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  1. THIS is happening near us. So lots more pitches filled, maybe?
  2. Many years ago I was a Salesman for a very well known company selling various products ranging from Razor blades to Garden tools. We sold a housewares product, which was a brand leading pan scourer, yellow in colour, named "Golden Fleece" which was the only pan scourer asked for by name back in the day. Some older members may recall it. Called to a sales meeting at a large Heathrow hotel to be greeted by the re-branded product now to be named "Kitchen Buffalo" ?? With all the advertising support, it cost a small fortune, I believe! Long story short, within 12 months the product died a death, factory making it closed and people ended up on the dole, very sad. IMO re-branding is not always a good idea, oh, and I'm no longer a cc member either
  3. Barum

    Whale water pump

    We've had our Bailey Rimini 2013 for 2.5 years and we` are on our second pump! WHALE FP0814 WATERMASTER The 1st one packed up just as we arrived on site on the Isle of Wight, great fun! We've just been away for a tester before visiting the island again later this month and it took an age for the system to pressurise, even though I had tried the system at home prior to our last trip, so not too impressed really. It seemed to be down to an air lock somewhere in the system. It worked ok once I had got the pump to draw the water into the system, but now very nervous every time I hook up the water The pump just didn't appear to be running properly, which, I presume, was down to the airlock? The pump is less than 12 months old and we've not used the van much since it was replaced.
  4. Thanks for your thoughts Andy, already in the shredder!
  5. As it should be? I'm pleased you're satisfied.
  6. Again, just in case anyone is interested this was posted on the CMC forum today, by their Community Manager: "In the event that the Esso forecourt price is cheaper than the Pump King price, please retain your receipt and email a copy to customer.service@pump-king.co.uk. Pump King will credit you 1p per litre to your account." Now, I for one, find this system appalling really, it means that if this scenario occurs, you have to scan your receipt, send it to PK, who are renowned for not replying to email requests, in the vain hope that they will refund the money to your account, what a joke This was NOT how it was explained when this whole debacle was launched, it's crazy! Grrr!
  7. No problem Toein. However, be mindful that I have not yet paid for the fuel and it will be interesting to see if PK create a problem over the payment, so I might have to use my Debit card in the end but I won't be happy if that's the case!
  8. This is a section from the original T&Cs, which I'm using as I have never been notified by Pump-King that they have changed! 4.1 Pk Fuel Limited will charge the Cardholder for any purchase of Fuel using the Fuel Card automatically following the Fuel purchase. Pk Fuel Limited will, and the Cardholder permits Pk Fuel Limited or the Payment Service Provider to charge the Cardholder by using the details of the debit card or other mechanism that the Cardholder will leave on file with Pk Fuel Limited or the Payment Service Provider. On a weekly basis, Pk Fuel Limited will inform the Cardholder of the Fuel Price for the following week and the dates for which the Fuel Price is valid I changed my card to a credit card yesterday and obtained fuel with no problems. Now, whether it creates a problem I won't know till later, I guess but as they stated debit card or other mechanism my credit card is my other mechanism There was a post from the CMC community manager stating that it had to be a debit card, however 2 things have happened since I replied: 1. The posts were deleted by someone 2. The CMC website appears to have crashed! It just gets better and better!
  9. Indeed I will, when I get the bill! I have noticed that Diesel at Cherwell services today is £1.53.9 per litre😮 Big saving there at published price of 1.26!
  10. Well Andy, et al, I thought I would try my card this morning and, eventually, it worked although it took 3 attempts at different tills to get it to work. Not Pump-King's fault, down to the fuel station having problems No receipt on my account as yet and I still don't know what effect my changing to a credit card may have on the process. Time will tell, I suppose? I will be miffed if they start chasing me for the payment, as I have registered a CREDIT card as per their website so they are welcome to use that one as payment. My guess is that they get charged extra by the credit card company for using it as opposed to a debit card, but, of course, this is unknown as yet.
  11. Well, the website says CREDIT card, not Debit card, so I suppose I will only know when I've tried the card out?
  12. I logged in to My pump-king account this morning and went to my stored cards, where I noticed it stated I could delete my current debit card? Having also noticed that it said I could "Please delete your old credit card before add new one." So I deleted my stored debit card and added a new CREDIT card to my account, which, it appears to have accepted!? Now, whether there will follow a message from Pump-King about the change i don't know yet, but I'm happier that I have stored a credit card, with a low credit limit, rather than my Debit card. Might be useful to some, even the fact that you can delete your stored card. it appears!?
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