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  1. I know what I'm talking about GPS and I know exactly where you are trying to go with this so I will bid you goodnight.
  2. Sorry but with the greatest of respect comparing garden lights with the need to put some juice into a leisure battery is just nonsense, The requirements are way greater.
  3. Your battery needed very little charge to get to 100% because its capacity has been reduced by neglect. Solar needs direct sunlight.
  4. No there isn't BC. But they are now enclosed in the A frame cover.
  5. Kimberley do this by getting you to agree when you leave a van up to about 25 quid ISTR. Low and behold they have spent that on pads for the stabiliser. Next time I will be asking them to ring me before going over the quoted service price.
  6. If the van is under warranty there should be no surprises. The price of the service is fixed.
  7. I don't think which number the service is makes any difference. Unlike cars I don't believe the service cost varies because they do a set number of tasks on a caravan irrespective of which service it is. Car servicing is different.
  8. By far the best solution in this situation is to convert your car to 13 pin. Adaptors do work most of the time but they are just another source of poor connections. If you don't fancy tackling the job yourself any competent tow bar fitter should do the job for around £50 max.
  9. A failure between the connection point and the pump will flood the 'van surely?
  10. I understand it connects to the 'van at the water connection and as such creates pressure on the supply side before the pump. If there is a failure in the pipe work between the water connection and the pump then this is where the potential for flooding the 'van stems from. Happy to be corrected.
  11. The aqua roll system works like a cistern, it's like having somebody keeping your aqua roll topped up. If it fails it will fail outside your 'van and won't flood it.
  12. I was going to ask this, do they not come with a method of pegging down? That would seem a serious omission.
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