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  1. Any VW/Skoda petrol autos are the best if you can get enough kerbweightbfor your situation. The auto boxes will need new box oil at 40k, but I have seen Passat with 200k with original oil in pristine condition. I will never go near a Volvo again. I had a V70 V5 diesel. Because it had a town driving existence from new and trips of about 6 miles max the turbo went black at 38k, Volvo UK just shrugged their shoulders. on the subject of electric cars. Oh dear! Where are all the redundant batteries going to end up?
  2. I bought a Protec Easy Fit full cover at NEC and it was delivered last week. I cleaned, dried and polished the van and put the cover on. I felt good about it as an excellent purchase and looks good quality. I peeked Under it out of interest today and saw the back and sides of the van are completely wet. It was dry when I put the cover on last week. Wessex has had a lot of rain in the last 48 hours after a dry week. The cover is supposed to be waterproof. How can this be. I have contacted Protec and they seem quite helpful, but the Lady said she has never heard this before?? Any experiences?
  3. Seems to be a regular problem with Coachman Vision. Mine is a 2014. Just got a bit legal with the dealer, but they are not taking me seriously. Coachman seems to be difficult to work with and let dealers down with supplies. Waiting for new locker door etc but taking forever.
  4. Been recommended Albany of Fareham by mate. Will try. Thanks for replies
  5. Just had my Coachman Vision 450/2 serviced at a dealer. Now 3 years warranty is nearly up, but still 2 more years on water ingress. I want to go to a smaller keener operation for future services and still get any warranty work done if needed. Can anyone recommend a keen and accurate company NCC in the Andover, Salisbury, Newbury area.
  6. I have a Coachman Vision 450/2. 2014. I have had a few problems with the van, repaired under warranty and in my mind the van is not really that good quality wise as I was led to believe. Now it's in for a new front window hinge bar and a repair to the front locker which lets in water badly. The locker floor has a very high damp reading and it appears the dealer is experiencing problems getting it right and referring to Coachman for advice. My question is, have others had much luck with Coachman Viisions or are there other inherent problems still waitin to show their ugly head?
  7. There's a bargain low mileage Citroen C4 Picasso 2 litre auto in a garage locally that I really fancy, but my mates will crucify me if I buy it what with Citroens previous perceived poor reliability. Might just have a test drive. Everything is so expensive on forecourts here and I don't want to travel to The Smoke to buy.
  8. Thanks to all, loads of things to think about there.
  9. I'm Dave from Andover. Been caravanniing 32 years. Reading Football Club supporter. I can't back up a caravan even after all these years, motor mover saves the day, but I can cook anything on site. Tour Britain, mostly West Country. Been to France 4 times, love it there. Keen to see our Wessex flag out more on sites to compete with Yorkshire and Welsh friends. Please contact me anytime, I'm a bit of a chatterbox.
  10. I have been towing with myVolvo D5 2009 Auto V70 For 4 years now. I have a Coachman 450/2 . It's not a bad tow car but flops around at the front being front wheel driven. It's nowhere near as good as a previous BMW 5 series. It's only done 45 k and already getting some turbo whistle so I'm looking to get another auto car instead. My budget is restricted and BMWs are out of the question. Can anyone recommend a car that has a strong auto box for towing. It must be hatch or estate and will cope with a mgw of 1320kg caravan, so the car should be at least 1475kg. Someone told me Ford C max are good manual but I would need to check the auto box will be durable enough. Thanks for reading PS I won't consider Volvo again what with the turbo short life.
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