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  1. Brave in the extreme https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-sussex-51444109/storm-ciara-hastings-lifeboat-battles-through-waves
  2. Must have been another make because I never drove one of those.
  3. I have driven a lorry although can't remember what is was that the hand brake was like a railway signal box leaver and to apply you had to pull it back and forth two or three times to get it to bite, then to release there was a button on top which you had to bang with the palm of your hand whilst pulling back the lever.
  4. A very happy and healthy Christmas and new year to one and all.
  5. Honest Johns website states Volvo V90 D5 Road Test Fri, 01 Jul 2016 Book a Test Drive Get Deals Main Report Prices/Specifications Engine/Transmission Dimensions Performance Overall length: 4936mm Overall width (including mirrors): 2019mm Overall width (excluding mirrors): 1890mm Overall height: 1475mm Wheelbase: 2941mm Kerb weight: 1833-2100kg Minimum ground clearance: 153mm Luggage space: 560 litres Luggage space with rear seat backs folded: 1526 litres Turning Circle: 11.4-11.8m Max tow weight, braked: 1800kg, 2100kg (with optional TOWKIT pack) Tank capacity: 55 litres (D4), 60 litres (D5, T6) But check you VIN plate.
  6. I'm also with LV and until the last renewal had never thought about it but this time I did and told them and low and behold mine went down as well,, I wonder if I've lost out over the years!
  7. Kids today don't know how much fun we had back then freezing our nuts off as we scraped the ice off the inside of the windscreen while travelling along, not to mention having to get the winding handle out when the battery was flat.
  8. One car I owned, a E93A if I remember didn't have any sort of heater until I fitted one which consisted of a boxed in mini matrix that was inserted into the top hose and the radiator fan blew air through the box over the matrix and on through a hose into the cabin so I did get a little warmth but also the engine smells,, oh joy!
  9. Have a look on this sight for all your dash cam troubles, there are loads on folk with lots of knowledge on there as well as the Nextbase girl Tiffany who is always a great help https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/
  10. They are using it in Mongolia and have been since 2016 so if you tour out there you should be fine if you run into trouble.
  11. White house caravan site is what is on the board outside. Phone 01692 670403
  12. I used to use those things when working, make sure that before using them you run a bolt in and out first to check the threads as we had more than a few with bad threads and it was always the last one you screwed up tight that stuck and you had to undo the lot and start again.
  13. They must be friendly with our lot http://www. edp24. co. uk/news/crime/cromer-disorder-report-1-5250573 But of course lessons have been learnt and it will never happen again will it????????
  14. I have also towed most of the west coast mainly in a Skoda Felicia 1. 6 towing an old eldis whirlwind ex without any problems and the only roads I would never do are the one over the top to Applecross which I believe caravans are not allowed on for very good reason and the road around Chlashnessie right up on the far west coast and for choice would never do that one again solo which has more twists and turns then you could ever imagine. Go and enjoy it you will never regret it.
  15. I have done it all at some point exept the afore mentioned Bealach Na Ba as stated because vans are banned for a very good reason, I did it with a Skoda felicia 1. 6 towing a twelve foot van, it is doable if you are brave enough as some of the roads, mainly the one to Apple cross are not for the fainthearted ie the other half hated every inch of that road. all the rest is fine though as a lot more of the roads and now full width,, GO FOR IT!
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