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  1. Flying Grandad

    First Caravan

    For years I swore by a manual gearbox. You've heard the arguments: "I like to be in control", "it takes all the fun out of driving", old people drive auto's".That was until I'd been towing a large caravan around Europe for a couple of years. Two and a half years ago I opted for the dark side and bought an (say it quietly) automatic. Now I'm not saying it's best. That's a subjective judgement, but the longer I have the auto, the better I like it and the more sure I am that it was the right choice. I haven't been in a situation yet, towing or solo, in which I thought that a manual would have been better. The best bit? No worries about clutch burn on hill starts when towing. Oh, and to the forum
  2. Flying Grandad

    Newbie to carvanning

    You've already done the smart thing, by joining this forum.
  3. Flying Grandad


    No personal experience of Santander to anywhere. However, if you go to https://www.rac.co.uk/route-planner/ or https://www.viamichelin.co.uk/ , type in your start and destination and in the options, select "avoid tolls", you may be off to a good start. ViaMichelin has a caravan in the options list.
  4. Flying Grandad

    Updating a built in Satnav?

    IN 2014, I enquired about the cost of map update for my 2011 X-Trail. ..........er, £300? (yoravinalarf). Spent the same money on a Garmin 760 (caravan version). Free lifetime updates etc: The situation with Nissan has improved (somewhat); my Navarra gets a free update along with a service. That, of course ties you to Nissan dealer servicing. I believe that some other manufacturers are following this trend. This all, I'm afraid, depends on you being in the fortunate position of being able to afford a new-ish vehicle. In any case, I have found that the Garmin maps are more up-to-date than the most recent Nissan offering.
  5. Flying Grandad

    Awning (What Make)

    For a seasonal, or long-term pitch, this https://www.isabella.net/uk/porches/details/universal-360-420-dawn Is (probably the best you can get.
  6. Flying Grandad


    The warning is there to dissuade people from connecting the regulator to another regulator. So, assuming that your Cadiz does have a bulkhead-mounted regulator, then to connect your gas bottle you need an appropriate adaptor, not regulator. Use the adaptor in conjunction with a high-pressure "pigtail" to connect to the 'van's bulkhead-mounted regulator. You may use the bottle-top regulator to connect directly to something such as a Cadac or portable gas grill. In that case, a "jubilee" type clip, with a low pressure hose, would be fine.
  7. Flying Grandad

    What sort of caravanner are you?

    Our site, (Bahia de Santa Pola) on the Costa Blanca, has had a "Completo/Fulll" sign outside of reception since just after New Year. Management is turning people away on a daily basis. There is a significant number of MH's parked up in Santa Pola, just along the sides of residential streets close to the seafront.
  8. Flying Grandad

    Tyrepal problem

    I've had to change some of my batteries; easy enough. Never had them all fail at once though. Do you have the original manual? If not, look HERE
  9. Flying Grandad

    Very new to this and need help please

    I've just had a look on Caravanfinder http://www. caravanfinder. co. uk/caravan_search_results. html?be=all&ma=all&mo=&pm=0&px=5000&t=all&mi=1250&mx=any&lm=any&lx=any&pc=&di=any Filling in your max weight and price renders a selection of possibilities. Good luck and.
  10. Flying Grandad

    Adding USB sockets

    How about one of these (or similar), assuming you have 12v charging sockets. https://www. amazon. co. uk/AUKEY-Charger-Adaptor-Protection-Samsung-Black/dp/B00M6Q83B4/ref=sr_1_10?s=telephone&ie=UTF8&qid=1549397050&sr=1-10&keywords=usb+car+charger
  11. Flying Grandad

    Caravanning or camping?

    Tin Tent?
  12. Flying Grandad

    Caravanning or camping?

    If you define Camping as to make camp, then if the basis of the camp is a caravan, it could still be classed as camping. If the basis of the camp is a tent, then it is tent camping as opposed to caravan camping.
  13. Flying Grandad

    Which van

    How long will you stand and admire the outside of the 'van vs how long will you spend inside it and enjoy the interior comforts?
  14. Flying Grandad

    Centre Locker Gap

    Anyone else keep loosing small items behind the front centre locker? It took a while to think of a solution, but see if you think this is worthwhile. In case the pictures are not self explanatory, that is a length of 20mm internal diameter pipe insulation. This is on a Swift Elegance but I think it may work for other makes and models. I had to remove the locker (again) to retrieve a couple of items and I just happened to have a spare length of insulation. I think this may save me having to remove the locker on what has been quite a regular basis. There is a possible down-side: that is, it does block warm air rising from the radiator below. Hey Ho, nothing is perfect.
  15. Flying Grandad

    carbon x on a seasonal pitch

    I've been using an Isabella Magnum (Porch) with a Coal annex, full-time, for 18 months: both have carbon poles. Prior to that we had a Ventura (Full) with IXL poles for two years, again, full-time. No problems with either.