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  1. I had it fitted on our Segovia earlier this year........best piece of kit ever. Regardless of putting the wheel locks on the ease of setting up is great. Jack up one side, fit the locks, drop it down and let it level itself. All done in a matter of minutes. Yes expensive, but well worth it. I don't think I have used my 4wd mover since having it fitted :-) If you plan on keeping the van long term its a worthy investment. Lee
  2. If it’s anything like the Segovia, once used to it it’s fine. It does protrude somewhat into the doorway of the Segovia, but it’s a good position for watching from the front seats. lee
  3. Hi Mick, I take away an old sky hd box in the van, just pop the card out of the q box and put it in the hd box. The hd box will need to be connected to the internet so you can pair the card, just go to any payed channel and a message will come up to pair the card, follow the instruction and the channels will open 😉
  4. Got to agree with that, I’ve hidden my Sky box and fitted my own female HDMI connectors to alongside the power and aerial connectors. Looks better than HDMI cables running out of cupboard doors. Lee
  5. I am doing it every time we go away in the van. We have Sky Q at home and an old HD box in the van, i usually pair the card before we leave storage as i need internet to do it. Once we arrive home pop the card back in the Q box and pair it back....all good :-) Lee Once paired you don’t need internet, i would imagine if left this way for a long period of time Sky would query why they cant communicate with your box but we only go away for short periods of time and have never had an issue (though i always try and get internet by one means or another) Lee
  6. We’ve shock absorbers fitted on our new Bailey, I think it improves the stability and smoothness of the tow. Comparing to towing our older van without absorbers.
  7. We have just moved across from a twin axle 6 berth Swift with a fixed bed to a Unicorn Segovia, and honestly I don’t miss the font locker. The gas bottle storage is big enough for our one bottle and all the toilet/water/waste pipes, we had a good clear out when we swapped vans but i honestly believe we have much more spacer than before :-) Lee
  8. ‘Smack my Hitch Up’ i was a Prodigy fan when younger :-)
  9. I bought the little alko one that just covers the hitch, and has a wee padlock through it. I think it looks better than the ill fitting big things. lee
  10. Just got home and re-paired with q silver box no bother 😀 I would imagine sky know it works but don’t advertise the fact. I was amazed when the new card came before the q was installed that it was exactly the same as our old card, if they wanted to stop it why not come up with a different card?? lee
  11. Not managed to read right through this thread but this is our first time away in the van since getting sky q and i can confirm the q card paired with my old he box in the van and i get all the paid for channels no bother like at home :-) Lee
  12. This is our Sky set up hidden away with a magic eye to work it Lee
  13. Unconfirmed, i have just had Q fitted at home and the boy who fitted it says the card can't be paired with an old HD box, when i get two minutes i am going to try. One thing to consider is to pair a card with another receiver you need both a satellite signal and wifi, so you can't do it at home as the new Q LNB won't work with an old hd box (unless you have a hybrid LNB) so you would need access to the box being connected to the internet at your van to do it while away. You can do it on the internet by putting all the details into a form, but i am not sure if this will work now, as the Q card shouldn't work with an old HD box! Lee
  14. Having a good look now and planning where we might to be going, looking at South of Bordeaux and hope for good weather. Is Bordeaux doable in a day from St Malo? We get off the overnight ferry first thing in the morning and i would hope to maybe make around Bordeaux (slightly North of would be ok) spend a night then head maybe 2-3 hrs South the next day to hopefully set up for 10-12 days before heading back. What do you think? Lee
  15. Had the 2018 book through the post last week :-) Can i book ahead though it for the first couple of nights or is it just for showing up on the day? Lee
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