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  1. Since Covid Started, we tend to use fully serviced adults only C/L's or adults only commercial sites. (just come back from an adults only commercial, this weekend). You tend to get the older type visitor's, that do say Hi and pass the time of day. Even the young couple in a Lunar Stellar on the pitch next to us said Hi, even with their phones permanently attached to a hand?
  2. You simply are not doing it correctly. Only ever happened to me once! Never again. Today returned to storage from a long W/E near Welshpool. No problem s at all? When uncoupling, just don't do anything with the fitting, after detachment. If you have a placement on the A frame cover to put the 13 pin socket, just place it there and don't turn it.
  3. To be honest, I don't think so. This covid is so prevalent in it's mutation, we will have another Greek letter to contend with, by then! Personally I think this virus will be with us forever unfortunately. We will have to live and adapt with it, just as we do with its cousin the Flu, look at the statistics on how many lives the Flu takes per year? We like you, tend to go to France in September, but not last or this year, lets see what next year brings.
  4. I was just posting an example? The Wife and I made the decision last year, not to go to France this year, because of the pandemic with the swift swings in policy making. I don't need to go, so why put myself into this situation. Government are advising you not to go, so unless you must go, because of a valid reason, I don't see the need. My colleague needed to go, as he has his own place up in the mountains in Spain and as he had not been out there for a year, he needed to drive, to take stuff out there, meaning he has to go through France, as the tunnel was booked and paid for, for a trip, back last year. His choice, now he will have to isolate on his return. Unfortunately not being paid.
  5. I clean the one on our caravan the same time as I give the roof it's annual wash!
  6. David P

    On loan

    A few years ago, we did the same for our daughter, son in law and grand child. So that they could see if they enjoyed the caravan life. Only damage was to the toilet cassette, but easily fixed? They now have their own carravan?
  7. My work colleague drove to Spain via the tunnel a week last Friday. Before he went he had to book a Lateral flow test 24hrs before departure. He also had to book via the NHS a PCR test which will be waiting for him on his return, isolate for 48hrs while waiting the test results. This was before Boris changed the goal posts, for France from amber to amber+, meaning he will have to self isolate for 10 days, on his return. I may be wrong, but I suppose someone on here will put my reply in order if it is wrong.
  8. Totally agree. I work for the NHS.
  9. Do you honestly think it will be over for next year? For us it's fully serviced adults only CL's
  10. For Us living in Wales it does not make sense to tow all the way to Kent for a 30 min tunnel trip or an hrs ferry crossing, then to drive all the way back across France. Wales to Poole or Portsmouth, then to Normandy, down to Le Mans, then off to wherever you are in the Loire.
  11. On ours the road light fuse box is on the back of the gas bulkhead, under the seats, on the near side. MY Swift Elegance 480
  12. As long as everyone has proof of the double vaccine on whatever (NHS app don't work in Wales, waiting for a Welsh update). And keep the required distance (diffrent to England) & you wear your masks, until told otherwise, you are all welcome. More revenue, better for the Welsh economy 😀. £ spent investing in Wales not € if you could go to France? Mr Plodd Lucky daughter ( Powys Castle).
  13. Mr Plod You can call it Israel, if you want. I call It home (Have you ever visited, not Israel!) For our main holiday of 2021, if we are not in a 3rd lockdown by then, we are going to Gods affiliated land of Anglesey. (Listening to our 1st minister Mr Drakeford, Staycation, Staycation) France, perhaps next year or 2023?
  14. We used to have two toll's (M4) to get into Gods given land, but it is now free for all and everyone. For all those that can't go to France, because of the France + issue, your welcome to come to my Green & Pleasant land, but don't forget to abide with the rules?
  15. When we tend to go south, its motorways and toll's, expensive yes, time consuming no. Cruse control on a set speed, only off at congested traffic times and toll's. Always vigilant for the 'swoopers'. As I said expensive, but you build this into the total cost of your holiday. Fuel, Toll's, Time (I still work, but pensionable date is approaching). On the other hand we do go to the Loire, to a site about 30min drive from Saumur. (Not telling as it's a gem of a site). To get there we go via 'A' roads and not use any motorway, only when its a peripheric, like around Le Mans, then its free. This holiday takes the ferry from Portsmouth to Caen, or Poole to Cherbourg, then drive down, admiring the sites. It's a thing of horses for courses, long hall, motorways, not so long a leisurely drive, keeping vigilant of your speed, as the police tend to hide in bushes with their hand held speed guns?
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