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  1. Buy 2 aquarols.....after many years of Caravanning with 1 aquarol, refilling either by using a smaller top up container or taking the aquarol to the water point. This year we’ve purchased a 2nd Aquarol and have found it to be much more convenient in being able to always have a full aquarol and able to choose to refill the empty aquarol at a convenient time.
  2. It might be worth adding this addition to the list, as I know somebody that drove away after hitching up the caravan, forgetting that they had placed the motor mover remote on the A frame, later realising but too late. Stowe the “motor mover remote” somewhere safe.
  3. Yes it’s the portable toilet often seen in fields, this is mentioned as the toilet facility provided. That was going to be my last resort option, but as they had stated that there would be a chemical disposal point, I was really hoping to use it. The latest reply from event organiser is they are going to try and find out more details about the supposed chemical disposal point. I’ve also asked about the ‘rubbish / waste’ bins, as they are also ‘missing’, unsurprisingly somebody has started to litter the field because they couldn’t find any bins..... All of which could have been avoided if the ‘organisers ‘ (or non organisers in this instance) couldn’t sort out basic amenities whilst happy to take £36 for 2 nights.
  4. I’ve emailed twice, no answer.... tomorrow I will go and see them if I can find them to ask for ‘directions ‘ as to where they would like me to empty the toilet cassette and it’s contents (1s & 2s)
  5. Staying at basic campsite within grounds of private country estate, campsite letter stated that there would be a chemical disposal point. There doesn’t appear to be one! Very disappointed as we have used our Caravan toilet for our 2 day stay. Toilet cassette is almost full , so was expecting to empty our toilet. Does a basic campsite have a legal requirement to provide chemical disposal point? Field with ‘water tank’ (gravity feed from agricultural looking tank / not mains / not pumped - certainly not drinking water) 1 chemical toile kiosk This is what they stated in the letter / email offering camping facilities. “If you would like to camp for one or two nights you are able to do so at the fixed fee of £***+Vat. Facilities are simply running water, toilet and drainage for chemicals. There are no electric hook ups or showers available.”
  6. Thanks, that is very useful to know. I still ponder as to how the drawer came to be in that state but glad that it was a simple adjustment rather than something broken. The fact is that this ‘appeared’ after the caravan had been serviced in April!
  7. We've had our Bailey Pursuit 550/4 since new ( April 2015 ) and have this summer noticed that the kitchen drawer appeared to have dropped on one side, looking like somebody had rested all their weight on the drawer and stressed / bent the metal runner, leaving the drawing lopsided and almost touching the surrounding cabinet on the right hand side. It hadn't always been like that, as we could see in previous photos that we had taken. I assumed perhaps that we had inadvertently knocked or put too much weight on the drawer and caused this problem? Today, I have taken a look to see about removing the drawer to try fixing this. On closer inspection I could see that there are 2 small plastic catches on the rear of the 'wooden' drawer front, that can be 'pressed' upwards and the front of the kitchen drawer releases and detaches itself from the drawer. ...This allowed a clear unobstructed view of the drawer and its runners. ..all looked ok? On checking the now detached drawer and looking at the white plastic fixing attachments on both sides, there is a small white plastic threaded bolt with a round top. .....noting that this was threaded I concluded that this must provide some adjustment to the 'fit' of the drawer front. .... I made a few turns on the plastic threaded bolt, on the side that was 'almost touching' the cabinet when the drawer was closed, refitted the drawer front and 'hey presto' the drawer fir was almost fixed. ..so I removed the drawer front, turned the white plastic threaded bolt a couple of more turns, refitted and now it looks like new. Needless to say I'm realy pleased that it was an easy fix and there had been NO damage whatsoever to the drawer runners, fixings or screws!! I had wondered when and how that could have happened? Looking through my photos from inside the caravan, the kitchen drawer looked perfect in Oct 2017. ...last time it was used before 2018 season The caravan went into Bailey dealership for its 3rd annual service in April this year. .... We had noticed the problem in May, thinking that we may have accidentally damaged the kitchen drawer runners whilst away in the caravan. Now its fixed with an 'adjustment' of 4 full turns of the white plastic bolt on the rear of the drawer front. .. How the 'wonky' drawer front had occurred between Oct 2017 and May 2018 when the caravan had been 'out of use' other than its visit to the 'caravan dealer' for its annual service. To conclude, it's worth knowing about the 'adjustment' that can be made with the white plastic bolts on the reverse of the kitchen drawer front if you ever notice a wonky kitchen drawer.
