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  1. We got the pads from Campbell’s Caravans but they are on EBay under Kampa Awning pads I thought of your reply when I looked at my bump stop hook up pad It would have made good pads as you so rightly suggest
  2. We got the pads from Campbell’s Caravans but they are on EBay under Kampa Awning pads @£10 for 8
  3. As a Bailey fan when they were Senators they are now off our list due to the lack of a front locker
  4. We bought our Trinus at the beginning of last season and are very pleased with it It rained in a little at first by the awning rail but a quick call to Campbell's instructed us to unzip the 3 roof beams allowing them to move nearer to the van side and tensioning the awning up before zipping up again We were also advised to purchase a pack of awning pads to insert between the beams and the van side Those 2 changes ensured a dry snug fit The awning required no adjustment or re inflation during our 4 week stay in Brittany
  5. Hope you get fixed up Personally I would not like to try finding a site at that time of night on unfamiliar roads and driving on the right lots of people do stay on the large port car park Not wishing to labour my point but know how harrowing those first drives on the right can be!!
  6. We always stay on the large car park at the ferry terminal when arriving at that time or before a morning crossing back to UK
  7. Good advice We booked for one week last year but extended to four One man’s site is not everyone’s
  8. We go to Brittany most years and have booked mid May to mid June this year We like to do Plymouth -Roscoff and always take the night crossing with cabin This saves on site fees and you set off from Roscoff before 9 am to arrive in Souther Brittany ( Sarzeau) by lunchtime Its a lovely drive Our usual site La Bohat was taken over and is now Cap Fun with wall to wall mobile homes etc Last year we discovered a new site at Sarzeau called Camping La Ferme de Lann Hoedic where they speak English Its less commercialised but not far from the sea in a rural environment We are looking forward to going there again can’t come soon enough!! They have a website www. camping-lannhoedic. fr Hope that helps Camping and Caravan and Motorhome Club run a rally in Brittany at the same time(May June)
  9. Elddis offer up rating of the weight allowance on many models We asked for the updated plate/sticker for our Mistral when new last year and it was waiting at the dealers sent recorded delivery when we collected the van As I had been informed on this forum by Durbanite the Mistral is already at its max so the newly delivered recorded delivery plate is exactly the same as the original They also list reduced weight plates in the brochure
  10. Hi again Thankfully it’s not proved to be a problem and works as described in my previous post Agreed cold air needs to fall which it still does from a highlevel vent fitted in the wardrobe side and from a position nearer to the seating area than our previous roof mounted Dometic T he other 2 vents are angled ulpwars so that the air blown by the blower goes upwards before falling
  11. I have fitted the ducting and its very efficient As in previous post the vent blowing towards the rear can be seen to flutter the pelmet on the toilet window at the rear The high level vent from the wardrobe is very noticeable when sitting at the van table We are both more than pleased and it exceeds expectation by some margin Truma advise against using existing blown air ducting as condensation affects the material of the piping Regards and thanks for your input
  12. I just fitted the Truma Saphir under bed unit and it’s extremely quiet even without the night setting and much quieter than the previous Dometic roof model on the Elddis Mistral it was easy to arrange a high level outlet via the wardrobe The low level vents can be angled upwards and blown air goes upwards before falling At the rear the air from the bed locker vent can be seen fluttering the pelmet over the toilet window
  13. The hinges on the Mistral locker door are not like window fittings and can not come off no matter how wide the door is opened
  14. Just revisited the Aircon consideration and with Leisure Shop 10% New Year discount purchased the Truma Saphir Comfort and fitted it myself following Truma excellent instructions and template It weighs 23kg so not much heavier than the portable unit we used last year One high level outlet via the wardrobe and 2 low level ones from fixed bed base Much quieter than the roof Dometic and has reduced fan speed sleep setting
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