of availability and cost.
  4. I'd like to see the evidence for that.
  5. Pup tent? We have a two man Coleman for just that eventuality. It also serves for kid's/guests sleeping in the warmer weather.
  6. That tells us how often you use it. It's not on a switch, it's on a stalk: that sticky out bit to the left of the round thingy in front of you.
  7. I would have had sooooo many showers
  8. I canot see how an €11 forfait (Caravan, car and 2 people) + €2.50 EHU in June, works out more expensive than sites by the lake, ACSI or otherwise. In any case the OP's request was for "recommendations regarding sites in this area", not specifically ACSI.
  9. If you want a resort style site, this will not suit. We have stayed a number of times at Le Trexuex, just outside of Thones. Very simple camping among trees, surrounded by mountains. Check their website for prices https://www.letrejeux.com/emplacement-camping-thones-haute-savoie.php . Less than half what you would pay to be close to the lake, which is only ten minutes drive away.
  10. Just out of curiosity; where did you leave them?
  11. Have you used the ACSI Eurocampings search: or just the Camping Card? Camping Card shows only 9 sites in the Castille & Leon region whereas Eurocampings shows 30.
  12. Mrs FG uses them quite often: also on a Thetford. They do leave a pleasant fragrance and have not left any marks on the bowl. Placed in direct line with the flush they don't need copious amounts of water to be effective.
  13. I've always fitted storm straps internally: that is, over the frame inside the fabric. My Isabela Magnum comes with straps that are fitted accordin to THIS video from Isabella . It avoids the risk of damage from chaffing to the roof fabric. On a previous, full awning, I made up a strap which went, internally, over all three roof poles and was pegged inside. If you are expecting serious wind then make sure your awning pegs are secure: double pegged if necessary.
  14. Next trip, Spain then? Nothing freezes down here. Oh, and bring the awning
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