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  1. You may find this is more than you think. As far as I know Alutech caravan awning rails are an integral part of the side fixing mechanism and not a separate screw on fixing.
  2. robhar I’ve checked out your post and my times/results are identical to yours. I see you are in contact with Alde as well so fingers crossed they’ll come up with a fix.
  3. And fully charged should show 12.8v after settling overnight. That’s unconnected of course.
  4. Thanks for the info. We are booked in to Alde on 28th May, the earliest slot they had so unless a miracle happens there won’t be any updates from me till then.
  5. Ok guys , here’s my problem. First off it’s a 3020he in a Unicorn 4. ive always used night mode in a similar way to Matelot Dave, night starts at 10pm and ends at 07:00. This is our third van with Alde and we’ve always used night mode. New van and thought a few times when I woke up the van was colder than expected. Finally spotted that the pump wasn’t running even though no longer in night mode and van temp well below required temp. Using a dashcam (don’t ask) I’ve discovered that at 7 am, system comes out of night mode, reverts to bright panel and switches pump on. 2.65 mins later, pump goes off for 5.33 mins even though not reached required temp. This is repeated another 3 times when the pump continues to be on till required temperature reached. So 4 cycles of on/off lasting about 30 mins. Has anyone else noticed this.ive been in contact with Alde who suggested replacing the control panel which was done by our dealer under warranty. This unfortunately didn’t solve it. Same with factory reset of panel and boiler. We are now booked in to Alde for them to have a look but wondered if it’s just our van or whether anyone else has the problem. Thanks in advance.
  6. Does anyone use Night mode on their Alde system. I’m having a problem and want some info.
  7. Get him to send you a photo. The name is on the side.
  8. We’ve got Isabella, Dorema and Kampa awnings and have never had to have the bead changed. Have you tried running the wheel arch cover for example through to check it’s clear? Does your Magnum have a double bead and Fixon 2 pads? The pad changing may not be necessary and has nothing to do with the awning rail just the distance between the beads.
  9. It’s called an “awning rail spreader tool” and is available on eBay or most dealers
  10. Contact Whale tomorrow. You’ll find they are extremely helpful.
  11. Did you buy privately or from a dealer? If the latter get them to sort it.
  12. It does. But I’d ring the supplier first just in case! Just had a look on the Alko site that Silverback posted and I’d give them a call so you can confirm it’s correct.
  13. Our 2018 Cabrera has a button. And is red and black.
  14. We had a U3 Valencia and couldn’t decide between U4 Vigo and Cabrera. In the end chose Cabrera because a (small) weight upgrade was available. Over 9 weeks away in it so far and are still very pleased with it. No issues with build quality. Obviously things aren’t the same as the U3 but that’s the same whenever you change. Alde heating seems more efficient, pull out bed works for us. Pushed back during the day. Some find small knobs on kitchen drawers difficult, you can add handles if you want. Miss the front shelf but you soon adapt.
  15. Ajgalaxy I don’t know why you keep going on about additional radiator. This was Unicorn 2 and I’d say the majority of owners found the washroom warm enough. Adding the radiator was in addition to the heated towel rail and subsequent Unicorns had the radiator fitted. Personally, I’d never buy a van without Alde heating having had it, it’s quiet, efficient and heats the whole van evenly. We caravan all year round and last year went to Nordkapp. Even in June we woke to 2” snow but didn’t realise until we opened the blinds as we were warm inside.
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