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  1. We are back on our pitch in Santa Pola, Costa Brava and have spent two months of the summer in France: Millau and Annecy. I can honestly say that I have felt no more at risk here or in France than I was in the UK in September. I do realise that the problem for some at the moment, is the isolation requirement upon return to UK. Our Grand-daughter has had to cancel a trip to visit us but only because she cannot afford the time off work to self-isolate when she gets home.
  2. "Kerbweight" quoted in a brochure or manufacturers specs can be misleading at best. Look in your vehicle's V5 for the "Mass in Service" figure and work out your percentages and the vehicles own payload (Gross Vehicle Weight minus Mass in Service) from that.
  3. How would you get an MoT test on a caravan?
  4. Top Gear quotes the kerbwieght of a Kadjar at 1380 kg and the Gross weight as 1916 kg. Where did you get the fugure of 1767? That would only leave a payload of 149 kg (only just enough for two slim passengers and a small toothbrush)
  5. Towing limit is model specific. My 2011 X-Trail Tekna (manual) had a limit of 2,200 kg. The Auto version of the same, had a reduced limit of 1,500 kg. The current models are, I believe, generally lower.
  6. No. Because by the time you are aware that you have a cold or the flu, you have already been contagious for a number of days and have probably passed it on.
  7. It's a seasonal thing. We've had that in previous visits. I think the "fluff" is actually blossom from one type of tree. Not so bad at the moment; maybe we're just set up under a different type of tree.
  8. Camping Larribal. We're regulars here for the last five years. Do you have ACSI? If so, it is €12 a night in September. It's certainly not the best site we've been on but it is among the cheapest. This year, however the condition of the pitches is so dry that they are extremely dusty. (I imagine other sites in the area are having the same problem). For a night-stop it'll be fine.
  9. AndersG seems to have covered it. As I said, check the main club web-sites for further information. What has not been mentioned is that to use CS's or CL's you must first be a member of the appropriate club.
  10. to the forum. Your guess on prices is not far off, allowing than high season and Bank Holiday rates can easily be double. It's worth investigating ACSI Camping Card discount scheme. (click on the blue lettering). for out of season discounts. As previously stated, CS's and CL's (check the two main clubs) can offer a cheaper alternative if you don't require full site facilities. To use an old adage "Caravaning: a way to turn a cheap holiday into an expensive hobby!" Why limit yourselves to UK? We are two pensioners (+ dog) who have so far explored parts of France, Spain, Portugal, Ital
  11. Whatever anyone else may say, that would be illegal. Plus, with three kids in the mix, downright irresponsible.
  12. You beat me to it GS. There are more regulations as well.
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