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  1. 5 x 2ltrs of green purchased today. This should last us what we have booked this season. I have the detergent tabs, will give them a go first! We have never used the toilet for solid waste, but if this is the way forward, self contained will work for us. We are booking fully serviced pitches on adults only sites.
  2. A work Colleague (NHS) came to work this morning and said BF had cancelled his sailing. Portsmouth to Bilbao in 3 weeks time. He is gutted, fully paid up. To get a refund the normal channels apply, so wont see his money for a couple of months. The email states that the decision to cancel, was that of a priority for freight only?
  3. I looked at the Aldi web site before posting this topic and yes you were correct, it was in stock. I went to order yesterday and Nil stock. Thanks Having placed this topic on another forum and having similar replies there and here and also from the same person, I have decided to give the washing tab & conditioner a try. Nothing to loose, very cheep and will let my green fluid last a bit longer, for sites that have septic tanks, that specify the use of such fluid, and hopefully I can get it from Aldi when its in stock or at our local shop!
  4. If I am still here. I think by then if I want to continue this pass time, I will have a Hydrogen propelled Campervan or Tug. Electric not going to work. Today the UK has not got the infrastructure to support electric, the Nation grid just copes with major peaks in demand. Something has to improve, if electric is the way!
  5. Something like this. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Go-Travel-Electric-Mosquito-Killer/dp/B004FQULOK/ref=sr_1_12?adgrpid=53902733940&dchild=1&gclid=CjwKCAjw_-D3BRBIEiwAjVMy7If-39CdFIq7rfK9kGWVFPS0QqZADydnMUWB7Yh_9g4dvw0qQlqn7xoCUO8QAvD_BwE&hvadid=259106562184&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=1007407&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=b&hvrand=8882558539908431873&hvtargid=kwd-303493573333&hydadcr=28182_1821135&keywords=plug-in+mosquito+repellent&qid=1593339011&sr=8-12&tag=googhydr-21 Used to have them years ago before we had a caravan. When we would fly to warmer countries for our annual holiday!
  6. WD40 and certain materials/plastics don't like each other. WD40 is not a lubricant, but a water displacement/release agent. (The last time I looked at it's speck sheet). So be careful of where you spray it. Aldi do a silicon can spray, when they do their specials, for a few £'s.
  7. Hi all seeing that caravan parks are opening up, but without the use of site facilities, (use your own). We have booked a number of fully serviced adults only, commercial and CL's. I have been looking for toilet fluid (Green). Aldi were supposed to have a camping event last Thursday, but not our local. Looked on line, but like hand gel, opportunist price rises. I hate getting ripped off! I have read that others use clothes washing gel sachet's. If this is the case, whats recommended as the best for doing the same as toilet fluid, with a good bouquet, as we have never used the cassette for solid waste?
  8. Don't forget WALES IS STILL IN LOCKDOWN, so unless Mark Drakeford does something fast, a lot of people will be disappointed and possibly fined for breaching Welsh Laws. So stay away until Wales gets the same or similar rules as England and other UK nations!
  9. Thanks for the heads up! Need to stock up. With this new way of touring and no showers or toilet facilities. I did transition over to the green eco fluid, but now we are forced to use the caravan toilet for solid waste, I think a couple of Ltrs of blue is required! We will only book Adults only & CL's that have fully serviced pitches.
  10. +1 My caravan setup works on 12dc, also 240ac. very small and compact receiver, about the size of a VHS tape. (Remember them).
  11. I did say 'as the crow fly's'. From storage to the border at Monmouth it's an actual 19.2 mile on Google maps. Then I have another 30 to go to get to the campsite. England has not opened touring campsites, so its not only MD, but BJ to do both things before it can happen! I understand that this thread has drifted. I believe that if the FO has said NO, any Insurance, VED will be invalid if the rule is broken!
  12. I live in Wales, on the Marches. 5 miles away from Offas Dyke, as the crow fly's, that's the boarder with England. I do hope MD will ease the lockdown on tourism, as our next planned trip is into England, end of July and the trip after that is Pembrokeshire for the Bank Holiday. So I need MD to ease it so I can get out of Wales & to travel to Pembrokeshire. What we are doing is booking Adults only sites or CL's with fully serviced pitches.
  13. All caravans we have had, we opted for wrap around. At time of purchase (forecourt new Caravan) its about £100. Our first caravan, it was not requested at time of purchase and cost us double! If you do take the plunge, you should get a squab, back rest and a matching wooden board to stop the squab from falling down into the void when the slats have been pulled out, have had some caravans that I have had to ask for the board!
  14. I may be wrong, A work college who has a house in of Spain has said. (We are still in work NHS Wales) Our Government has lockdown. so if you disobey our rule, about distance to travel and the rest, you don't have VED or Insurance. So if this is true you are driving illegally. As it Stands here in Wales 5 mile essential trip. Wales is NOT open for tourists!
  15. +1 One whistle kettle fits all gas and electric. When on EHU, the hob, when not Gas.
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