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  1. Hi does anyone on here use a kia sportage 1.6 turbo for towing. If so whats it like and are you better to get the AWD version. Thank you.
  2. Hi does anyone use a kia sportage 1.6 turbo to tow with,if so whats it like and are you better with awd. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi I know you can buy the toilet door handles for my bailey ranger 510/4 from bailey but they are £20 plus for one. Has anyone fitted different ones and where did you get them.
  4. Thank yous for your advice much appreciated.
  5. Thinking of buying an elan 280 air awning. Anyone got one and what are they like and what extras do i need if getting one. Thank you.
  6. Thank you. Thats what i meant.
  7. What size socket do i need for stabilizers on a 2008 bailey ranger. Thank you.
  8. Thanks for all your replies. In future expect to lose money,if not over the moon.
  9. I f you pay for a pitch up front,and you can't tow your caravan on day you are to arrive, can you get a refund if you pay by credit card. Say it is to windy to tow that day. Thank you.
  10. Hi I have a 2008 ranger series 5 510-4 and i would like to know what amp of fuse do i put in the beige 230v spur switch. The switch is for the truma ultrastore water heater. thank you in advance.
  11. I have the 2. 0 l petrol cx5. The 2. 0 isn't as good as the 2. 2 diesel for towing but i had a lot of bother with diesel in my oil as i only do short journeys. So i got the petrol and it's been great.
  12. Just about 18 month ago the shower tray was replaced in my 2008 baily ranger. The guy who put the new one in took out all the shower walls to fit the tray. Now the back plastic wall is coming away. Any ideas on how to fix and best way to put back on ie glue or double sided tape. and what sealent to use after fixing it back on again. Cheers.
  13. Thank yous all for your time and wisdom. Happy camping.
  14. So if i buy a satellite dish can i connect it straight to my tv or do i need a box of some kind.
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