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  1. Where we live fuel prices are 6p to 10p more expensive. Our local Morrisons hasn't got a fuel stn. As my commute to work is 40miles round trip, I go out of my way an extra 1.5 miles, once a week and fill up at another Morrisons, saving myself, on a top up, once a week. Using my 'More' card to earn points for money off for a Christmas spend. We don't spend £60 in one spend, that often so the extra 10p off won't happen?
  2. David P


    I usually vent the caravan by opening one of the roof vents. Hot air rises taking the moisture with it out through the roof vent. If you have an omni vent and don't mind a little noise, try running it on the lowest extract setting, with the vent slightly open. As we tend to caravan all year, we carry a small ceramic fan heater, this helps with the condensation issue?
  3. You beet me to it. I have 2 of these kits. But you can make your own up if you are DIY savvy!!
  4. Hi I have a TV bracket which swivels. I our current caravan it is mounted on the edge of the bulkhead where the sockets are mounted. This means the sockets can be use with a minimum of effort. The TV is not on the bracket when we are traveling. The TV is a 22" wide screen. If you remove one of the sockets to see how thick the wood veneer is also the thickness of the bulkhead, it can be mounted there. It is sound and secure, held in place by double start SS screws. See attached images of bracket, this shows it mounted in and older caravan we owned! Hope this helps. As you can see from my images. The TV stn is located in the cupboard above the microwave and the leads for the TV pass through a hole in the side of the cupbard. No issues with that Microwave! (Elddis Afinity 530)
  5. David P

    Gas Locker

    Thanks all for your tips. Purchased 2 Flip lid plastic boxes from Asda, works well. Also some Terry clips to hold the wheel brace and steady winder. All fitter last weekend as we were away for a long weekend, fitted between showers! Gas locker now look organised!
  6. David P

    Gas Locker

    Our spare is slung in its Alko mount under the caravan! swift has off set the gas bottle storage area to the near side for 2 bottles, leaving a large area for storage. This is where I want to keep EHU leads (we have 2 ) 4 chocks, 2 Milenco ramps and 8 stacker pads and a slim line watering can for filling up the toilet flush (all plastic), also 1ltr of fluid.
  7. David P

    Gas Locker

    We had a couple of nights at Chatsworth, on the way down from Hull, after picking up the caravan from the Swift factory. There was a fellow camper, doing his cassette chores and had his gas locker open. To say the least, it was laid out military fashion and not like ours. Taking a leaf out of his book, I have ordered some water hose brackets to hang up the EHU lead. Looking for some plastic boxes or baskets, for the chemical bottles, chocks, leveling wedges, stacker pads etc. Any suggestions?
  8. Just go and purchase one of these! Draught stoppa https://www.jaiddesigns.co.uk/ No connection with this company.
  9. When we started caravanning , back in 2004 our tug was a Zafira diesel. At that time the only caravan we could tow and were allowed to purchase was a Bailey 380/2. Dealerships would not sell us any other caravan. (Don't know about private purchase). Not a bad tow car, if you can find a light enough caravan. Perhaps a Swift Basecamp, or the new Bailey Discovery or even a Freedom, they are all ultra lightweights and may be available as a towable caravan for the Zafira.
  10. I thought this is a Hitch Lock, for an Al-Ko hitch!
  11. I have one of these. It works well as our caravan is in storage and there is no wash facility. I have 2 30Ltr water containers, but you could use your aqua roll as a water source! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Portable-Pressure-Cleaning-%EF%BC%8CGardening-Camping/dp/B017EA7C8G
  12. You don't say what your android device is or what make TV you have. We are also Android users, both phone and tablet. The phones, TV & tablets are all Samsung. I can tether the phones or tablet to the TV and watch whatever is downloaded from Netflix, via Bluetooth.
  13. I use a brass y piece to fit onto the site tap. This has valves on each part of the y. We don't have to remove the hozelock to get water from site tap? I also have plastic hozelock fittings, and have in the past had leaks. So thinking to go to metal instead of plastic may cure the drip problem. I don't have the answer. But my personal experience is hozelock are better than the cheaper all brass sets you can get in the supermarket.
  14. We change caravans every 3 years or so, also cars. We like them when we have them, but a new model new experience, same with the cars!
  15. Just finished modifying the fully serviced kit I purchased new off eBay. It had a Crystal fitting on the end, so that was removed & a Truma trigger fitted. On the end of the trigger I fitted a Hozelock pro connector (metal one), I also fitted 2 pro’s, one on each end of the waterline pipe. I also made up a Floe system so I can blow down the residual water. A piece of hose, a hozelock fitting and a tyre Schrader valve stem, at each end of the hose. Tested at 2.5 bar (1.5bar above Floe’s recommended working pressure) I have a Ring compressor so can set the cut off pressure, so no problems with over pressurising the water system in the caravan! I have an Aquaroll/Torbeck valve system, but having just the hose layout saves room (No Aquaroll). If a pipe comes off the water system, within the caravan, both systems will have the same result. In the habit of isolating the water at source is the answer, when away from the caravan or overnight!
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