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  1. I was probably wrong when Okay, I was wrong when I wrote "This is the only surefire way to ensure the hitch is locked onto the towball and not sitting on top of it." I'm sure many other people have their own different methods of carrying out their checks effectively. However, the lift test using the jockey wheel or physically pulling up on the hitch are the only methods recognised by the DVSA. (Important for those who may have to undertake B+E training who read this, to know). It is also a method that works without the need for other accessories, It takes seconds to perform, it doesn't present a risk of injury due to people pulling up on the hitch or using their fingers to check the hitch is engaged and it can be done in all weather conditions, during the day or night.
  2. There's a lot of Talk about the break away cable but I don't see anything about the lift test. I appreciate there are a lot of people towing their caravans with Grandfather rights on their driving licence so they've had no formal training. Since January 1st 1997 you have to pass a towing test to get the B+E category on your licence. You will fail that test if you do not carry out the lift test to ensure that the hitch is securely attached to the towball. The lift test is so easy and takes seconds to do. Simply attach the hitch onto the towball and wind the jockey wheel down enough so that the rear of the towing vehicle can be seen to lift up an inch or so. Then lower the jockey wheel and stow it as usual before setting off. This is the only surefire way to ensure the hitch is locked onto the towball and not sitting on top of it. Unless of course the hitch or towball failed, a lift test would have prevented this disaster. Something else to consider, the driver of the towing vehicle is likely to receive a hefty fine for having an insecure load.
  3. Hi Graham. I believe the OP was in the correct place as it refers to the fitting of an antenna mast to a static caravan. Although my solution is used on my touring caravan it may be of use to other owners of both static and touring caravans. Thanks, Steve
  4. Sorry folks, I hadn't realised I was on the static caravan page. The roof of my touring caravan is flat, I'm not sure what the roof of a static is like. The sucker clamp will fit vertically too but there is a risk that the suction pads may leave marks on a side panel. Having said that, the antenna hasn't budged during the two weeks it's been on the roof of my caravan while on a windy South Wales site.
  5. I have the Kuma too, it's a great bit of kit. I made my own mast for the USB antenna and it was cheap as chips. I used a double suction pad £5.99 and a double C-clamp from Amazon (The C clamp I bought last August was by Phot-R and cost £8.99 but it's currently unavailable and the alternative is £14.99 but identical so, shop around if you're considering this) plus a length of plastic waste pipe I had lying about. It's sitting on the roof of my caravan as I type and it's rock stable. I put it on the roof through the front skylight and drop the USB over the side and into the awning where I've sited the router. Just out of interest are you aware that the Kuma V2 only works on 2.4ghz and not 5ghz. I spent ages trying to get it to use the 5ghz network before I found out from Kuma support who responded within hours to my query. I have a solid 2.4ghz which is more than ample for Facetime, Sky Go and YouTube. Cheers, Steve PS. Sorry the pictures are sideways??
  6. Hi Wilko101. The price I paid for the three parts you need from Leisureshopdirect back in September 2018 was: Alde - 12 volt Inline Circulation Pump 3020-049: £175.95 Alde rubber S-Shape hose with clips 1900-530: £11.07 Alde header tank cap blanking insert: £1.42 I found Leisureshopdirect.com to be nearly £70 cheaper than some online prices quoted, but it still might be worth shopping around. The prices above include the 10% Caravan and Motorhome Club discount Leisureshopdirect give. It is definitely a well worthwhile upgrade, especially if you plan to keep your caravan for a few years. As I said in my write up above "This job would take about an hour to complete on a drained system. It took me two hours, carefully clamping and plugging." [to stop losing the recently changed coolant]. This YouTube video shows how to replace an existing pump and the electrical connection. On your system without the pump remember you have to shorten the existing 22mm alluminium pipe accordingly to accomodate the new pump. This really is the only modification you have to make. The new pump comes with the rubber elbows required https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaNPLkvrYYE I hope this helps and if I can be of further help, get in touch. Regards, Steve
  7. The light I replaced was the one over the door and it turned into a horrible job. Replacing the defective LED strip was a piece of cake once the control panel was removed to get at the wires to the light, but removing the facia panel is where the difficulty lies. The facia panel simply snaps onto the control panel, but despite my best efforts I managed to crack it by one of the clips and mark the plastic suround the control panel sits in. The facia panel is definitely designed to be easily fitted but almost imposible to remove. I have now drilled the facia panel at each corner so the whole control panel can now be removed easily if necessary. Something I think the manufacturer should have done in the first place. I bought some dark grey domed covers to fit over the screws so it doesn't look too bad. I had to carefully remove and reposition the Coachman badge too. In theory the clear lens tape should protect the light from water ingress but only time will tell on that score.
  8. I was a bit premature. When I tried to refit the two halves of the case back together the clear tape prevented this as the LED unit sits slightly proud of the aperture. This meant the LED was pressing against the tape preventing the locking tabs to be able to line up. I'm going to have to put the clear tape on after its fitted to the caravan. This is a poor design which could easily be fixed if the manufacturer added a weatherproof seal.
  9. I've bought a replacement light fitting. I'm not going to attempt to remove the base from caravan. Instead I'm going to fit the new the LED panel onto the old base and fit the new cover. In an attempt to stop water ingress in future I've placed two strips of self adhesive clear lens repair tape back to back on either side of the aperture in the cover which the LEDs shine through to seal it.
  10. Thank you richandjan. I'm just wondering about the wiring which goes inside the caravan. Is this soldered to the LED strip or attached by spade connectors or similar?
  11. Good morning. My 2016 Coachman VIP 575/4 has a Dimatec awning light over the door and the same fitting over the battery box on the nearside of the caravan. A couple of the LED's in the lights have failed, due I'm sure to water ingress. Has anyone managed to replace the LED strip or has the whole thing got to be replaced? Also, does anyone know how to get it off the caravan or does it have a cover which unclips? Thank you.
  12. I wish it was body length, then I'd be okay with the standard recovery but sadly it's not. It's overall length of the caravan including the tow hitch. I must admit that I haven't seen any reference to the length limit of of 6.4m though, only 7m.
  13. Yes I know. I get standard RAC recovery including European cover through work but it has the 7m limit on caravans. I was hoping to simply upgrade it somehow so that my 7.5m caravan was covered. The RAC couldn't do that so I ended up buying the Arival policy. Saved £77 buying directly from the RAC instead of online via the CCC though
  14. Yes they will. My caravan is 7.5 metres long and I went all through this before buying. The Camping and Caravan Club Arival policy serviced by the RAC has no limits unlike the standard RAC recovery. With Arival they know they have to send a specialised recovery vehicle. I'm still going to ring the RAC tomorrow about repatriation of the caravan when not attached etc. as mentioned above.
  15. Well I came here to tell you about my recent experience when taking out breakdown recovery while in the UK and Europe. I've just bought the CCC Arival policy but saved £77 by going direct to the RAC (£161) and speaking to someone rather than using the CCC automated online system (£238). However, after reading this I'm now concerned that I'm not covered as fully as I need to be to cover all eventualities.
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