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  1. juice1955

    Seasonal pitching

    We’ve stored and pitched at the same site for coming on 3 years now. Suits us as we don’t tow. Cheaper than seasonal pitch.
  2. juice1955

    Good bye Adria

    So we finally bit the bullet and have part exed our Altea Severn for a different van with a layout that will definitely suit us better. There were niggly problems throughout our 3 years and we could see further issues returning so made the move to a newer van. Not an Adria so we will see how good / bad this one turns out to be.
  3. juice1955

    Decal replacement

    Any ideas as to where to get replacement decals to match.
  4. juice1955

    Decal replacement

    Hi guys and girls How easy is it to source and affix new decals and any tips please as to the best method of removal.
  5. juice1955

    Problem caravan

    I have an Adria which if you listened to all the Adria owners on here is the best thing on two wheels this side of the Pecos but within one year I had major damp incursion interspersed with numerous niggly repairs not one year has passed without something needing doing. The latest is a problem with the pull down sink which has developed a leak from the plug into the closed in cabinet behind it duly sealed repaired but subsequently followed up with a leaking tap. The design of this washroom may look space age but is unfortunately prone to problems that a mere diyer cannot fix!
  6. juice1955

    Washroom Cleaning

    Plastic I think
  7. Hi guys hope you can advise please in our Adria washroom there has been some tar like marks left behind after some stones were deposited in there. Any suggestions as to the best cleaner?
  8. juice1955

    Leak from pull down sink

    Dealer is fixing what he says is a common fault with the pull down sink design luckily still in warranty
  9. Hi everyone just in middle of couple of days break in Dorset and suddenly noticed water coming out of the shower room after we had drained the pull down sink was fine at first so bit of a mystery. Anyone else had this happen?
  10. Not familiar with the Adora Baddon sounds a real pain tbf.
  11. Tbh I don't have an issue with this it's all part of the experience getting down and dirty I guess if you're getting on a bit and the old knees have gone then this would be a trial but then so would a few things we have to do when setting up etc
  12. juice1955

    Adria Severn 542Dk 2015

    I don't know of any models whether foreign or U. K. made that don't experience snagging from new. I suppose it's just a question of scale our van has had a few minor niggles and one serious one all of which have or will be sorted by our dealer.
  13. juice1955

    Adria Severn 542Dk 2015

    Strangely no issues experienced with the battery locker all snags were with the internal cupboards
  14. juice1955

    Adria Severn 542Dk 2015

    Update spoke to Ben at Adria UK and he has confirmed that they will honour warranty repairs on the mirror as long as they happen in the first two years. Dealer has been informed of this so hopefully all sorted.
  15. juice1955

    Adria Severn 542Dk 2015

    Hi BradleyWiggins yes I followed your progress re purchase etc of the Isonzo it looks a lovely van and compared to our Severn the bathroom is big enough. The annoying thing for us is the attitude of the dealer who is telling us Adria don't want to know. I'm not so sure and I'm going to check with Adria after this weekend to get their take on this.