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  1. Picked up the van yesterday and asked the question of the dealer. They say the bottles are over the chassis for strength within the locker and the weight distribution being central. So decided they are staying where they are. Steve.
  2. Yes know what you mean, is it capability or lack of, of the locker floor or overall stability I don't know. Think I may ask Elddis next week and/or the dealer when I take final delivery.
  3. Thanks Ian, yes we used very little gas as we tended to use 5 van sites with electric with the last van and assume the same pattern with the new van, collection week after next. Cheers Steve
  4. Hi Ian, on average once a year.... I did wounder if the outer๏ปฟ edges / corners would take the weight. The straps screw to the bulk head, I presume simple to unscrew and repostion, the brackets on the floor are screwed to the floor (were on the 16 if memory servers me correctly) assume as I have not seen it yet, they are on the 19. Thanks all, Cheers Steve.
  5. Any thoughts on the moving of the gas bottles from the centre of front locker to the outer edges, thus making the storage of the other bits and bobs (BBQ, Wash Bucket etc) easier? It looks an easy enough job, the existing flexible gas pipes will reach with no alterations, but wondered if there are any constraints to consider, weight distribution or locker floor capability of supporting the bottles weight when not directly above the chassis so on and so forthโ€ฆ. Thanks Steve
  6. We had a 2016 Cruiser and that had a 240v socket in the nearside front locker along with an aerial socket, we are soon to take delivery of a 2019 Cruiser and I am led to believe that is exactly the same, open the locker and they are on the left hand side.
  7. I appreciate this is off topic, but how do you find that bit of information please? Is there a stamp or plate on the axle or is it defined elsewhere? Thanks.
  8. The 8' wide twin axle Buccy's are max 150kg nose weight and my Crusier has a gross weight (I can't recall acronym) of 2000kg. So yes they are max 150kg and to be honest I struggle to keep mine on or just below it.
  9. Thanks all. I am the proud owner of a tin of brake cleaner ๐Ÿ˜Š sad I know, but I now await the next move this coming weekend to use in anger so to speak. My hitch is not exactly the same as that one, it also has two indicators one is the pads apparantly I know the other indicates it is locked on the ball, so all is good ๐Ÿ˜Š thank you for the input.
  10. Thanks everyone brake cleaner here I come ๐Ÿ˜Š I should have guessed it would be that simple otherwise why would pouring a small amount of water on it cure it. When we picked her up we did around 50 miles and it started to grown on tight bends for a few miles. Then stopped and not been heard since until the other day on every slight direction change and bump. Again many thanks ๐Ÿ‘ Steve
  11. Just looked through did not find a thread on this. Sorry if duplicated. Hi suddenly the hitch sounds like it is ripping the back of the car off. It is emanating from the BPW friction pads. Someone suggested dropping a small amount of water over the hitch whilst still hitched, wow no noise for the rest of the journey. Visual check of the pads at the destination seems to be just a metal disk x2 that clamps the tow ball, one at front and one rear of the ball. Any thoughts on why it would suddenly start? How do I know when the pads need changing please?
  12. May be a British phenomenon. We have the Protec option on our 8' Buccy never had any other make. 18 months old now used regularly I think it's easy to fit and piece mind re the windows when on the road. But each to their own ๐Ÿ˜Š
  13. Andy, fully agree with that. But getting much happier towing the van now ๐Ÿ˜Š
  14. HGV 100% personal use now. From my perspective: in comparison the caravan is wider than the tractor unit (wide loads excluded) caravans tend to be more responsive to camber changes, the caravan is more twitchy (I spent a while looking for the right word and still have found it, but that will do) generally just little things like that.
  15. Oh yes I was one with post office telephone's as well mid 70's for me. I had a licence but they still taught me to drive full bulkhead panel vans and the the array of accessories you mention, oh memories. Unless I missed it the point being made was the dealer can highlight your failings, especially when they do know what they are talking about. I agree at the end of the day it is your licence. Steve
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