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  1. Aye the Mull Ferry in the distance . A see there has been the addition of a chair since I was last there. . Smashing site but can get very busy at high season.
  2. But Mary B did imply speaking to the Doctor Bristles. At the end of the day we are only trying to help Gravi get his holiday.
  3. I was under the impression reading the post by May B she was only making a suggesting to speak to his doctor about considering the use of Diazepam. I have a history of a bad back and have to be careful in my posture in everything I do. Did once or twice have a course of Diazepam via my GP and worked a treat but Im also sure my GP was quite adamant I could not drive or drink whilst under the medication. I think it is worth a try as it worked for me with in hours but obviously consult your GP first.
  4. Sorry to read Gravi. A bad back is no fun and to cancel you longed for holiday is a nightmare. On the plus side at least your a Grandpa AGAIN !! Congratulations. ...
  5. Probably the Green Welly as its on the beaten track. You could get parked up in Callendar as there is facilities for caravan parking at the coach park and easily walk into the town. Think it might be pricey though and can get busy. There used to be a Snack Van between Crainlarich and Killin on one of the larger Lay Byes. Certainly worth a stop as I used it a few times when out in the lorry taking my 45. Keep an eye open for it on the road up. .... Safe Journey
  6. From the brief bits I seen on Google Box yes the Mother and Son Troop was scary. The photo album thing I thought was hilarious and to be honest I have a photo album of all my previous caravans and cars. General feeling from the Google Box Crew was they found it highly entertaining.
  7. Lovely night in deepest South Lanarkshire BC. ..
  8. Sound to me worn piston or damper on the hitch assembly. .
  9. Nah !! No the places I go Davie. ....
  10. I'm glad to be honest . Less Newbies more pitches. ...
  11. I bet you have a spare couple of pounds as well only to be used on a repair bill. Seemed every time we got on our feet financially over the years the car would break down !! Pain in the botty. ...
  12. I would buy neither. One of the lads just recently bought a 2003 Swift 4 berth for just over £3000. Absolutely minted apart from one side rather large dink. Now covered with a reflector. Spotless, dry and high speck with combi cooker etc. .. Has 5 to 6 Grand all over it in a dealership. They are out there. Its just finding them. . Cash is King. .
  13. You will get a key no probs. You can get into my 1999 Bailey with a small screwdriver. ..
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