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  1. In fact it is not extremely common, just that you hear on the forum from those who have had the problem. We had a Unicorn with the unmodified strap but didn’t have any problems. The van was stored outside and was used all year round in every type of weather. Presumably you saved quite a bit of money by not buying from a dealer and knew the warranty conditions had not been met when you bought it.
  2. Just to let you know I’ve just sent some more data about this issue to Alde so they can pass it on to Alde Sweden. I agree, a very good company to deal with. Always very helpful and interested if you do have a problem.
  3. Are you talking about the van temp remaining at 21 or the value shown when you press the menu button? and is it a 3010 or 3020? on the 3020 colour panel the moon icon goes green when night mode is active.
  4. Yes, it’s 2018 onwards, or if you are unlucky enough to need a new control panel!
  5. Does anyone use Night Mode on a 2018 or later van with 3020 boiler? Trying to get info re a problem we have when night mode ends. There is a thread on the Heating section of the forum. **Topics Merged* - no need to duplicate topics.
  6. Alde still investigating the issue with Sweden but no resolution yet. If there’s anyone else out there who uses Night mode please post on here or on Robs thread in the Heating section.
  7. A quick update on the Leaving night mode issue. A visit to Alde hasn’t resolved the problem and I’ve provided more info for them. They have been very helpful and are communicating with the person responsible for the controller software. I’ll post again if there’s any change.
  8. Most of the damp issues were common to both Pegasus and Unicorns, if you search the forum you will find them. The main differences between the two ranges are Alde heating and Unicorns generally include things which are chargeable options on Pegasus. We have a Unicorn 4 which we’ve towed to the south of Spain, about 1300 miles each way and have no build quality issues.
  9. As far as I know, 4x4 vehicles, being off road types, like the Sorento are excluded from the towball heights. This was certainly the case when I had a problem with the towball on my Nissan Pathfinder was too high leading to unstable towing.
  10. Have you checked your nose weight? The Honda CRV had softish rear suspension and we changed to a XC60 because of that. I’m surprised your Sorento has a problem.
  11. If you turn your pump up to max, can you hear the fluid sloshing about in the header tank? If you can’t it’s likely the pump itself. You could try dropping the nose of the van while it’s running which often frees any air locks.
  12. To Alde the problem is not a lack of emitters but the fact that in the smoothing period the temp of the fluid is not raised. Our two previous caravans fitted with Alde heating didn’t have the smoothing period, heated continually after night mode ended. If we ran on both gas and say 2kw electric, the time to heat up is obviously shortened but only after the wasted smoothing period when basically nothing happens to warm up the van. The result of the first 2.5 mins of the smoothing period is that the fluid temperature actually drops with the introduction of cold fluid from the emitters. Then the pump is switched off before the fluid temp recovers. This is then repeated another 2 times. This can easily be verified from the services option in the control panel. On manual control the system has no problem keeping the caravan up to temp no matter what the outside temperature
  13. Hi Fred the system doesn’t reduce the heat input noticeably when it’s approaching the required temp, it’s that it doesn’t heat up at all when the van is cold having come out of night mode. Yes we could circumvent the issue but this so called smoothing period of 30 mins does nothing to raise the temp of the van.
  14. To Alde the best way to dissipate heat in a heating system is to circulate the fluid round the radiators. This does not now happen as the pump stops after 2.5 mins in this so called smoothing period. This circulation would introduce cold fluid from the cold pipe work and radiators thus dropping the boiler temperature. The system should then increase the heat input. Most heating systems have an operational temp of 50 - 60 c for efficient heat transfer by the emitters. This is why we find the new approach difficult to understand
  15. I’ve had the same response from Alde. I wonder if this has ever been tested in real life conditions? This morning, 30 mins after night mode had ended our van temp was 13.5. Night mode temp is 12c but I don’t know what the exact van temp was when night mode ended. Outside temp was 4c so I would expect it to have been 13c. 30 mins later the van temp was 18.5 using gas. Nothing that needs “smoothing out”.
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