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  1. As the title said ’It’s Your Christmas’, but I beg you all to THINK! Covid 19 is not just a word or a conspiracy theory, it is real, not a joke and a laugh. This is my story; I was 64 the other day. My wife was tested positive on Monday 7th. My son tested positive on Tuesday 8th. I met my wife on my 18th! (Christmas parties and all) My father-in-law who should by 96 on the 20th (if he makes it). I work for the NHS; it could be me that brought it home. The carers who also attend to father-in-law have all had covid over the last 3 to 4 weeks? As I watch this agonizi
  2. I don't use the flat hose, as I found that after a while it perishes along the sides, so I use round hose, that dose not kink and keep it coiled up in a tote bag. Going off topic a bit, for waste I use Colapz, not cheap but a good space saver. I have had the grey pipe and the white sink pipe!
  3. Your setup is like the setup I have. It dose work!
  4. I agree the hose supplied is not very good. I replaced it with food grade hose from amazon. I purchased 2 lengths (10m), some push fit type hozelock fittings & stainless steel jubilee pipe clips.
  5. We also have our caravan in storage. I use one of THESE & one of THESE, also THIS. I have 2 Aquaroll's which I fill up with water at home. Take them to the storage. I have car shampoo sticks which fit into the brush tube. Caravan very clean afterwards. (don't use the brush on the windows)?
  6. Did not go to France last year (medical reasons). Didn't go this year (Obvious reasons). Not going next year (not taking the chance). Hopefully will go 2022, if everything is OK with Brexit & Covid!
  7. If I missed it in above posts. On page 192/3 of owners handbook, there it gives all you need to do to contact swift as a second owner?
  8. Whatever the side effects maybe. I think that it's a better alternative than Death or Long Covid. I hope I am not one of the 10%
  9. My wife has 2 digital hearing aids and our system works for here!
  10. If you clicked on my link, it's all there. I have a number of Avantree products, IMHO Avantree is good, the oldest is over 10 years?
  11. Have a look HERE. I have a number of headphones and ear buds from these. Rich base sounds!
  12. Seen him doing a practice run on Thursday as he passed by the Moon & Mars. LOL Cloudy Friday & Sat?
  13. I walk Covid wards every day I am in work. (NHS) I am NOT in direct contact with patients, but remove devices form wards so they can be cleaned, serviced. All H&S protocols adhered too. All it takes is some common sense, wearing appropriate PPE properly, to keep one's self safe & hopefully out of the reaches of Covid.
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