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  1. Hi,we have recently purchased a new lexon 540 with the truma combi boiler heating system,although the heating side is fine we struggle to have sufficient hot water for showering even with the system set on hot water boost, have any other lunar owners experienced this?.
  2. I think your all trying to be too clever after all its the skill and sharpness of the vehicle driver that really counts in an emergency.
  3. Hi,In December we collected our new 2016 Sterling 530,Just returned home from second short break in it and what a disappointment it is,having time to really inspect and live with it I must say the finish inside and out falls sort of what it should be. A lot of over tightened screws in various fittings and items that will not hold together any longer,kitchen sink tap leaks onto worktop and the moulding that is fixed to the worktop(possibly to hide the gap between wall and worktop) did not have any silicone behind the tap area and the water has distorted the moulding which I think is vinyl covered mdf. in the shower cubicle the bi-fold door frame screws have white plastic cups and caps to cover the screws all the caps have fallen off,the box under in the bed locker that houses the electrical /charger unit came apart,this is a nice machined box with housings in it to hold the division and sides together but was not glued together it is just held by small corner plates and 1/2" no 6 screws that was all over tightened that's why it came apart. The outside is no better with the sterling motive badge that was fixed to the gas locker came off when the wind slammed it shut the badge was fixed (not) with double sided tape,the "A" frame cowling is not fixed centre of the "A" frame there are different size gaps either side between cowling and front panel skirt,3 of the 8 plastic awning rail end trims have plastic screw caps missing and on the rear panel (grp) the gel coat is so thin in places that the grp cloth is grinning through. All these items were missed not only by Swift but also the dealer in their pre-delivery inspections. Now its time to phone the dealer,thanks for reading.
  4. I have been towing caravans for 35 years and when choosing a tow car all ways kept to the 85% ruling but on one occasion I had a company car that took the ratio to around 92% all was well for many trips as the 2 litre engine has plenty of pulling power but on one occasion on the way home from a holiday I had to tow in windy conditions,even reducing my speed to around 50 mph and being aware of open area's I was caught out by a sudden gust of wind on and exposed hill and the caravan was swaying and the caravan took control and we were blown across the dual carriage way,i did manage to control it after a battle and both my wive and I were shaken and said never again would we tow over 85%.It's a safety factor that's needs to be respected.
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