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  1. Wispman Fully agree with you! I also enjoy cycling, having been a competitor in the British Mountain Bike Championships for a number of years, I understand. Having had 2 knee replacements, (I ride an EBike). But I still don't get this TV recording thing, when out in the caravan?
  2. I take on board what you say. As our latest caravan has Swift Command system. Which comes first the heating timer on the Command or the heating control on the Alde heating. Easter Weekend our first weekend after handover, I set both up to replicate each other, it work. But there is something niggling with me as which one overrides?
  3. Sorry for OP switch. Have I missed something here or not! When away in the caravan the last thing on earth, I would want to do is record a TV program. That’s done on the home Humax PVR! (2 cables feeding it) When away I can think of loads to do than watch TV. Don’t get me wrong I have all the toys, portable Satellite system. Samsung 22” Smart TV. Acer home theatre PC, with 2TB external HD. At home I download all I want to watch from Netflix & Prime onto the HD. I also have a Solwise Patriot system, to give me the best Wi-Fi connection possible. I don’t watch much TV as I am mostly on here (not this website), but when I do watch TV, its usually, weather, news, or some live event! Seeing we are all Samsung orientated (phones, tablets) which connect to the TV via blue tooth, the Acer home theatre is connected to the TV, satellite connected to the PC. This ticks our boxes for whatever we want to watch.
  4. This may help. https://www.wikihow.com/Reduce-PDF-File-Size
  5. This may not be your problem, but if you have night time mode active, do you have to have day mode active as well? Looks like night mode ends, then there is nothing to for it to kick it back in? as you said you set night mode to end at 09:00, then nothing because you have not asked it to operate in day mode. I don't know if you can only operate in night mode only?
  6. No our New Elegance the shower head has a push button switch at the base of the head handle. I have not tried it. But I think you set up the temperature of the water by the lever for the shower, then turn it on & off, via this button, when you do the wet, soap, rinse routine. Not having to alter the lever position to control the on off? Going to a fully serviced, adults only on Thursday, so will give it a go! It's something like this?
  7. Google maps do it, but the downloaded map expirers after a short time. The app I use was free and not like AutoRoute, that I had purchased in the past!
  8. I phones charge at a different voltage than Android, (don't know about windows phone). I have a dual USB 3 pin mains adaptor at home one side marked up as I phone the other Android. If I plug the android into the I phone port, the phone or Tablet (Samsung Android). The phone or tablet, tells me, that its plug into a low voltage charger and use the correct supplied one? This may be similar to your problem, the I phone dose not like the higher voltage, and shuts down its charging circuit.?
  9. Had the text and the apology, both went in the delete bin!
  10. It's all down to how you have the GPS set up. If its setup to shortest or quickest routes a GPS will take you virtually along any grass tracks. I have been there and done it and learned the hard way. In the end you are the decider, do I take the turning or not. For the last 4 cars we have owned, which have built in dash GPS's and I wont pay £120 for map updates, so my route is planned with military type planning. An up to date Michelin road map, a print out from Google maps and use the GPS as a backup. It works for us. Trying something new this Easter away weekend, off line route mapping. Plan your route at home on line, down load it, in my case a Samsung Galaxy tab 7, using the map app, with the download route off line!
  11. Our simple solution goes like this! We regularly use a small CL type campsite in the Loire, which only has 6 amp supply. Electric kettle stays in cupboard and the hob kettle (Gas) comes out. Fridge is on Gas. (electric cant cope very good with the heat) Hot water Alde set to 1 KW and set to duel supply (gas /electric) Works for us. Did not trip electricity supply, on last years trip. (Caravan shower used everyday)
  12. On every caravan we have owned, we have always purchased the wrap around seating extra. The chest lives in the loft (until we sell the caravan).
  13. Hi I have purchased and fitted one of these. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00WMMDMG8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Not easiest thing to fit?
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