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  1. I have not got a big red, but I have something similar. See the link! http://www. dorema. co. uk/en/sun_canopies/canopy_nice. htm I purchased an extra pole so I have 2 shorter ones and longer ones. It has the advantage that I can arrange it with a vertical side at the front or the back of the caravan to act as a wind break or sun shade, whilst giving cover overhead. I changed the guy ropes over to florescent green ones?
  2. David P

    Tent to Caravan

    As we were Cabanon owners our first awning was an Apache awning. The name that Cabanon used for caravan awnings?
  3. David P

    Steady Feet Pads

    Just done a search on the net and for 8, 200mm x 200mm x 75mm is £24. 99. Ok if you have some hanging about, but I don't.
  4. Hi Anyone have experience with ‘Milenco Stacka corner feet’ & ‘Stacka Jacka pads’. Do they fit heavy duty steadies. Or is there something else on the market. I have the round ones by Milenco, but I am thinking, if I make the decision to change vans, whats the best?
  5. David P

    Tent to Caravan

    Out tent was a Cabanon Montpellier Frame tent, with awning extension. Great tents!
  6. David P

    Tent to Caravan

    We did the same back in 2004. 6 factory fresh caravans, 4 were leakers. Never had a leaking tent?
  7. David P

    Elegance 2019 rear camera

    Hi Can anyone explain how the fitted rear camera works. Visited a dealer today, I asked the question to a sales person and she did not have the answer?
  8. David P

    Vauxhall Amongst The Most Unreliable Cars

    I traded my last Vauxhall (Vectra estate) in for my first Japanese car (Suzuki Grand Vitara). I am now on my 4th Mitsubishi 2 ASX's, 2 Outlanders. This current Outlander has more bells & whistles, than I can blow or ring.
  9. David P

    Alde Radiator Fan

    I said I would put it to the test this last weekend. This is an account? Setting up the caravan (CCMC Broadway), water on board I powered up the Alde system selected 2Kw and Gas, with a temp of 26c, also turned both fans on, also skylights tweaked and all cupboards/lockers open to allow the hot air to circulate and any moisture to escape. (Each fan has its own led indicator isolation switch), then went to Evesham Morrisons to get some food and other essentials . On return the caravan was like toast, turned heating down to 21. 5c, Alde set to 1Kw and gas set to off and that is where it stayed for the duration, when in the caravan! The fan in the bathroom is wired up so it pulls air across the heating matrix. Putting my hand about 4" above the fan and the air flow was hot. The second fan in the dinette area, works the other way and forces air across the matrix and out of the grills. When I internally insulated the wheel arches, I also blocked off the open end of this panel void, so air has no where else to go but out of the grills. It works but I think a 100mm would be better, in this area, as a small amount of condensation found in the morning! Very pleased with the result.
  10. David P

    Alde Radiator Fan

    Yes they work. I am not looking for a forced air flow! But to give the convection effect a little boost. No more noise than a blow are system. In the summer I ran them to give a cooling effect, when we had those hot nights. As I posted we have a side dinette, the table stops the hot air from rising, causing condensation on the window, with the fan running it reduces the condensation. I have thought of fitting a 100mm fan, but I don't think we will keep the caravan much longer (time for a change). will I do it on the next one, properly yes I would. I used a hole saw to cut the holes. I removed the panel and fitted the fans onto the back out of sight. using screws, long enough to go through the 4 holes on each corner, but only long enough to go into the wood, not through it. Then finished off with fan grills on the outside, to stop little fingers. (Grandchildren) It works for my, and I will put it to the test this coming weekend, probably our last outing away for 2018 and maybe this caravan!
  11. David P

    Wind up torch

    I get what you are saying! But it amuses me when you say "when the batteries go your in the dark". You are here asking about a replacement wind up, simply because the winder handle broke. The batteries can be replaced, but the winder handle not🤔 I have a new wind up, in its blister, never used. It's yours free, if you want it, just pm me to sort things out?
  12. David P

    UK caravans VS German..

