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  1. BTW we are not expecting a favour, the job will be done at an agreed cost. Thanks Ray

  2. Hi Screenman, would you be available to repair my panel on the rear offside top of my 2012 VIP 560/4, I can easily bring the 'van to Lincoln, we live in Leic's

  3. We can hope but because like most of us their costs have gone up they may need a larger margin to cover operating costs, much the same as people will need more in the wage packet or go under.
  4. I would imagine there are a few of them on here, maybe they will enlighten us.
  5. Now a few months back and even more recently than that a lot of people told me not to worry as the £ will soon bounce back, liars. I threatened to increase my prices as the £ dropped, instead I swallowed the increase to such a state that I now sell some items for less than I pay for them, this of course cannot continue for too long. So next week is price increase time.
  6. It will not give you the support you need without a good flat piece bonded behind it. Have a look at this picture as it will show you what I am talking about, I have repaired hundreds of bumpers and trims doing this since about 1985.
  7. When I moved to this village we had a choice of 3 fuel stations to fill up in, my nearest now is 10 miles away. I like my suppliers to make a reasonable profit so that next time I need them they are still there.
  8. 2 of my customers with petrol stations cannot wait to get out of them, having had one myself they are not a golden eagle for sure.
  9. Can you pick that Lego stuff off with your finger nail? we could when we tested the idea here in the workshop.
  10. Not sure about the match from here and in testin we have found it to have very little strenght, play with fibre glass but it does not stick well to abs due to many reasons. I must admit though I only do proffesional long lasting repairs, this may not what you are looking for.
  11. Reinforce crack by melting stainless steel strip into the crack, a 10mm strip will be fine, sand down, fill, pramie and paint. I have taught this type of repair to the motor trade for about 25 years now and I am yet to have a failure. No need to drill using this method. Can I ask, what is all that white stuff spread liberally around the crack area?
  12. Having had a dog like that I can from expereince say that, you would not cycle far if at all before it wanted a sleep.
  13. Just keep smiling, it makes the world a nicer place.
  14. A machine polish is normally done to get the laquer back to a nice shine with nothing on it, it is part of what I do for a living. If you had said that after machine polishing you apply a wax, not a polish of course as they are not quite the same thing I would have answered differently. Never not ever apply a sealant after waxing, that is a complete waste of time.
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