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  1. Sort of an extreme version of National Service?!
  2. According to this page it weighs 1580 kg for a 2001 model. http://www. carfolio. com/specifications/models/car/?car=89661 Is that the right model/age? If so it looks like a good match to me (84% for those who worry about such matters). It's got a short rear overhang too.
  3. And that their towing speed limits aren't actually lower than ours (varies by state)
  4. Something a bit left-field? http://www. autotrader. co. uk/classified/advert/201610229034153?radius=1500&postcode=bd207db&model=PATHFINDER&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=New&year-from=2008&make=NISSAN&minimum-seats=7&sort=price-asc&advertising-location=at_cars&price-to=6000&page=1 Or something ugly: http://www. autotrader. co. uk/classified/advert/201610208947028?advertising-location=at_cars&radius=1500&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=New&postcode=bd207db&year-from=2
  5. Or just live with it? At least the light tells you so you can choose not to work on any appliances that are plugged in
  6. There aren't nearly enough threads on this subject, so definitely worth the bump
  7. The Merc pickup on the previous page seems to me to be a car that didn't need to be made. Merc are good at this. For example you can get a C Class saloon, estate or coupe and then there's the cross-over GLC. But just in case, you can now also get the GLC coupe.
  8. And if you have a particular location in mind you can check the OS 1:25k mapping (available on Bing Maps) to see if there are any caravan site symbols that aren't covered by your existing searches. We've found a few this way - the ones that haven't really integrated themselves with Google etc.
  9. Sounds interesting. We may take a look.
  10. Well you can have 128bhp 1. 6 diesel or 161bhp in the petrol. That seems reasonable. The new 2 litre diesel sounds fairly similar to the old top spec one.
  11. or just don't pass a lorry that is going faster than you want to?
  12. I assumed it was post #3, which was kind of disparaging about his holiday and child-rearing choices, that did it
  13. not at all. just interested in the new engine. I've brushed off the unsubstantiated insults
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