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  1. Angel of the North if coming from the South on the M1- just 20 miles until home. .. always pleased to see her, from the North I love seeing Budle Bay and the view beyond,as we pass heading South, always pretty. Mind you there are so many gorgeous spots in Northumberland we are never really hard done to. ...
  2. I love upstart crow!! just noticed the pun. ..LOL
  3. Oh blimey - that's not great like!!
  4. So that's what it was!!! A van on the site we stayed at last week had it on, they put it on after taking the awning down, and were leaving the next day. The black streaks drive me mad from windows mainly. Might have to have one of these. ...
  5. I was sorry to see Cramlington Caravans gone, i got my van from them just last year and found the service was great. Andrew and Chris were smashing.
  6. Well, the first trip away was interesting. There was never a dull moment. My hubby had generously volunteered to head to the lakes to set up, and we would follow. So, off I heads to pick her up. Have you got the board games?....no don't have any now'...eh? you had loads a few weeks ago!...I don't know where they are. ... i thought, remembering what everyone had said on here about having games to entertain herself. Have you got something to keep you busy in the car?....No. ...double it's not going great. Just get on to the A69 from the A1, how long will it be? she asks. So by the time i get to Warwick on Eden, my ears are nearly bleeding she's talked so much. Anyway, we get there, excited screams and sorting out. Don't go on the grass - it's soaking and like a bog, yep you've guessed it, straight on there. Made up her bed, it's great. Bah - she moved around so much the whole van was shaking. Showering went fine. She had no major hassle though she did get very wrong for forcing the bathroom door open and closed when it was locked. And why the hell do kids feel the need to draw on steamed up windows? Anyway by saturday night, we'd been on the go since 7am we are shattered. Right we're going to have an hour to ourselves to watch the cycling, you read the mag we bought you. Sit quiet?, read mag, you and uncle Malcolm not paying attention, even though I've been the centre of attention all day?? oh no no no, you will take notice of me! RIGHT enough sit down and read quietly please. .....of course Malcolm relented. ...why did i bother!!! So on the whole she managed very well. I was exceptionally brave and towed back on my own with Malcolm following me. There was either some precision maneuvering or near misses on 2 occasions, depending on how you look at it. 1 when i left the site - who the hell decided it was a good idea to mark the junction with a massive bloody flower pot. 2 - when i came into the storage yard - forgot to swing out a bit, but i didn't hit anything. Didn't appreciate the cross wind on the A69 either. I was feeling smug getting on to the bridge which is narrow at Warwick on Eden, then FGS! a massive bloody tractor appeared - I'm not kidding I literally briefly closed my eyes and physically squished myself in the car seat - how the hell that was going to help i have no idea. Anyway we passed each other with no problems, and i felt proud managed to fly solo. She wants to come away with us for a year. .....erm!!!!
  7. OOOO love Cloverfields, we are there for the second time in a couple of weeks - can't wait. We've stayed over Barnard Castle way last year - Leekworth. .. it was OK, a bit of a difficult place to get to!
  8. Weekend away with our niece - first time we've had a little human in tow! I got loads of advice form this forum about dealing with her. ..LOL One more week in Derbyshire - then nothing until march 2018 onwards. ...sad already, but looking forward to choosing hols for next year. ...woo hoo
  9. good luck!!! Hahahaha. .....if she enjoys it, it will become a regular thing. ...2 at once. ...erm!!! LOL Pleased you enjoyed Northumberland - my home county. ....beautiful. ...
  10. hahahaha. .. she'd probably enjoy it. .... Hi Joanie, a site near Keswick. .. Thanks all for the ideas, she's so excited, as are we. .....2 1/2 weeks and counting. .. I'll let you know how it goes. ..
  11. Hi Guys It's a while since I've posted. Loving our Eccles Moonstone, she's had a bit of use, and a leaky window repair, but otherwise it's all good. Still check this site regularly - love it. Our 9 year old niece has been desperate to come away with us, so our first trip with her is in September. The first of many we are hoping as she's great company. I'm hoping for handy hints regarding little 'uns and caravanning. I'm not stressed about it, though I know this site has a mine of information and hints and tips to make things easier. Not having kids ourselves it's gonna be a laugh. I've managed to talk her out of bringing all her cuddly toys and a suitcase! Thanks in advance folks.
  12. We've been caravanning for nearly a year and i felt the same as you when we first started going away. Now, whilst it isn't perfect it is better. We have developed some sort of a system and have minimal hiccups now. Watching others and have a chat is a good way of picking up hints, and tips, and this forum of course. I watched loads of YouTube videos as well. I haven't towed much at all, but I'm going to try and tow as much as possible this year. Like all things the more you do it the better and easier it becomes. Roll on the next few months woo hoo. ....
  13. OOOOO exciting, we were away 2nd -5th January and we've got a week due in March, can't wait. In total we've got 4 caravan holidays booked including our 2 weeks in the summer in the lakes, a fraction of the cost for a cottage. wooohooo, the count down has begun. I've got my eye on a few weekends away as well. .. Have a brilliant time
  14. We were away 2nd - 5th January in Yorkshire to try our new van. -6/7 at night and bitter during the day - we used an insulated bag for the aquaroll - worked like a charm. We weren't connected to the water mind you. Fabulous time
  15. We're away in our new van in the new year to Oak Lakes. ...wanted somewhere easy to get to and manoeuvre about with larger van, can't wait. .
  16. Holy moley that's a beast. .fantastic. .enjoy. .
  17. Well at long last the wait is over and we've taken delivery of our Sterling Eccles Moonstone. .. she is fabulous. Got her to storage and I had forgotten something so had to call back, I thought 'that's a gorgeous van parked over there. ....bloody hell it's ours'. Even with the items out of our old van in it she's so much bigger the cupboards are bare. .lol. ..anyway it's no hardship buying new things! First trip planned for January and then March. X-Trail towed like a dream. Motor mover. ...spooky but great. Oh and an air awning. ..awesome, roll on 2017. ..I'll put some photos on of our trip as can't get any good ones at the minute. Cramlington Caravans were spot on as well. ...happy, happy, happy.
  18. I've just started a book, A-Z which i'm adding sites and trips as we go, with good and bad points and whether we'd go back. Numbered index in the front, haven't added mileage or cost in there, Hopefully it will get a few additions next year.
  19. Thanks blondchaser, Wooler just over an hour away so great idea for a test run, as well as Seahouses and Belford, still deciding. ..lol. ..
  20. OOOO Lozzyf I'd love a one of these. ...let me know what you think of it
  21. OOOO sounds fabulous - have a great time and let us know how you get on. ...
  22. Thanks Tandem Man - let me know what it is like and i might have a visit
  23. Thanks Nogger, yes the hunt has begun, might even venture York way. . Ooooo hope you enjoy Lozzyf. ...hope all goes well. ... Yes they cost an arm and a leg Keefmac. ..I'd better get saving. ..
  24. Thanks Nogger, can't wait, we're going to find a site that's open in the winter, as NO WAY can we wait until March ohhh no. ..
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