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  1. I cannot read anything about Easyfind satellite system. I have a Comag system and is simple to set up, I started off with a standard LNB, but moved onto the Easyfind system. Have a read of SatGear info, I did not get my system from them, but paid a lot less! https://www.satgear.co.uk/easyfind-explained.
  2. If you put the blame on the Mrs, whats she like at whittling wood. My hitch done with a Dremel, and fine emery tubes as example?
  3. What did you use with the Dremel, I hope NOT a grindstone, which looks like you used, but a fine emery tube in the rubber arbour, that's all that was needed? To late now, use some very fine emery paper to try and get some of the heavy grindstone marks out.
  4. Like a rising Phoenix, Newport Caravans did make a resurrection after Discover. Well done Newport Caravans. I have no connection with Newport Caravans only as customer and it's my nearest dealers, for anything to do with caravans? I hope this new takeover wont go down the Discover route!
  5. I have a Volt Metro LS, it is an eBike. Not cheap, not a lightweight, but its a folder. Volt come standard with an Abus frame lock, I have the extra chain accessory, which makes it Gold standard for insurance purpose's. It has the uprated battery. I use a kryptonite evolution and 15mm cable. I thread the cable through one of the steadies holes loop the eye on to itself so its like a noose, then attach the Abus chain to that. The 'U' lock I secure the front wheel, and forks to the bike frame. When not in use battery, saddle removed. Overnight the bike is folded and in the car. I did look at a Brompton eBike, but the hub is in the front wheel. Not recommended, as you get power front wheel slip also when cornering. I have 2 knee replacements, so cannot take a chance of a tumble.
  6. We have always opted for the extra purchased wrap round seating, where the chest lives in the loft for the duration of ownership of the caravan. If this area is used as a bed, it makes a huge size bed. We usually have 2 birth caravans so this arrangement works for us. We have done this with Bailey, Lunar, Elddis, Eccles, Sprite and Elegance. It works for us? One of the Lunars had an 'L' shaped lounge, so it did not have the traditional chest of draws!
  7. Danny123 If you do go for a Hitch stabalizer. To get the paint off the swan neck, use a Dremel type rotary tool. That's what I use on all of the new hitches I have had over the years, its a lot quicker, than emery paper! Let us know your outcome.
  8. go get an alko hitch. 2 bolts to change it over, a lot less hustle than the old system!
  9. You could go freesat, a portable system in a box for under £100. It is NOT Sky, but all the free to air satellite channels.
  10. Don't waste £200. In settings just don't select shortest and quickest routes. This goes for all satnav's!
  11. I always hitch up the caravan to the car with the ignition turned off. When I plug the caravan into the 13 pin car socket, the ATC goes through its setup configuration, resulting outcome a green led. IMO this means that there is a permanent live supply to the ATC. Then start the car to do the lighting check, and a final look at the LED to see if it's still green, also a check on the fridge to see if it's working on 12v, before setting off!
  12. We will all have to 'batten down the hatches' & lock everything away all 'shipshape and Bristol fashion'.
  13. What has cruising got to do with theft from a caravan site. Had someone pinched the boat. I thought such vessels to be very big not small enough to put on a 80 x 80 pitch!
  14. we have 2 lafuma, and the bags and towels, but they are heavy! We also have 2 high back recliner chairs with clip on foot stool, which are alloy framed. The Lafuma and the high back chairs we purchased on separated French holidays. Lafuma from Le Clerc, in a sale 2 for the UK price of one. The 2 high back's with stool's, from Calais Caravans! UK trip weather dependant, we may take the Lafuma's. Further afield trips the high backs?
  15. As you asked on another thread. Our caravan is going back to the factory. 1. Sink worktop split. (All of the kitchen has to be dismantled) 2. Bulkhead wall divider that is attached to the sink is also split. (sink worktop meets bulkhead) 3. Bathroom wall not plum. when closed bathroom door, door sticks out at top by 20mm (door is not warped) 4. Overhead locker doors wont stay open, over dinette as the surround around the panoramic fouls them from opening. 5. Near & off side blinds, falling off walls (over enthusiastic fitter probably did not set the torque on his battery drill. Self tapping screws pulled out) 6. Take a shower, there's water running across bathroom floor (carpets not used) Dealer is reluctant to do 2 & 3, requested it to go back to factory. Dealer had a go at 6, but it still leaks, also cant do nothing about 4 (design fault)
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