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  1. We have never used the water system for drinking water, Kettle is filled from site mains. Bottled water for teeth cleaning and drinking! I have experienced a freeze leak problem in our last caravan, it had a water filter, this froze splitting the housing, dumping half an aqua roll of water inside the caravan, on our first trip out after the winter storage. Mod removed filter housing. We have a Floe unit, but it did not stop the problem.
  2. They are designed to do so as said by AndyK159, if it's causing you a problem pull the fly screen over if fitted this will defuse the draught!
  3. Just found a topic on this forum. Towball Drop Plate And Its Uses. What If It Were A Lift Plate? By philavan, April 27, 2012 in Towcar Talk. I only wanted to know 'why'
  4. I have not got the answer you want. Witter do 2 types of detachable fittings, the one like you & I have, also a flanged version. I don't know any dimensions, but what you need to work out is it any difference in height of the 'swan'. Never fitted one, but if you have a flanged type there is a plate you can fit to adjust the height of the ball! https://www.towsure.com/towball-drop-plate-3-inch
  5. Have you tried the reset. See page 12. AS above post by Brecon, read page 5! I have 2 Nextbase cams, one forward looking ( windscreen and NOT in the swept zone, also one looking rear out of the back window). Both are set to automatically turn the screens off when in motion, they have the ability to do this in their settings. Both are hard wired from the fuse box, not the 12v sockets. Also stickers notifying that there is dash cam's recording! So I think I have covered everything to comply with UK law and some EU states, but not all!
  6. Ring RAC635, I also use it with my home made type Floe system, set to 1bar/15psi, works a treat, for this and tyres, but not for any high volume equipment such as air beds?
  7. We have never been into large size caravans. We have had an Alpine 4, but nothing bigger. What works for us is the option on wrap around seating. You remove the chest of draws and replace it with seating. This has its advantages, as you don't have to sleep side to side, but front to back, not keeping the unlucky one stuck on the inside, if the loo is needed in the night. If you can afford the extra, its a bonus. It works for us.
  8. We stayed at La Ravoire at Doussard, before the pool upgrade. Have not been back to see the improvements, but its on the list of do's. For me a plus is the cycle way, which runs at the back of the campsite, so you can cycle all the way to Annecy, without any worries of motor vehicles!
  9. I have flitted through these replies' so apologies if my reply has been covered. Apart from our first caravan (we have had 7), they have had extra weight plates fitted, when we placed the order for each one. All FOC, what one has to consider is that if the caravan is plated with the extra weight plate, this is also logged on the Criss document, but also it is additional weight added to the MAM, so anyone with the new licence weight restrictions (3.5t), may be very close or even over the 3.5t limit. Taken from. https://www.gov.uk/towing-with-car Licences issued from 1 January 1997 If you passed your car driving test on or after 1 January 1997 you can: drive a car or van up to 3,500kg maximum authorised mass (MAM) towing a trailer of up to 750kg MAM tow a trailer over 750kg MAM as long as the combined MAM of the trailer and towing vehicle is no more than 3,500kg For example our Elegance is now plated at 1.5t, so anyone with post 1997 licence cant have a tug, with a MAM grater than 2t. So finding the ideal outfit can be a challenge!
  10. Where we live fuel prices are 6p to 10p more expensive. Our local Morrisons hasn't got a fuel stn. As my commute to work is 40miles round trip, I go out of my way an extra 1.5 miles, once a week and fill up at another Morrisons, saving myself, on a top up, once a week. Using my 'More' card to earn points for money off for a Christmas spend. We don't spend £60 in one spend, that often so the extra 10p off won't happen?
  11. David P


    I usually vent the caravan by opening one of the roof vents. Hot air rises taking the moisture with it out through the roof vent. If you have an omni vent and don't mind a little noise, try running it on the lowest extract setting, with the vent slightly open. As we tend to caravan all year, we carry a small ceramic fan heater, this helps with the condensation issue?
  12. You beet me to it. I have 2 of these kits. But you can make your own up if you are DIY savvy!!
  13. Hi I have a TV bracket which swivels. I our current caravan it is mounted on the edge of the bulkhead where the sockets are mounted. This means the sockets can be use with a minimum of effort. The TV is not on the bracket when we are traveling. The TV is a 22" wide screen. If you remove one of the sockets to see how thick the wood veneer is also the thickness of the bulkhead, it can be mounted there. It is sound and secure, held in place by double start SS screws. See attached images of bracket, this shows it mounted in and older caravan we owned! Hope this helps. As you can see from my images. The TV stn is located in the cupboard above the microwave and the leads for the TV pass through a hole in the side of the cupbard. No issues with that Microwave! (Elddis Afinity 530)
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