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  1. I do most things on the cars myself. Then I know it's done right. Generally pads and discs couldn't be easier. Although the rear discs on the Merc are bit more complicated as the discs incorporate shoes for the parking brake, and the springs that hold them in are an absolute B.
  2. I must be dumb, it took me 45 seconds On one multi country tour a few years ago I just made a little note and stuck it on the inside of the sun visor, as a reminder as I crossed a border. But never looked at it. .. just got on with it, never gave it a second thought.
  3. https://www. bbc. co. uk/news/business-44438846 Not good for Solihull Especially with sales of non SUV's (Jaguar saloons) falling significantly, the grim reaper is surely close. On the bright side, quality and reliability might improve.
  4. Show me one example of everyday life that doesn't feel like a race to the bottom, in every respect. Just look what is happening in Retail Why should run of the mill (cheap) caravans be any different. And that's before you add in the pressures to save weight. Perfect storm really. The age of mediocrity is upon us. 😊
  5. I got both the flush black sockets, and the CBE C-line accessories for my Pursuit here. Added extra sockets, Ariel points and USB charging, and all OEM original https://www. caravanaccessoryshop. co. uk/category/13a-plugs-sockets/233
  6. As JTQ above. Funnily enough, until I sold the caravan, recently, I had both Banner Energy Bull and Varta LFD in 110a. The Varta was significantly lighter, suggesting less lead in it's construction, but they both performed equally well. And I only ever buy car or leisure batteries from Tanya. Never had anything but exceptional value and service.
  7. I helped a neighbor on a site last year with the same problem. We thought it was the pressure micro switch. But in checking for leaks I looked underneath and saw a drip. It was the dump valve next to the boiler. The valve obviously wasn't seated properly, and was weeping slightly. Toggled it a few times which either dislodged whatever was stopping the valve seating, or just re seated okay. Problem solved
  8. When I took my Pursuit out of winter hibernation this year I connected up the pump. Pump was running, but sounded stained, took longer than normal to fill, then just a trickle. I knew everything should be right, so went round to the pump and it was clear it was pumping against a restriction. The diaphragm, check valve thingy inside the pump connection had obviously stuck during the winter. A quick poke with a blunt screw driver did the trick. Job done.
  9. We don't know how old your Passat TDi is, but it has depreciated £1500 in ten months, doesn't sound unreasonable. If the buying public is gullible or paranoid enough to drive Octavia TSi values up over ten months? then fill yer boots. .. Car manufacturers will, that's what all this diesel bashing is about, create a market out of paranoia. Not sure how much has really changed Buy a car, use it, get your value out of it. Buy a car, don't use it, then sell it on quickly, it'll cost you a packet And if the former is a filthy diesel, but happens to do 20mpg more than the equivalent petrol, you will be quids in.
  10. Not for me, but would be remiss of RR, not to have an offering in that niche. It will no doubt sell very well in it's target market. China, Russia, Middle East. Can't imagine the clientele will worry that the towing electrics won't power the fridge in their 1995 Abbey Vogue.
  11. I can't comment on a C4 Picasso's ability to securely tow 1530kg. But with regard to reliability, I regularly use a chauffeur service on the continent, for trips between Frankfurt, Brussels, Maastricht etc. They have a fleet of Mercedes and & C4 Picasso's. Reliability is demanded by their clients, flights to catch etc. All the drivers love them, they do stellar mileages on them. One C4 I was in last year was two years old, with over 200,000km on the clock. Would I buy one ? no.
  12. I originally bought Milenco Aero 3's with flat glass by mistake. Far too narrow a field of vision. Changed them for convex. perfect. The perspective then matches that of most car mirrors. No problem judging distance, as it is what you are probably used to on the car. I would have though there was more potential for error judging distance, when you have differing perspectives between two mismatched mirrors ? Anyway, I think Milenco Aero 3’s with convex mirrors are absolutely brilliant. But then I would say that… I just happen to have mine for sale on ebay. https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/332629884612?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984. m1558. l2649 As for Milenco Falcon’s, I thought they were best used (Hans) Solo, rather than towing?
  13. Thought that was the point I was making ? I have a couple in my watch list, including a 2017 Unicorn, being sold privately, NOT in the correct section, that look to incur 10%
  14. Well my 2016 Bailey Pursuit is currently on its way North up the A1, behind a very happy new owner. Lovely couple and an easy and pleasurable transaction for everyone. Just a few notes on selling, purely from my experience this week. CaravanFinder and Caravans for Sale (inc the Caravan and MH Club portal) proved a complete dead loss. Not a single inquiry from either. As soon as I put it on eBay (as a classified ad), things changed big time. I had three offers in first 48 hours. One stupid offer from a chancer (probably a dealer) One inquiry from a guy who hung up when I told him I wouldn't accept cash, only electronic transfer of funds (draw your own conclusion). The third from a 100% genuine couple who could see the opportunity, we agreed a deal including my awning, everybody happy. And inquiries from eBay continued, even after it was marked as sold, wanting me to give them call if for any reason the sale fell through. The eBay classified add cost me £16, with no additional selling or transaction fees. Note of caution. Make sure you list as a "Classified Ad" Countless tidy and nearly new caravans are on there as regular listings, I bet a good few of them do not appreciate they will be stung with 10% selling fee. It has to be "Classified Ad", fixed price listing, then no additional selling fee. It shows in all eBay listings. Oh, and don't use PayPal, unless you are prepared to pay their transaction fee. Use your online banking to transfer funds electronically, instant, free and secure. (take all the usual precautions to ensure privacy and check your transfer limit first, if in doubt ring your bank first) New owner has a mint, nearly new caravan at a great price. Big thumbs up from me, for eBay Classified
  15. I don't know how to follow that I have sold a few car specific ones, very successfully on Piston-heads classified (and it's free) However the market seems to have dried up, I have a V6 Jaguar XE specific one on for a while, with no success. Maybe Jaguar owners don't do that sort of thing. ..
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