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  1. Thanks for all the help folks. Phoning round today, will let you all know how it pans out.
  2. Thanks Wispman. Found a couple taking bookings but not realy suitable. I'll keep looking/phoning!!!!!
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a seasonal pitch for my Lunar Delta RS in the Dorset/Devon border area. Any suggestions please?
  4. Hi folks, Just thought i'd let you all know Misty had it's 1st service yesterday and came away with a clean bill of health i'm pleased to say.
  5. My advice would be don't waste your time/money. Our present van has an island, round ended bed and our previous van a standard cut off bed. I'm 6' 6" and neither beds have posed a problem.
  6. We looked into buying a static and giving up touring, but, as previously stated in this & other posts the pitfalls are numerous. An option you may want to consider is to seasonally pitch your tourer. This is what we did last year and we love it. Just turn up Friday evening, turn on heating & hot water and open the wine lol! Not everyone's cup of tea but it works for us. Just a suggestion.
  7. My brain hurts. ...............................lol
  8. Just an anecdote on this one. As a youngster (the 70's) me & a few mates were up in the highlands doing the folk music scene. During one evening of imbibing a vast quantity of the local ale I mentioned to the pub landlord about the dam midges. He told me to rub a single malt highland whisky into my arms & neck & they'd not bother me---------------and yes, muggins here fell for it!!!!!!
  9. Remember the days when an engine used to have to have a "de-coke" after 50,000 miles? (yep, that's how old i am lol) For those who don't, this involved removing the cylinder head, scraping the build up of carbon deposits off the top of the pistons, removing and re-grinding the vale seats and possibly renewing the valve stem guides. Ah the good old days lol.
  10. Have to say i'm with the "leave it and it will go away" fraternity. Tried many times with those little plugs and gave up on trying to remove them a few years ago.
  11. Well, after a coupla bottles of red, I'm usualy fast asleep in the awning on a summers evening until SWMBO gives me a kick!!!!
  12. Hi Mickrobbo, Just very carefully ease it off with a small screwdriver. It's a clip fitting, no screws.
  13. Thanks for the info folks. Still looking. At the moment it's between another Cadac Carri Cheff or the Campingaz Party Grill 600. The latter being a bit cheaper and having a slightly larger cooking area. It also packs away a bit easier than the cadac. (Had a good look at it in Go Outdoors yeaterday).
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