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  1. I have a Lienwand kitchen tent which has what looks to be the same curtain rail. Here's a picture of the curtain clip. It looks like the clips are machine stitched to the curtain, I suggest Paul_B's recollection is spot-on
  2. That's where your ACSI discount comes into its own. I have a Nissan Navara which is still within its 5 year Pan European assistance. We moved into the 'van on the 16th April 2014 when we handed over our house to our daughter. We then had a bit of a UK tour until we had to be back in Bournemouth to finalise the mortgage. Talk about a learning curve! Two days after the mortgage was settled we were on the ferry. Dover Calais, by the way: cheapest is DFDS, mid-week, at silly o'clock in the morning. Oh..... and we are still learning I use the ACSI Club Card search facility. https://www.campingcard.co.uk/ You don't have to be a member to use it. On our first trip through France, I just googled Camping Municipal for the town we were heading for. Seemed to work OK, but then I really didn't know what I was doing: (probably still don't) just made it up as we went along.
  3. Your photo, afaiks, shows a Grillogas. The Cadac you have seen with the lid almost vertical is, I believe, a Carri Chef 2, which incorporates lugs on two of the legs that engage the edge of the lid and hold it in place. If you look at THIS illustration on the Cadac web-site you will see what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, I've just looked on Cadac spares and it doesn't look like they are available as a spare part. Not sure if there is a solution apart from making up your own brackets. These photo's of our Cadac might give you a closer picture. Otherwise, you'll just have to arrange somewhere else to rest the lid.
  4. Just goes to show, none of us know it all. Ask away.
  5. Hi Steve. One of the first things to look at is the ACSI Camping Card https://webshop.acsi.EU/en/campingcard-acsi-2019.html In France look for Campings Municipal and if you are in the Annecy area, check out Le Trejeux near Thones (under €20 per night for the whole season, with electric) In Spain, you will find campsite's single night rate to be quite expensive but, generally, the longer you stay the cheaper it gets: often below the ACSI discount rate. Our preferred site in Spain, on a 90 day+ stay is €8.75/night + EHU at 0.35/kwh (we use about €0.50/day) Don't worry about the ferry. In my experience, there are marshals to see you on and off: just go sllooww over the ramps. We told everyone and their uncle what we were planning. Most people expected us to be back within a month. Five years on (full time in the 'van), they are still waiting for us to give it up. Soto you and Caz and enjoy.
  6. There is a Hobby sub-forum on this site: https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/forum/20-hobby-caravans/ also there is a facebook page at https://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/category/Community/Hobby-caravan-owners-uk-741756985924325/
  7. Soudall FixAll. Screwfix stock it in standard 290 ml tubes. I found a smaller, 80 ml, squeezy tube of the same product in The Range, which might suit better if you only have a small job such as a heater cowl.
  8. I've installed a wooden baby gate. It's a modified version of THIS. I reduced the width to suit the 'van door, re-positioned the latch and use Velcro pads to secure it in the open position. I don't have to use it now. If I tell this:- to stay in her basket, she's as good as gold
  9. I've found it quite simple to keep my carpets clean. I rolled them, wrapped them in plastic and left them in the garage. Haven't had to clean them in three years
  10. The hitch-lock is not specific to the type of caravan, but to the type of hitch: which as Jaydug has said, looks like an Alko AKS 1300. I believe what you need is one of THESE. If still in doubt, take your photograph to a caravan accessories shop. They should know.
  11. It's the word "typical" that really opens up this question. From what I've seen people off-load from their 'van, the answer is too much. A while ago, a very nice lady on an adjacent pitch was showing off her caravan to my wife. Her Idea off payload was that if it fits in a cupboard, it comes with us. Top cupboards full of tinned food, wardrobes crammed to capacity, you name it. Gather what you think you want. Weigh it, bit by bit, with luggage scales. Now take away (this is where the -er-" discussion" starts) what you think you can live without, until you get back down to your 'van's user payload. My wife and I are still "discussing" this issue after 5 years.
  12. +1, except I've had mine since August. My insurance is up for renewal this month, so I've just enquired - no discount. It gives me a certain peace of mind in case I should get into a "he said - she said" situation. So far, I'm glad to say, it has proved to be of no benefit. Long may that be the case.
  13. Caravanning; A way to turn a cheap holiday into an expensive hobby. and good luck
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