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  1. At the first service of my 2019 VIP 575, a reading of 30% was taken in exactly the same place, lower off side wall behind the toilet in the bathroom. The dealer reminded me that the bodywork has a 10 year guarantee for water ingress and they were happy to monitor the area but were lothe to disturb anything at present. At the second service the reading has dropped to 15%, but the van had hardly been used due to lockdown. I'm monitoring the situation closely with my newly purchased damp meter!
  2. My caravan port has a roof which prevents the solar panel from working when the 'van is stored. Advice came from my dealer when I had an overcharging issue when I first bought the 'van.
  3. My 2019 VIP 595 is stored in my garden. Every two or three weeks I plug it into 240 volts for about three days for the ‘van’s charger to top up the battery. I am advised I should remove the battery a couple of times a year and connect to a smart charger for a full charge. I have no problem with doing this but what does the smart charger give the battery that the ‘van’s own charger doesn’t?
  4. Is anyone using a dehumidifier in their caravan during the winter lay up? is it necessary? If so, which one do folk find most effective?
  5. I am considering the possible purchase of the new Coachman Lusso! All 1950kgs of it (plus the need to sell the house, wife and kids to buy it!) I drive a 2019 Seat Tarraco 190 bhp, which is four wheel drive and can tow up to 2,300kgs (braked), which I would prefer not to have to sell. However the 85% rule for this car is a couple of hundred kgs lower than the 1950kgs of the Lusso. I have been towing caravans for nearly 40 years and consider myself to be a very safe and experienced driver and caravan 'tower' but have always stuck to the 85% rule. The Lusso is twin axle and should therefore inspire more secure and confidence-inspiring towing manners? Thoughts please would be much appreciated.
  6. I have endless problems trying to find stations on the Pioneer radio in my 2019 VIP 575. So to get round this problem I connect the radio to my iPhone via the USB port and stream stations from BBC Sounds. Now that too has stopped and I get an error message ‘CHECK USB’. I have tried using a different USB cable but still no good? Any advice welcome!
  7. I have recently topped up the Alde heating tank on my 2019 VIP 575 with Alde Glycol. Topped up to the maximum mark when the handbook says it should have been topped up to one centimetre above the minimum mark when the system is cold. Is this now a problem when the heating goes on and the fluid expands and probably goes above the maximum mark? Is there an overflow for excess fluid?
  8. I had a slow puncture in my 2019 VIP 575. I got a mobile tyre fitter to come out and sort it out. New valve and a reseal. Got talking to the fitter about tyre age and how the advice is that caravan tyres should be changed between five to seven years old. He checked the info on the tyre wall and told me the tyres on my 'van were three years old. I bought the 'van new 14 months ago. So, is it five to seven years from new or from when they are fitted to the 'van?
  9. So, I checked the damp area after weeks of no rain and mostly sunshine. I still got a reading of 25 from an area of about 9 inches square at the bottom of the wall to the right of the toilet in my rear bathroom. Rest of the wall is reading about 10. The dealer was perfectly supportive in reminding me of the 10 year water ingress/damp guarantee. However, he was wary about disturbing the area too soon in the quest to find the problem. Is that a reasonable position to take? The question is how long should I leave it before I say to the dealer, "Ok, now deal with it?"
  10. What is the weight of the car in Kgs?
  11. Thanks guys! Have ordered the suggested meter and will keep the area closely monitored!
  12. So, the update. The NCC Approved technician took a reading of 40 of the damp area when he serviced the van. His advice was to take the 'van back to the dealer for action. I took it to the dealer who said they could get a reading of no more than 25. They did however confirm that any reading over 15 should be monitored. The dealer said that there should be an obvious outward sign of damp on a reading of 40. The NCC technician said there was a tide mark. The dealer could find no tide mark. The dealer reminded me that there is a 10 year bodywork guarantee on a new Coachman and they were happy for me to pop into the dealership when I was passing and they would monitor the area closely. Should I be happy with this advice?
  13. My 2019 VIP 575 has just had its first service and damp was found in the lower offside wall. The technician believes damp has got in through the awning channel. It is now booked in with the dealer to have the damp sorted out. This is my eighth ‘van in nearly 40 years of caravanning and this is the first time I have had damp in any of my ‘vans. It is so disappointing when you buy a new ‘van for a significant amount of money and damp is found when it is only 12 months old!
  14. So I have trickle charged the battery to full charge using the caravan charger. 12.9 volts. The charge is not secure because it was trickle charged and it went down to 12.0 in one week. 50% discharged. I have now removed the battery and it is getting a deep charge from my mains charger. So the big test will be when the charger indicates the battery is full and it is returned to the caravan. Will it hold its charge!
  15. So I contacted Customer Service for this battery PLATINUM AGM PLUS LEISURE BATTERY 12V 100AH. The one year old battery had become discharged and when I put it on a full charge with a dedicated battery charger, the charger failed to remain on charge. When I put this to the technical dept of Platinum batteries, they suggested that because the battery was heavily discharged, the battery charger was having difficulty 'finding something to get hold of.' They suggested that I put the battery back onto the caravan's own trickle charger and get the voltage up. They regard a battery as significantly discharged when it gets below 11.5V. When at least that voltage is achieved via the caravan trickle , remove the battery and give it a deep charge from a dedicated charger. So I am about to give the battery the deep charge and we'll see if it at last holds the charge.
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