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  1. This is link to article about buyer https://www.lep.co.uk/business/buyer-found-for-preston-company-lunar-caravans-1-9921084
  2. Would be interested in a set of the unicorn bathroom cupboard Perspex guards. .
  3. Money now been refunded, must have been hectic at CC office this week, thanks to all concerned.
  4. Next year's National is at Belvoir Castle at normal Spring Bank Holiday weekend. Caravan Club been busy trying their best to notify all affected, had an email on Monday, and a text message and 1st class letter yesterday.
  5. The following has just been posted on the Club Together forum on CC site "As some of you have already heard today The Club has announced that this year’s National at Eastnor Castle has been cancelled due to the heavy rainfall we have been experiencing over the last few weeks, which has resulted in the site being waterlogged. The essential infrastructure for the event was due to start this week, but it is virtually impossible for vehicles to move around on site, let alone the heavy commercial vehicles needed to deliver marquees and generators. This has come as a huge disappointment to all of us at The Club. I know the events team personally and I have been so impressed with all the hard work, effort and dedication they have put into The National. As you can imagine they are so disappointed (as are we all) at the news that we could no longer proceed with The National, but unfortunately this decision was unavoidable. Ro and the web team will be posting up detailed information on Monday morning on the website about refunds for The National as well as some advice on other alternatives for places to stay as well as contacting all members directly. I know already today we have heard from a number of centres informing us of space on their rallies over the Jubilee weekend so once we have this information together we will share it. Can we ask at this time you do not call or email The Club as the team will be extremely busy contacting members and processing the cancellations. The website will give you as much information as we can and we will be in touch with everyone who has made booking. May I just thank you all for your support during this difficult time. I am heartened to see you already helping one another with some great alternatives, one of the great benefits of a community like Club Together. Keep those ideas coming in."
  6. If you look at the Caravan Club website and click on the National link, all details have been removed. I was initially told by a friend in another centre whose chairman had been notified. If you look at the Yorkshire Dale centre website, there is a newsflash about it, along with several posts on the Club Together forum on the CC website.
  7. The Caravan Club national rally due to be held at Eastnor Castle over the Jubilee holiday weekend has been cancelled due to waterlogged site. This means many families now looking to go somewhere for the weekend and most sites already fully booked.
  8. Look forward to borrowing off you sometime soon!!
  9. We've seen a TV bracket fitted to new Buccaneer caravans, which is very neat ie pulls out and swivels so that it can be seen in either lounge or bedroom area. Does anyone know where these can be purchased separately as considering fitting to our van. Thanks in advance.
  10. Luckily no one was hurt, the caravan was moving when it happened, they used recovery to get van home, and dealer is visiting them at home on Monday. Don't know any more details till then.
  11. It was the first time out with their van so don't know but don't think they would have checked the torque (why should they). Only spoken by telephone once so not had full details but think it was the bolts that sheared.
  12. Believe this is the same instance as that reported by Andrew of Accrington, but friends of mine lost a wheel today on their Unicorn Madrid, they can't contact Baileys until after the weekend as they shut at lunchtime on Friday. Have read today on Caravan Times website that Baileys have said they have no other instances since the original statement last weekend but this shows otherwise.
  13. We have an IDM4 Intruder Alarm System fitted to our caravan. When disarmed, there is a bleep approx every 60 - 90 seconds. I don't think there are any lights displaying at this time. We have reset the factory settings and are still getting the noise. We have checked battery life and is fully charged. Has anyone any suggestions as to what the problem may be. Thanks.
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