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  1. Has the water stopped entering the aquaroll. (Take the top screw off and with a torch, have a look inside) If it has, I don't understand what the noise is. If not, it's either the torbec is not set up to the vertical, or the diaphragm in it is U/S, if this is the case just go to Screwfix and get a new torbec and change it.
  2. Had almost the same experience a year ago! I could have walked away, with an x demo petrol automatic, with all the bells and whistles added, but it was not what I wanted. Only a build to order waiting list, with my trade-in devaluing week by week! So I ended up the another Mitsubishi Outlander diesel. An automatic, which is what I wanted!
  3. I have been using Flogas Gaslights for a long time, back to the BP days! (1 x 5kg, 1 x 10kg). I use a 27mm Truma clip on adaptor, which screws onto a standard LHT pigtail. Look here. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Truma-27mm-Clip-Adaptor-Metal/dp/B071DY5V53/ref=cts_sp_3_vtp Sorry for jumping onto the OP thread
  4. Filled up at local Morrisons yesterday at 124.9. I had a voucher for 5p off/ Ltr, so I was very happy!
  5. I also live in this Green and Pleasant Land as you! I don't have to go that far to find many side roads with grass in the middle , and I am not talking about central reservation of a dual carriageway!
  6. Thanks for the posts. When the bike is with us, and not in use, it is locked with its own lock (standard) also secured through one of the steadies, with it's extension chain and a bike cable. If the vermin want it its gone? I could put it in the car, but I don't want the windows smashed! So I am not taking it, my enjoyment spoilt? I am waiting for some security cables from Amazon as an opportunist deterrent for the waste & water. I also have a UV pen and will mark up accordingly. Have not had this type of concerns for a few years, the last was CMC Cheshire Oaks, when we were there, campers were waking up, without pumps, water and waste water containers.
  7. Not had a Bailey for many years, but have had a number of caravans with Jetstorm Eco head. Last 2 caravans have had Orbit heads, but never come across a restrictor!
  8. You say an inline fuse what size fuse have you got fitted? A 120mm spec fan is rated at voltage: 12V, Current: 0.23A, Input power: 1.44W.
  9. Just booked up this site for a long weekend (family get together). The booking info has a statement attached about cycle theft, was thinking of taking my eBike, as Nene park has good cycling, but have decided not to take it. We have been looking at other forums and post's saying about Aquaroll, Wastemaster, pumps going missing. Or is this just hype! Your thoughts?
  10. On my Tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab A & Galaxy 10.1, it is not done like the link! 1. log into Netflix account. 2. Tap the selected movie series you want. 3. 2/3 down the screen on LHS is a + (my list), A thumb icon (rate), & a down arrow (download). You have to be a subscribe member for this. I have the downloads set to go on the SD card and not use up valuable operating memory?
  11. What we tend to do is download from Netflix when at home onto a tablet SD card, then I mirror the tablet to the TV (both Samsung's, a feature of Samsung products. whats on the tablet is seen on the TV). The Tablet has a sim 6GB, unlimited text/calls, by BT, who own EE!
  12. Hi Nellie Welcome! I live down the road? I told them about Glanusk a couple of weeks ago, it did not go down well here. No fully serviced pitches, the layout and above all the cost! Sorry to be the bringer of bad news. But I hope you will make a go of it. Have a search for New Caravan site Best of luck. Dave P
  13. Welcome Cindy Have a look here, if looking for new & at reasonable cost! https://www.towsure.com/awnings?gclid=COXJ2LC93-ICFUYW0wodOnwEvw
  14. David P

    Van levelling

    I purchased my setup when we started caravanning back in 2004, 15 years of stable support when they are needed. Lasted longer than wet rotting wood, and not put together from pieces of DIY cut off wood scraps. Manufacturers would not make them if they were not designed to do the job!
  15. David P

    Van levelling

    Caravan levelling, it just does my head in. I just don’t get all this slimy wet wood malarkey! I use these and a bubble app on the phone, which is placed on the floor Just the other side of the entrance mat (no carpets) Easy to wash off and dry? Our friends carry lengths of wooden scaffolding boards, for his TA, picks them up and puts them under the bed?????????? At storage (which is tar mac) the caravan on the storage pitch next door has plastic pads as most of us have, but still uses wood, why?????? I just don’t get it! If I ended up at a pitch like the images on this thread, I would go elsewhere! I must be in the minority as there seems to be more slimy wood users, than clean dry plastic users. LOL
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