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  1. I'm also with LV and when I told them I had a towbar mine went down as well, they must think if you get rear ended it offers some protection either that or all caravaners are jolly nice chaps ( and Chappesess of course)
  2. Have look around this site you'll find every thing you want to know if you dig around https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/
  3. Looks as though there might be a semi blocked jet, take it out and try blowing it through with an airline if you have one,(Both directions) if no air line use something soft like a tooth brush bristle to clear it then try it again. Do not use a needle because you could end up making the jet too big!!
  4. A tip my driving instructor gave me when I first started driving long long ago was to insert a small piece of matchstick dead center of the rear window in the rubber inside (or if no rubber a bit of sticky tape) Then on the van after making sure you are dead straight positon a matching cross that you can line up by looking in your rear view mirror after you have unhitched and wound the front of the van up enough to drive under, so when you have to hitch up just line up the matchstick with the cross and you will be directly under the hitch. Just have to take time to get the cross in the
  5. I should have said "Every other caravan that we have owned all of which were made in Britain" Oops! They have all leaked though!
  6. We have a 1989 Jet stream that's still water tight unlike every other british caravan we had owned in the past and will never swap it or sell it, It's a cracker, it may not have all the bells and whistles modern vans have but also there's less to go wrong.
  7. https://www.3m.co.uk/3M/en_GB/company-uk/3m-products/~/All-3M-Products/Tapes-Adhesives/Industrial-Tapes-and-Adhesives/Fasteners/3M-Dual-Lock-Reclosable-Fasteners/?N=5002385+8710676+8710815+8710962+8711017+8716423&rt=r3 When I worked the firm I worked for made sea going boat and we used this to fix cabin roof panels which never ever came down unless they were pulled.. but when you want it parts easily.
  8. If nothing else works try conecting a wire to the rail somehow and hold it while you polish. When I worked boatbuilding we often got shocks when vacuuming dust out of hulls so connected a wire from the metal end if the vacuum to the main body as the dust getting sucked along the plastic tube created static and would give us one hell of a belt which the wire prevented.
  9. If they reduced my state pension which is my only income I could most likely claim a few benefits that I don't get now so might even be better off!
  10. Many moons ago when I was a milkman for my sins my diesel trunk ran out of fuel (My fault) The fitter brought some out to me and it was not going to play ball and start, so he tipped neat diesel in the air intake after removing the filter and towed me down the road and when it did start it sounded as though it was going to explode the knocking was so loud and we covered to road with a cloud of blue/light grey smoke that was so thick you could have cut it with a knife for about half mile and would have needed fog lights on if you tried to drive through it, luckily it was a quiet road. Oops!
  11. Will they be tipper trailers to save time?
  12. Brave in the extreme https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-sussex-51444109/storm-ciara-hastings-lifeboat-battles-through-waves
  13. Must have been another make because I never drove one of those.
  14. I have driven a lorry although can't remember what is was that the hand brake was like a railway signal box leaver and to apply you had to pull it back and forth two or three times to get it to bite, then to release there was a button on top which you had to bang with the palm of your hand whilst pulling back the lever.
  15. A very happy and healthy Christmas and new year to one and all.
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