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  1. Hi Ian Yeah I know it needed the whole assembly but that's what doesn't fit inside the A frame cover. Cheaper for me to get a mate who's in body repairs to enlarge the cover. Seeing as it's 5 hours each way to Wigan.
  2. The electric outboards are really for trolling. That's moving slowly in the water whilst pulling a fishing lure for predators like Pike or Zander. Electric outboards are no good for sea water as it's way to corrosive. Maybe an old Seagull outboard would suit, they're reasonably light in comparison and are available with a short shaft if required. They can be picked up relatively cheaply from sites like motorboatsandoutboards. co. uk at a good price. The sites worth a good look also as it's stuffed to the gunwales with great boats. Always fancied a Hardy 24 fisher myself, just never liv
  3. I have to agree. Dry it out by wiping round with a few T towels or kitchen roll. Leave it back on vent when you stop.
  4. So as another season draws to an almost end. Apart from this weekend and a week in October and three other wekends it's as good as finished. I thought I'd refresh my thread on my Vanmaster with an update. We only had the 4 week break this year in the van as we went on a villa holiday to Florida with the kids as a nostalgic fortnight and loved almost every minute. The heat was around 95 to 98 and the humidity was up at 92%. It really was unbearable and I will never bother to go there again in the summer. We had such a good time with the kids that we all agreed to spend the May bank holid
  5. Nah you've spoilt it for me now. No point. Shame. Admin comment: This post was the last straw and has caused this thread to be closed. Please adhere to the forum rules.
  6. Another thread lost to you Phil. You win again, you keeping count mate? Admin comment: This post and those that follow have caused this thread to be closed. Please adhere to the forum rules.
  7. Nope, can't be bothered any more. And so it ended. Admin comment: This post and those that follow have caused this thread to be closed. Please adhere to the forum rules.
  8. Positive input would have been to tell me about the nicer sites. That would be of benefit to everyone. What you've done there is hero on the negative. Tell me about the sites you like Phil and why.
  9. I did L'Estartit two years ago just to say we'd been to Spain. It really is a kiss me quick town on the coast. I did however stay for 6 days instead of 4 because we had such a laugh with the Dutch neighbours. We stayed on a site called Campsite Rifort. It was off a roundabout at the top of town and I remember the best fun was that you could park on the beach. Great fun when it became churned up. There was a chicken restaurant in the hills, I think Roses may have been the place, which attracted everyone from miles around. I actually quite liked the place. We ventured south on the coast
  10. You're all missing my point. I'm saying the Brits are generally standoffish in a first meeting/stranger encounter. The French are more forward in their formalities and choose to interact, as it's the culture to be as such. I think we call what we do, reserved. Do you ever do the smaller sites Borussia? Any pointers to a nice one?
  11. I agree John. I mean that people here don't interact in a formal manner with strangers and choose to ignore rather than say hello or good morning etc. I'm not saying they're unfriendly, when I start a conversation out of the blue, they're generally more than happy to join in. What they don't do is the instigating. Stiff upper lip you see. No good to man or beast.
  12. I should add I have all the school holidays off so no chance of out of season deals. That does, however give me two weeks at Easter and six weeks in the summer so I can't complain. I would expect the smaller sites to be in less demand and therefore still have vacancies. Best tell the wife we need to get cracking on booking some pitches.
  13. I'm in my 50's Borussia so no kids to worry about as the youngest has just turned 21. We tend to prefer smaller sites with local or on site restaurant/Bar. I don't speak a word of Spanish so I suppose that's half the fun is trying to communicate. We like to put some miles in doing the exploring thing but don't particularly like religious buildings/artefacts. (He said going to a hugely Roman Catholic country!) We like to soak up the real culture rather than follow the tourist trail insofar as if there's any sign of a kiss me quick hat, we'll move off a bit further into uncharted territory.
  14. Anyway, your "Salon de the" sounds fantastic and obviously had the locals completely smitten. Well done you two for improving Anglo - French relationships. I always feel that I'm made so welcome by the French, no matter what age they are, they treat everyone with a formal respect. This is something you just don't see here. I don't mean now and then, I mean people here never show any courtesy to others. I often do the chivalrous thing to a look of surprise/horror/suspicion. Just shows how unused to it people are over here.
  15. He's old bill. He's never told me but you can tell a mile off. Cynicism is his training coming through. My request was that he made a positive contribution on my threads rather than just ran in with his LR hating drivel. Trolling seems to be too ingrained for him to let it go. He says things to get a reaction, not to add anything of meaning or interest. Back on topic again. France is a great place and the country, the people and the food is wonderful. I'm sorting out where to go next Easter and the following summer. Thinking of going into Spain again but undecided on the actual de
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