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  1. Just back from holiday and new Kampa pump delivered FOC Thank you Kampa
  2. My 9 month old Gale pump died this week Claiming warranty on an eBay purchase proved difficult as they don’t like direct contact with sellers It involved photoing my original eBay purchase and emailing to supplier who says he has to send details to Kampa Being on a 2 week touring holiday drew no response or concern for the customer
  3. In case anyone else has this problem I managed to open the unit by opening the blade and using PVC gloves gripped through/round the opening while twisting and pushing on the release button at the same time
  4. Just trying to give toilet a good clean but unable to turn blade unit to remove as it’s so tight that plastic blade guides are breaking For bade guide read sliding cover guides as instructed on utube video
  5. It would appear so as both dealers quoted as a matter of course £100 without being asked
  6. I was quoted £100 by 2 dealers for a space saver spare without asking I already have the space saver that came with present Kuga and 17 inch alloy which allowing for tyre profile would do as a spare with the 18 inch wheels fitted to the new car if it will fit the bolt spacings
  7. I don’t expect it to be different but the dealer was unsure Makes no difference but it’s full size wheel Its the bolt spacings that are in doubt
  8. Does anyone know if the spare wheel off my 2018 Kuga will fit the new 2020 model Dealer is letting me know!?
  9. That’s a thought In the winter when not needed for towing nylon ties round the flexible cover work well but a nuisance when towing more frequently The factory wiring worked fridge etc really well but no indicator bleeper
  10. I’ve got the electric towbar and it does neeed a hand to to fix and put away it’s really neat but when parked it’s upside down and tow ball covers fill with water making the ball rusty and messy Just decided it’s better without the cover
  11. Just ordered Titanium 190 PS diesel auto so hope they make them!! Its called: 2.0L EcoBlue190PSDiesel They told me its a new engine
  12. Hi XT its while since we both had XTrails regards
  13. I’ve had 3 Kuga diesel cars over several years The latest is the 180bhp auto and tows effortlessly with my 1500kg caravan Went to look at the hybrid petrol electric version new model yesterday liked the car and with all the anti diesel propaganda at the moment was tempted On reading the spec sheet it was a shock to see max tow weight 1200 kg Its CVT auto not the 8 speed version on the diesel so it seems that narrows the choice of a new Kuga to the same engine that I have already but with 10 more BHP
  14. I have now found a cheaper source of Wraith bolt The Caravan Shop Have purchase 2 bolts for£14.85 including postage
  15. We also have the Kuga from Valencia 2018 Ours has the drop down factory fit tow ball and 13 pin electrics fully wired and everything on the caravan electrics works well Its a pity that the tow bar wiring and stability system doesn’t tell the satnav about not routing the caravan down unsuitable roads !!
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