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  1. I have now found a cheaper source of Wraith bolt The Caravan Shop Have purchase 2 bolts for£14.85 including postage
  2. We also have the Kuga from Valencia 2018 Ours has the drop down factory fit tow ball and 13 pin electrics fully wired and everything on the caravan electrics works well Its a pity that the tow bar wiring and stability system doesn’t tell the satnav about not routing the caravan down unsuitable roads !!
  3. My point was that it was a readily available microwave as is the one in our current Elddis and so should be easily obtained
  4. When I had the Senator Morrison’s were selling the same microwave
  5. I thought it was about ease of fitting comparing Alko with Wraith and Nemesis I bought the Wraith because of the difficulty fitting the Alko in tight situations as illustrated from the pic and comments
  6. I use the Milenco square blocks in the same way on site but you can’t see the front of the van in the pic Its only a few feet away from the shed and quite a bit of back and forth needed to get into position Keeps me amused
  7. I do but having to put the Alko wheel on a levelling ramp can make lining up tricky
  8. It makes sense to me with the Wraith At home fitted special bolt high up on wheel and bar fitted a doddle We are away at York and I struggled trying many angles but could not get it to lock Finally removed locking bolt and swapped it for at the top and it fell on with as much as to say “THAT’S THE WAY TO DO IT” Unlike the Alko you can move the receiver
  9. You don’t need a special tool for the Wraith bolt but you do for the Bailey ones
  10. Our 2017 Crusader Mistral had its second service having been trouble free for 2 years from new It has slight damp near one front window and Elddis have authorised repairs under warranty Very pleased with layout and performance but amazed at the bundles of wiring inside and underneath the caravan Gives the impression of a rushed job with no attention to detail
  11. It seems from recent posts that other makers of similar wheel clamps charge even more for one bolt Yet Bailey wheel bolts with the loose collar can be purchased fo £5.99 on EBay
  12. I bought the Wraith this week and enquired about another wheel bolt to give either side fit but was astounded to be told the cost for one special bolt is £13.99
  13. We got the pads from Campbell’s Caravans but they are on EBay under Kampa Awning pads I thought of your reply when I looked at my bump stop hook up pad It would have made good pads as you so rightly suggest
  14. We got the pads from Campbell’s Caravans but they are on EBay under Kampa Awning pads @£10 for 8
  15. As a Bailey fan when they were Senators they are now off our list due to the lack of a front locker
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