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  1. Could it be to do with the car having an "inteligent" alternator? The car's system may not be providing enough voltage to charge the battery. My truck's system will not run the fridge properlybecause of low voltage output from the alternator and I was advised to remove the fuse from the battery charging circuit in the caravan in case of potential peaks in the charge which could do the battery no favours.
  2. Short answer; Yes Look HERE, scroll down to Category BE
  3. Thank you for that clarification. Useful to know. It's my turn in two years time
  4. BG, your link refers to category D (You can drive any bus with more than 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg MAM)).Lorry and Bus entitlements. Griff is asking about catagory C1 (You can drive vehicles between 3,500 and 7,500kg MAM (with a trailer up to 750kg))
  5. Is the awning a used one which may have had a zip replaced? If so you may need to have another zip fitted which would be compatible with zip on the annex. I can't imagine that Doreema would make left and right hand annexes.
  6. Measure the part of the awning rail that is straight and horizontal (parallel to the ground). If that is 260 cms or more, you'll be OK.
  7. First thing to mention is that you will need a specialist car insurance to cover you for more than 90 days in Europe. I use https://www.stuartcollins.com/. As for the length of time you can stay; I know of two individuals that have been in Spain for most of each of the past 10 years. One of them goes back to UK for July and August to escape the heat here. Personally I have been in France/Spain for between six and ten months for each of the past five years. To paraphrase moorgate, come Brexit, who knows?
  8. It depends to a certain extent on the ambient temperature and on whether you're using gas for cooking as well. Does either the caravan or the fridge handbook/manual quote gas consumption figures. You may be able to work out a theoretical answer to your own question. Our 'van has a tall Dometic fridge freezer. An 11 kg bottle of propane has just lasted us 20 days, using the fridge the whole and the oven two or three times for an hour or so. (average daytime temperature 23° C) Unfortunately, whatever advice you get, you won't really know until you try it. Can you take a spare bottle?
  9. Well spotted. I think you can specify the operating voltage. Mine is 12v. The model number I quoted in my post is what I read direct from the unit itself. Perhaps I quoted the wrong link. I think it should have been https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Inkbird-12V-Digital-Temperature-Controller-ITC-1000-Heater-Cooler-2-Relays-Brew/223191675444?hash=item33f742b234:g:t8MAAOSwarlbxauh As you can see, they look identical.
  10. We have that (Transverse) layout and use a standard double fitted sheet which I have tailored to fit the rounded corners of our bed. So long as the sheet is fitted snug around the bolster, it stays put quite nicely.
  11. I believe that you are Mr Plodd. AFAIA, Hobbys have on board tanks, either filled directly with a hose, the same as a motor-home water-tank, or more commonly, with a watering can. I've never seen a European 'van with an Aquaroll. European 'vanners look upon the Aquaroll as something of an oddity. It's an English thing
  12. My 2014 Swift has used fairly good quality (Blaupunkt) speakers. Shame that they are totally ruined by being mounted in the flimsy plastic panel surrounding the panoramic window. Whoever came up with that bright idea is definitely not an acoustic engineer. Oddly enough it has a second pair of speakers in the bathroom (Why?) which are mounted under one of the structurally more substantial cabinets and they sound great. Maybe I should spend more time in the bathroom instead of the lounge area. My solution is to use internet radio on my laptop bluetoothed to one of THESE. We also use the Megaboom to listen to the television. Even if your ears have been used to Marrantz and B&O, I'm sure you would be impressed with the quality of the Megaboom, plus there is the added bonus of its portability. (you can't take your caravan speakers into the awning, no matter how good/bad they are).
  13. I keep reading that we only hear from owners with a problem. So, let's redress the balance. I've had, over the last five years, a Sterling and a Swift. I've lived in both of them for the duration of my ownership. First, the Sterling, an Eccles Quartz, 2009. Bought in 2014, traded for the Swift in 2016. After a one month trip around UK, I took the 'van to France for the summer, moving every few weeks and then to Southern Spain for the winter. Back to UK in the spring and repeat France and Spain. In that time the skylight over the bedroom produced a leak due to dried out sealant. Fixed it myself on a site in Millau (Midi-Pyrenees). Apart from expected wear and tear there were no other problems worth reporting. Now our current 'van, a Swift Elegance 645, 2014 acquired in 2016. Again then 'van has been dragged extensively around Europe Including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and UK. The roads in Italy managed to shake the radiator off the bathroom wall but the only leak has been from a broken window. That's a whole other story. In the end, having spent approximately 1870 nights between the two 'vans, I'm fairly content with the build quality of both. Or perhaps I've just been lucky.
  14. I would get that checked. The last battery I had that looked like that, had a defective cell.
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