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  1. David P

    Electric Bikes which one etc.

    My Volt Metro LS, is no bone shaker! It has shocks up front, suspension seat post, no match for my stumpjumper, but I am no longer capable of riding it, due to my condition! So my low step works for me?
  2. David P

    Teppanyaki electric grill

    Would not be without one. We have 2 at home, small and large, also a large one permanantly in the caravan. Best of both worlds, a Cadac 2 cook, which is gas, and the Teppanyaki. I don't have to use my gas I have purchased, use site electricity. Before you all start shouting, same as using electric kettle or the electric hob plate.
  3. David P

    Electric Bikes which one etc.

    Nice ride. I assume the battery slides out of the bottom of the down tube? Can it then be charged or does the bike need to be taken to the electrical supply? I would go with the Kevlar tyres, if you have tubes get some slime or tubes with slime, that's what I have! No good for me as it has a cross bar! But I do like it, not over the top £. Our local cycle shop has a Trek in the window £6. 5k, down from £7250 I would by a motor bike?
  4. David P

    Electric Bikes which one etc.

    Looked at Halfords and a Brompton, both had front electric hub's, so ended up with the Volt, and very happy with it, 11 months on!
  5. David P

    Electric Bikes which one etc.

    My Volt Metro LS is similar to Glens Freego. It is UK, EU spec and totally legal to ride in the UK and the EU. I was not a cheap purchase, after the battery upgrade and the dual on/off road tyres. A good website is. https://www. pedelecs. co. uk/ (I have nothing to do with it apart from being a user!) It will give you all the information to whats legal and to whats not, with the current legislation? happy hunting, the Volt is my second eBike, the first was an import that got recalled, because it had a 400w motor? I have this style as I have 2 artificial knees and find it hard to get over the cross bar of my Specialized Stumpjumper?
  6. David P

    Number of questions on abroad

    Durbanite Changed the car's last June, new MG3 as a commute and a new Outlander automatic as the Tug. so that's narrowed it down!, but like yourself and Glen & les, you will have to hang on until next Month?
  7. David P

    Number of questions on abroad

    regarding the OP post, we have not booked nothing. Waiting for the out come of Brexit? There has been enough comments on here, needing secondary driving licences, medical cover, just a few of the multitude of what if's. I wonder how we managed before the common market days, when we wanted to go abroad? Deal or no deal, we as a country voted to leave and leave we will. Picking up the new toy next month, but I am on the short list for further surgery, when it happens I will be incapacitated for several weeks. Looking to take our annual trip at the end of August into September. Hopefully by then Brexit will be ironed out. If not a couple of weeks here in the UK?
  8. I am not saying the op's Karcher op3 example is a good choice, but there are loads of other examples out there! As our storage does not have any washing facilities, I have one of these. The Blue Stone-Pressure-Electric-Self-priming-Gardening portable 12v hose kit From Amazon Also 2 x 45ltr jacks (you could use your aqua roll) and an alloy telescopic pole and brush. The pump plugs into the caravan 12v system in the battery box or the car. I mounted the pump on a small plastic cutting board, with some nylon string onto the board handle, which loops around the water jack cap, and hangs on the side of the jack. Works for us!
  9. David P

    A security warning .

    Only thing to say is don't stop overnight in aires. We have had an anual holiday in France, for many years and have never used an aire! The holiday is planned that if an overnight is required, it's on a campsite, with a barrier. (I know it won't stop it, but gives me piece of mind.) In this case, the free nights stop at the aire, cost the price of the replacement lock, which may have been avoided, if a campsite was used?
  10. David P

    Petrol smell in caravan

    Briarfilds do have long stays? As I said we visit at least 4+ times a year. Have been going there since 2005. Most of our caravans have come from Golden Castel Caravans. Briarfields was introduced to as as a free night, when we purchased our first caravan from them. Until a couple of years ago, it was a family campsite, but now adults only. Although the owners are young with a young family. Off topic sorry!
  11. David P

    Petrol smell in caravan

    Hi just picked up this thread as away in the USA! I assume you are on Briarfields (we use it a lot). If it's not resolved go ask Scott, the owner or his Dad, if Scott is not around. They have a caravan themselves. I am sure he would oblige. I think that Carbon Monoxide has no smell or taste, thats why its refrenced as the 'silent killer'
  12. David P

    Best Credit Card for use abroad?

    I am writing this in the USA! it's working for us. (Walking around in shorts & t shirt)🙂
  13. David P

    Hello from Leighton Buzzard!

    Welcome PlanetHg. Get your head round caravanning. France is the place to go. Our son was a paraglider training instructor. We have done Annecy and Millau. Fantastic flying venues?
  14. David P

    Rear view cameras

    Durbanite I think you are correct. Even if you have a dash cam, the screen needs to turn itself off? This is taken from the Nextbase (Dashcam) website. "Video playback upon the device which is visible to the driver is prohibited or restricted in some countries or States. Please adhere to these laws". My Outlander came fully loaded with 360deg cameras, select reverse and the entertainment system changes into a split screen. LHS shows a 360 view with the car in the middle, the LHS shows a rear view and the tow ball (when fitted)
  15. David P

    Caravan Connect

    I have the same router but not a rocket, it failed to launch, LOL so I have the bigger one and yes it does work. 2 android phones, 1 tablet, 1 Kindle & one Windows micro PC, all at the same time?