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  1. Where I exchanged mine told me he had stocks of 6kg normal and 3.9kg propane's but that the calorlites had stopped being supplied. Even our Go outdoors had 6kg in stock! Although they don't show online I phoned the Derby branch and he told me.
  2. Hi DottieD, Try this link for advice. I swapped a Calorlite for a 3.9kg propane with no problems last week
  3. My wife and I had a spell as assistant wardens on a commercial site in Derbyshire. One morning, on our rounds we discovered that some kind person had decided that the fire bucket outside one toilet block was the ideal place to do their number 2's!! As per the OP's title really.
  4. Saw these online, if anyone is interested? Home Bargains.
  5. We stayed at Damage Barton in 2007, just ahead of the major storms that hit the whole country. Boy, was it interesting! Never seem winds like it, people helping everyone else to take down awnings / tents in horrible conditions. We helped a young family who's tent had snapped in half in the wind so we took the wife & little ones into out caravan while their dad and I tried to salvage their belongings! The Wardens, having a sense of humour, posted this on the notice board the following day. It remains long in our memories!
  6. Sounds good. I saved myself the bother by connecting to the 12v caravan battery, using a heavy duty 12 / 24v cigarette socket using crocodile clips, HERE easy peasy!
  7. Here's a load of idiots Hard to believe, this happened with all the reminders etc issued. The mind just boggles!
  8. You can add Ryedale Leisure, Shepshed, Leics. to the above, closed until further notice.
  9. Not sure if this is any solution for anyone but it worked well for me when we had our Kampa Air. I used this along with a Sevylor Pump, connected straight to the caravan battery, very heavy duty adaptor and away it went. Obviously, only of use if you can get at the caravan battery easily, which I could. A true 5 minute job! No faffing with extension leads, getting the car near enough to reach the battery / 12v sockets, no blown fuses.
  10. We had similar problems with an earlier 'van. We used something similar to THESE Lots of variants around.
  11. THIS is happening near us. So lots more pitches filled, maybe?
  12. Many years ago I was a Salesman for a very well known company selling various products ranging from Razor blades to Garden tools. We sold a housewares product, which was a brand leading pan scourer, yellow in colour, named "Golden Fleece" which was the only pan scourer asked for by name back in the day. Some older members may recall it. Called to a sales meeting at a large Heathrow hotel to be greeted by the re-branded product now to be named "Kitchen Buffalo" ?? With all the advertising support, it cost a small fortune, I believe! Long story short, within 12 mont
  13. We've had our Bailey Rimini 2013 for 2.5 years and we` are on our second pump! WHALE FP0814 WATERMASTER The 1st one packed up just as we arrived on site on the Isle of Wight, great fun! We've just been away for a tester before visiting the island again later this month and it took an age for the system to pressurise, even though I had tried the system at home prior to our last trip, so not too impressed really. It seemed to be down to an air lock somewhere in the system. It worked ok once I had got the pump to draw the water into the system, but now very nervous eve
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