    When we were thinking of moving from Tents to caravans, we were on our way home and called into Calais Caravans as we did to see what accessories they had on offer! We had a look around the Buerstner range and was hooked, but they don't sell in the UK only Motorhomes. To pick up on Borussia 1900 point, the idea of a fixed bed in the front and no window may be a way forward for UK caravans. No chance of water ingress, at the front end. My parents had a Sprite like it in the 1970's. Out of the 6 caravans we have owned 5 have had wrap round seating, with no chest (stored in loft until we sell caravan). We also had an 'L' shaped lounge, but no one told us where to store the redundant seating, when the bed was made up. We put it in the awning, when we took it or in the car when we did not have the awning. We only had the caravan for 8 months and it had to go. I like the single front window as it lets more light into the caravan, than the 3 windows, but you only get the single window on UK entry models. I think with German vans they are built to last, with not a fast turn around and poor production techniques like UK caravans. Out of the 6 all new caravans we have had, only 2 have been water tight!
  13. David P

    Truma Ultraflow Filter Bypass?

    Just take it out of the push fit fittings. Purchase 1/3m of blue semi ridged water pipe fron caravan dealers, cut to same lenght as filter, including the push fit ends. Insert pipe into fittings and discard filter. We never drink fron caravan supply water, bottled only. I am waiting for the flack to come works for me. You will either have to remove filter over the winter or use a thing to blow all the water out of the pipes to stop freezing. We lost a filter as a result of it freezing, result flooded caravan!
  14. David P

    Electric bikes

    That those that do not know, this is the law as it's seen here in the UK! EAPCs – Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles The Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles – EAPC – (Amendment) Regulations 2015 states that electric bikes that have powered assistance to a maximum of 25 km/h (15. 5 mph) using a motor of no more than 250 Watts (maximum continuous rated power) are considered bicycles and known as EAPCs, or electrically assisted pedal cycles. Therefore type approval is not required. Pedelecs can be used legally without registration, road tax, a driving licence, insurance or the use of a crash helmet. They can be cycled on a cycle path and the rider must obey the laws appertaining to a standard pedal driven bicycle. Specifically: To remain exempt from motor vehicle legislation, an electric bicycle must be fitted with pedals capable of propelling the bike and comply with the following: Power and Speed Maximum (continuous) rated motor power 250W: EN15194 regulations require an electric bike to be capable of delivering 250 watts continuously without the motor being damaged (e. g. overheating). Maximum speed with power assistance 25kmh (15. 5mph in the UK) Throttle control ‘Twist and gos’ – electric bikes manufactured with the capability of being powered by a throttle alone – will require type approval from January 2016. It is considered likely that larger manufacturers will type approve ‘’twist and gos’ before retailing. Where the power of ‘twist and gos’ cuts out at 15. 5mph, they will not be considered motor vehicles in the eyes of the law and will not therefore require registration, tax, insurance and rider licensing. The new law will NOT be backdated so any bikes bought prior to January 2016 will not be affected as ‘grandfather rights’ apply. (This is entirely separate to ‘walk assist mode’ throttles that power the bike to a 6kmh top limit i. e. walking speed, to help you push the bike along, which are not affected by this law update.) Hi I have a Volt Metro LS in black. It wasn’t cheap and I paid the extra for the upgraded battery. The speck for the standard bike/battery would give Mr or Mrs average a range of about 40 miles pending on ride conditions and the riders weight. I opted for the bigger battery, as I am bigger than Mr average and my thinking is I should get about a similar range as the standard battery. It comes with a 2-year warranty, like everything else from China, although the eBike is a British concept! like most manufactured parts these days, time will tell. As I have had 2 total Knee replacements last year, the LS ticks my boxes. The Volt is not light; the LS comes in at 18. 5kg without battery, so if anyone thinking of getting any ebike, try and pick one up first, as you have to be a heavy weight lifter to place it inside the car or motor home. My LS folds up into its bag, I can get it into the back of the Outlander, but it’s a lot easier with 2 because of my knees. I have a conventional bike, that has been made to make friends with the 8-legged types in the shed. As I can’t get my leg over the cross bar, if I could I would have converted it to an eBike. I am looking forward to our France trip in September. The owner of the campsite we are going to is also a keen cyclist. He is English an x pat living and running his campsite in France, we have arranged a few trips out! In the post today has come my Geraint Thomas stickers to put onto my top-box, just to wind up the French LOL!
  15. David P

    E bike insurance

    +1 got the same cover. The Volt range of eBikes come with a factory fitted Abus lock, and part of the deal was I got the chain accessory, that goes with the lock free, making it Gold secured. (But don't mean nothing if they want it they will have it)