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  1. We have had 2 Mitsubishi Outlanders, our current tug is an L200 Barbarian X series 6, with all the bells and whistles. It will tow 3.5t with 3 axil's , 3.1t with twin axil, with 0.6t payload in the pickup. Fed up with putting the seats down in the Outlanders, to accommodate our equipment, so decided on a truck. Carpeted pickup area, lockable tailgate, weather proofed, lift up, hard top tonneau cover, to take all the equipment including eBike (folder), satellite dish & tripod, chairs, loungers, aquaroll, waste, awning, table & anything else we can fit in? Should have taken own
  2. Aldi Black Streak remover. It works for me & not overly expensive.
  3. Have a look at this. If I am correct, I can just make out a grub screw at the back in your image. easy way to get over this is to purchase a 19mm nut and bolt, tighten then up together, cut of the excess threads, that will make up an adaptor, if you cannot remove the sleeve?
  4. We also have one (260), so impressed with it, we purchased a Sunncamp Toldo (260), we only have a small 2 berth caravan? I understand that the Toldo can have the front & sides removed, but it does not give the protection as good as the canopy, when stripped down. Both are very light and if wet can be put over the washing line to dry when home! good prices at https://www.leisureoutlet.com/, only contact as a customer.
  5. It's not the card that is stopping, but the way the points system works. Hopefully Morrisons will follow Tesco, when you purchase certain items, when you present your card at checkout you get a discount price. Along with the 10% club discount, hopefully it won't be a chocolate teapot. Sorry for going off topic. Back on track! This NHS app I think is only for England, as here in Wales the Welsh app is different?
  6. Our vaccination card, is a bit on the large size, owing to the fact it is in Welsh & English. So I did the same as OP took 2 pictures of it, front & back as your name is on one side and the records of the 2 vaccines are on the other! As my phone is taken mostly everywhere and is Android based. Google exchanges everything across all my PC platforms, that run Google. As things are now getting more app based, i think a photo on your phone is as good as using Morrisons more card app!
  7. We have done a 5 night. Got two 3 night to come and our main 11 night, this is for starters.
  8. Insured with CMC, AL-KO hitch lock, two x Bulldog EuroClamp Sold Secure, two x TORPEDO Full Stop, Purpleline, Corner Steady Leg Lock's. This set up satisfies CMC insurance. We are not on a Glod Cassoa storage, and the caravan is insured in excess of £25k. Works for me! If they want it its gone, no matter what precautions you have in place?
  9. We have had both, current caravan Alde heating. pro's & con's. Blow air is fast to heat up, Alde slower! Both do their job, so it is your choice?
  10. When we purchased our swift (my19), it came standard with a rear facing camera and a viewing screen. I mount our screen on a large suction phone holder, placed on the passenger side of the wind screen and NOT in the wiper sweep area, as this area is an illegal zone to mount anything. The number of GPS's I see in this zone is asking for trouble.
  11. David P


    Hi Cant help with the Electric vehicle. I have owned an MG3 as my commute. I had a Mitsubishi Outlander as a tug but just changed it for a Barbarian X L200, before Mitsubishi disappear from the UK & Europe, this September. My dealership trades Mitsubishi, SsangYong & MG. For the build MG are Ok, up with Vauxhall, Ford and the likes. What set them above in my case was at the time of purchase was 0% finance over 5 years, 5 year warranty, 5 year servicing plan. for me it was a no brainer? I purchased the Outlander and financed the MG. It will be 3 years old , next month. In
  12. I work for the NHS, my office windows look over the A40, here in Wales every 5 minutes there was an average of 3 or more caravans, motorhomes, going both east or west?
  13. We have booked a CL for September it is £38/Night. Next years prices are published £40/Night. This is what you get for your money. Adults only, fully Serviced, Toilet, Shower.
  14. Nothing changed for myself. I am still working, don't retire until 2022, (that's is if I want too). So I have been to work every day, except for holidays and Covid isolation days. I work for the NHS. So why are site's upping their prices (Greed). I have heard that there is a VAT reduction on certain establishments, if this is the case, why is it not passed on?
  15. We have a Whale Pump EP1642, a bit expensive, but a lot better than the supplied Truma one, that came with the caravan. I am with KnausCol on this one.
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