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  1. As AndyK159 said, but Whale also do a pump version EP1642. I have just purchased one!
  2. David P

    Gas Level

    Been using this type of bottle for years, when they were BP Gaslight's. Better still B&M with garden centre's stock them. (You can see the gas level)
  3. Hi just returned home from a 8 night stay at a CMC site Canaston Oaks CL, near Narberth South West Wales (A4075). EUH, 1 Shower, 1 Toilet. 1 Chemical waste point, 2 fresh water points.TV good, Mobile good (BT). Hard standing, but not level (you will need levelers, of some sorts). 3 ponds no fishing, grass Kept to high standard. At time of visit very peaceful and relaxed? The only confusing thing was CMC website states Adults Only, on the blurb at toilet /shower block quotes Adult only, but at the discretion of the management! There were young people on site with family members, ages over 10? It did not bother us, but may bother others! Would we return, Yes!
  4. I have been using colapz for a while, also the colapz connection set up (better than the hard pipe versions). I thought that over time it will split, either by over stressing it when you extend, not saying that's what's happened, but it is corrugated plastic tubing? Seen it happen loads, been in engineering some 48 years. It is what it is corrugated pipe?
  5. Instead of drilling holes. Get a jar lid remover. I have one, with a rubber band. the band goes around the leg then inserts itself into the handle, you just push the handle clockwise or anti clock wise.
  6. Swift do it to their Basecamp range!
  7. Next base 312GW, I have 2 in the Outlander & 2 in the MG3, forward and rear facing. Wired from the fuse box, not from the 12 vdc sockets. Sandisk cards in all 4. Been working fine apart for 2 windscreen attachments, which failed and have been replaced with clones from eBay. Get some 3M adhesive disc's, they wont fall off in hot weather!
  8. We have a 480 Swift Elegance, just purchased a 260, when the door is fully open, measuring from the edge of the open door, as the hinges are on the RHS with a tape measure to the front side window equates to 3m. So for us a 260 will fit and not cover cover any windows. So get the tape out and measure. Also its not an inflatable one! (we are old farts)
  9. Don't forget Wales have different Covid rules in place, than England! Have a great break, my country is wonderful, but as I live here, like anywhere you take it for granted.
  10. I work for NHS Wales. The protocol is 2m apart, only 2 in a lift at anyone time wearing face mask also wearing face mask on non infected covid wards. Full PPE otherwise. When we go away next weekend (England), we are fully loaded, disposable masks (£5.99 x 10 Aldi) & gloves (poundland x 10), also Black Amazon masks (reusable) that take inserted filters. Other half and I at this moment are covid clear, so masks are only to stop us giving any cold or covid to someone else. It makes me chuckle when I see people out with marigold gloves Gaffa taped to their long sleeve tops. As Posted on another thread, it's me who has the short straw for all waste! I do take precautions? As hinchy said 2nd wave, I think he is talking sense?
  11. I have used the ridged white domestic pipe from Wicks. The kitchen sink size fits inside the bath size pipe. As said above, not my idea but got it from Caravan Chronicles. I now use the Colapz system (sold on Amazon) I have the 8 piece set, which expands to 8m. It all fits into one small tote bag (supplied), I think it is better than having lengths of white pipe either in the caravan or gas locker and a bag of push fit fittings.
  12. A B&M with a garden centre also stock the plastic Flogas bottles. I exchanged a bottle just when lockdown started.
  13. 5 x 2ltrs of green purchased today. This should last us what we have booked this season. I have the detergent tabs, will give them a go first! We have never used the toilet for solid waste, but if this is the way forward, self contained will work for us. We are booking fully serviced pitches on adults only sites.
  14. A work Colleague (NHS) came to work this morning and said BF had cancelled his sailing. Portsmouth to Bilbao in 3 weeks time. He is gutted, fully paid up. To get a refund the normal channels apply, so wont see his money for a couple of months. The email states that the decision to cancel, was that of a priority for freight only?
  15. I looked at the Aldi web site before posting this topic and yes you were correct, it was in stock. I went to order yesterday and Nil stock. Thanks Having placed this topic on another forum and having similar replies there and here and also from the same person, I have decided to give the washing tab & conditioner a try. Nothing to loose, very cheep and will let my green fluid last a bit longer, for sites that have septic tanks, that specify the use of such fluid, and hopefully I can get it from Aldi when its in stock or at our local shop!
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