  8. We had one of those, on first outing, after 2 days, the top seam where the roof material joins the awning bead started to separate. The weather was fairly calm. Also, one of the large air beams was twisted and would not straighten. Lost confidence in the build quality and returned awning to Norwich Camping and Leisure, who were very helpful, full refund given and purchased a replacement awning. The Vango Varkalla II 430 Air Awning was our 2nd 'air awning' in 3 years. .. first was a Kampa Rally Air Pro, used several times over 2 year period, withstood some really strong gales on a cliff top camp site that we visit regularly in September / October. Downside was the weight of pulling the awning onto awning rail. Kampa was very robust, good quality, sold after 2 years use. ..like new. We have now reverted to a poled awning, a Dorema Quattro 430 with 28mm steel poles.
  9. Here's an update on this issue. The service manager demonstrated to us that the cassette door could be closed with only 1 of the 2 catches holding the door shut, as a result although the door looked like it was properly closed, this could result in the door not sealing correctly. He showed us that the door latch mechanism would / should operate a small latch on the top left and right sides of the door. He had come across 'faulty doors' that when closed, the door was not being held properly and this is when the door seal leaks. This was fixed with a new door + new seal when the caravan went for its first annual service at the Bailey dealership. This latch mechanism is also fitted to other doors, so we are now more vigilant and careful when closing any of the doors to ensure that the door is properly closed. The damp report on both 2016 and 2017 record 'no damp' with all moisture readings being normal. We have had almost 100 nights away in our van without any further problems.
  10. I still have receipt, the Lock was purchase 27 April 2016, fitted to caravan and only removed when van was on tow. We use caravan regular through spring and summer, after our late June 2 week caravan break, the Lock was perfect, when we were preparing for our end of year break at the end of September the paint was blistered and rusty metal was present. Alko have declined to provide any support, very poor show on the grounds of 'Brand Reputation ' ! Thee dealership however, Jacksons of Old Arley have made a generous offer to provide a replacement (not Alko) but a Stronghold Sold Secure Gold insurance approved Hitch Lock, with a 2 year guarantee. When I was looking for an alternative Hitch Lock, viewing the 2016 product catalogue for Sold Secure tested products, I didn't see the Alko Hitch Lock?
  11. Thanks for the replies, I was hoping that Alko would see sense and replace the lock as it is only ever either on the caravan or in an Alko Wheel Lock bag during transit from home to site. We use the caravan in April for 2 weeks, May for 2 weeks, June 2 weeks and September 2 weeks and I only noticed this when getting van ready for September trip and was quite annoyed to see the paint blistered and rust appearing on the 'high grade steel' body of the Alko Hitch lock.
  12. Whilst getting the caravan ready for a holiday break, I noticed that there were signs of blistering paint and rust on the Alko Hitch Lock. As it was only 18 months old I contacted the retailer (Jacksons of Old Arley) about the rust and blistering paintwork, they asked me to send photos and they would contact Alko. To my dismay the reply from Alko was that it is out of the 1 year guarantee and as such they refuse to replace the Hitchlock. Has anybody else had their Alko hitch lock go rusty after 1 year?
  13. WGO


    I would advise you check the Thetford toilet cassette compartment. We have our caravan parked in our driveway and check the interior of the van each week, 1 week ago I found a small trail of water on the washroom floor, clean water, which if I hadn't been checking the moisture trap that sits in the shower cubicle, I would most likely have missed. This source of the water was found to be the towel cassette compartment, the base of which was full of water. ....approx 1 litre or so. The water appears to be leaking in passed the toilet door seal. Our van is 10 month old Bailey Pursuit and is off to the dealers on Tuesday for warranty inspection / report. Check your toilet compartment, remove the toilet cassette and check all recesses in the base of the toilet compartment. Check carefully has its easy to miss seeing the clear water when taking a quick glance.
  14. When i checked to see if it was the door, using jug to pour water just above, the door appears fully closed and the feel of the door feels like the catches are working and the door feels secure. The door is definitely the water entry point, hopefully, the Bailey service centre will be able to identify its the door/door seal and fix this and hopefully the water leak hasn't reached the caravan floor
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