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  1. As a Unicorn 4 owner I’d be interested in knowing what your serious concerns were. We’ve no issues with ours.
  2. Where are you? Haven’t Caravantech got a van for you? I’ve always found them a good company to deal with.
  3. The main issue was failing axles. It’s a well known issue posted on here. Make sure if the axle hasn’t been replaced it is checked for wheel arch clearance otherwise you are looking at around £1000 to replace/repair. otherwise S3 Unicorns are great vans.
  4. Have you contacted your dealer? When we had a van from Webbs in Salisbury I used to email a photo to them. They would put in a warranty claim and send us the part if they thought I could fit it. This avoided a long return trip. Sadly they no longer sell new Caravans.
  5. We have a 2018 Cabrera with a water wizard fitted tank! It’s fully electronically controlled with solenoid valves and is now in its 3rd van. Made by Capricorn controls in Banbury. A twin axle for us is too long, too heavy and excluded from several continental campsites. We like the layout, slide the bed back during the day. The layout works for us. If you can cope with the size and weight of the Pamplona then the main difference apart from the onboard tank is you get more room in washroom area. And a bigger fridge.
  6. Use the IKEA chopping boards. Cheap and easily replaced. You can dishwasher them at home.
  7. We have a U4 Cabrera. First, it doesn’t have a wall at the foot of the bed unlike previous models. I am 6’0” and have no problems. We retract the bed during the day to give more space. We love our Cabrera, it works well for us. We had over two months away in Jan / Feb last year with good sleep.
  8. The point I was making was that as Caravantech mentioned even surface cracks are very rare with modern construction. We’ve towed our Bailey Alutech caravans to the top of Norway and the bottom of Spain without any issues. That’s not mentioning the road surfaces in the UK.
  9. Pp18, we are talking about a 11year old van here, not current construction.
  10. The drop holes aren’t for ventilation, they are to allow gas to escape if you have a leak. Gas ( propane or butane) are heavier than air. The ventilation grills are to ensure no build up of co2 or in worst case co. May be worth contacting Freedom caravans and see what they say.
  11. Does it not work at all, not work on elec, not work on gas? More info would help
  12. One of our led reading lights caused the fuse to blow even when switched off! 2018 U4 Cabrera, not the usb charger lights. Light replaced under warranty and ok since.
  13. Hi Amanda. Is it the lock/latch or the split door latch? Sometimes the lock part can move left or right if it’s not been tightened properly in the factory.
  14. Exactly, was it serviced prior to the sixth birthday? This warranty expiry cutoff is not just for caravans, it covers most things. Was a damp test done before expiry? All common sense things.
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