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  1. What you don't get, is any more user payload. Still a pathetic 160 kg (240 kg with the permissible MTPLM upgrade).
  2. +1. I sold my last taxi (VW Passat 1.9 TDi 2005) when I retired. It had 306,000 miles o the clock without ever having the "benefit" of premium fuels. Normally, I would fill up at Sainsbury's or Tesco, with an occasional stop at Asda. I saw the car a year later; still in use as a taxi with, probably, another 50,000 miles on it.
  3. If you haven't done so already, check out ACSI's Camping Card. Except in high season (roughly July and August) it can give you significant discounts on site fees. We normally cross Dover/Calais or Dunkirk, set the sat-nav to "avoid tolls", and make a holiday out of a lazy trip through France. Lake Annecy (Camping Le Trejeux) and Millau (Camping Larribal) are two of my favourite places. We put a new site on our list of favourites this year; Camping Nautica in Ametlla de Mar, Spain. Lovely site with its own beach.
  4. Having owned two X-Trails (2005 & 2011 models) and having been happy with both, I would say it's worth considering one if you're happy with mileages of 85000+.
  5. Unless the caravan's MIRO is 750 kg or less: in which case it adopts the car's registration and does not require a test. Without checking, I suspect a Gobur comes into this category
  6. I'm not absolutely sure that this applies to a Bailey, but our Swift has an onboard tank. The submersible pump, which drops into the Aquroll, is used to fill the onboard tank: then the onboard pump supplies pressure to the taps. The onboard pump can be set to draw water direct from the Aquaroll, via a separate inlet on the side of the 'van.
  7. There should be a max pressure printed on the side-wall of the tyre. Stay just inside of that figure and you wont go far wrong.
  8. I've stopped a few people from leaving sites, both in UK and abroad, with roof vents open, aerials extended, break-away cables or electric cables dragging on the ground, exterior lockers open, the list goes on. My intervention has usually been met with appreciation and a swift rectification. As for coiled cables; a 10 amp windup extension that I have, has two ratings on it. One for wound (720w) and one for fully unwound (2400w). Even a 6 amp supply could exceed the lower value
  9. You may not want an Isabella, but THIS page on their website may help to clarify things for you.
  10. Our previous 'van was traded in at 7 years old with the original tyres; they still looked to be in good condition and I believe that the dealer sold it on with the same tyres. Our current 'van's tyres had serious sidewall cracks at 4 years; I had them changed. Just my opinion, mind you, but personally, I'd trust your tyre fitter. I would examine them regularly and change them at the first sign of sidewall deterioration.
  11. You know that it will only run on 12v when supplied from the tow vehicle with the engine running? Switching it to 12v will not allow the fridge to operate from the 'vans leisure battery.
  12. I use one of these for dusting all the nooks & crannies, including the pleated blinds. Got it from The Range.
  13. My research showed a length of 708 cms. I'm aware that some people would simply ignore the excess, but lets not go there again.
  14. Board was from B&Q, but Conti-board is a trade name and I'm sure is available elsewhere. I arranged that the screws did not penetrate the panel; in case a subsequent owner wants to remove my modification. The only screw hole are in the underside of the cupboard and would be easy to disguise.
  15. The temperature sensor which controls the On/Off function is (in my installation) situated within the duct (see the 3rd photo), so it is not measuring ambient air temperature.
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