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  1. After the ridiculous delay in receiving my card I find my local supermarkets are consistently 2-3p per litre cheaper than Pump-King so I haven't used it yet. My wife and I both received 47 identical text message beween 11:05 and 16:53 from them yesterday!
  2. I did a write up after I did the swap back in September last year. Here is the link:
  3. This tip is for those with the Alde 3020 'wet' central heating system with the impeller pump in the header tank. When it's time for the Alde 3020 coolant to be replaced and you are bothered by the noise of the impeller pump in the header tank, which is often located in a cupboard by the bed, consider upgrading the pump at the same time. I decided to swap the impeller pump for the inline unit fitted to the boiler. Well worth the effort and no more disturbed nights' sleep. However, I did the job myself after having the Alde fluid replaced so, I did it without draining the system down. This probably added two hours to what is a relatively easy job, due to having to clamp pipes very carefully to prevent a major fluid spillage. Despite my best attempts, I still lost about a litre onto the caravan floor which, I was desperately trying to avoid. Fortunately I'd got lots of old towels to catch the spills so, no damage done. It would have been so much easier on a drained down system
  4. I bought my very first caravan a VIP 575/4, from Spinney (North Staffs). It took months to decide where to buy from after some ingredibly poor treatment at other places. I can't fault the sales team at Spinney or the reliability and quality of the caravan. A chipped sink was quickly replaced under waranty too. However, I do wish I'd been made aware of certain options such as the weight plate upgrade at the time of purchase which, as a caravanning newbie, I didn't know about. Apparently I can't have one now as the caravan is over 12 months old, despite it not mysteriously changing since coming out of the factory. Personally, when I've had to contact Coachman for advice I found Matthew Yates very helpful indeed.
  5. Same here. Applied on 6th December, no reply to emails and no answer on phone. I'm getting the text messages though!
  6. Oh I know, when the very pleasant lady on the checkout at Tesco handed me my voucher yesterday, I wanted to give her a kiss Strangely, my wife who I'd lost in the store suddenly materialized as I leant over. ........... LOL
  7. I've just checked the FAQ re the Esso card on the CMC site: Q: My card has not arrived? A: Once registered online your card should arrive within 28 working days. If your card has not arrived after 28 working days please contact My Esso Card directly. Email accounts@myessocard. com I ordered mine on 6th December, I've had no reply to any emails I've sent and the nobody answers the phone. My latest edition of CMC magazine has just arrived and the My Esso Card offer is still available.
  8. I applied on 10th December and I still haven't received my cards although I am receiving the weekly texts I have emailed them and got no reply. Doesn't bode well!
  9. After speaking to Phil at Alde, I ordered the Alde 12v circulation pump, 1900-530 Rubber S-Shape hose with clips and a header tank cap blanking insert. The parts arrived quickly from Leisure Shop Direct who gave me a nice 10% discount on their already significantly lower prices for being a member of the CAMC. I also bought some 20-25mm rubber bungs to plug the pipework during dismantling. At this point, I would definitely recommend doing this job with the system drained down. Having recently had my system drained and refilled with the 5 year G13 Glycol mix, I decided to go ahead without draining down. I used clamps on all of the rubber pipes on and near the boiler but even with bungs I managed to lose a about a litre of Glycol mix. Fortunately, I'd anticipated leakage and had a shallow bowl, plenty of old bath towels and kitchen roll to catch any liquid to hand. I also had my 22mm pipe cutter handy. This job would take about an hour to complete on a drained system. It took me two hours, carefully clamping and plugging. The job itself is straightforward. Remove the existing rubber elbow and aluminium pipe on the boiler return which is connected to the rubber elbow on the radiator downpipe elbow. Ultimatelely I did have to remove the downpipe from the radiator itself because the 22mm aluminium pipe in that section had to be shortened by about 2" or 25mm to match up with the S bend hose. The aluminium pipe, hidden in the picture, is removed completely. Using the pipe cutter which cost about a fiver from Amazon (hacksaw not recommended) I cut a piece from this pipe measuring approx 3" or 75mm to join the S bend hose attached to the pump to the elbow hose on the shortened downpipe from the radiator. The pump was then connected to the boiler's circuit board. The pump connector has two holes, the circuit board has four pins. When looking at the board the connector fits onto the two left hand pins with the securing lever on the plug facing downwards. I then double checked that all the heavy duty hose clips were correctly positioned and I've got to say, they caused me more grief than anything else. I then removed the impeller pump from the header tank, fitted the blanking insert into the cap and topped the tank up with 50/50 mix of Glycol and de-ionized water but left the cap off the tank. Finally, I set the new pump to setting 5, turned the Alde control panel on, scrolled to 'Installed Accessories', deselected "Optional Pump" and selected "Remote Main 12v Pump". I then selected gas input, cranked the temperature up to 30 degrees. held my breath and crossed my fingers. A quiet click was heard and the water in the header tank started to churn. The pump was working . ..RESULT! On the advice of Alde Phil, I left it running until the Glycol temperature rose to 80 degrees, by which time the caravan was like a hot house. The temperature is viewed in the 'Service' section on the Alde control panel. I then checked the bleed screws on the towel rail and on the radiator above the boiler. Very little air came out because most of it was purged via the header tank by the force of the pump on setting 5. When I satisfied myself that there were no leaks and all was working as it should, I turned the boiler off, fitted the cap onto the header tank and turned the pump down to its recommended setting of 2. A very satisfying job but, very hard on the knees and back due to the confined location of the boiler. I've also got several cuts on the back of my hand from the sharp fins on the aluminium radiator fitted opposite the boiler, caused when my grips slipped off the hose clips. However, I have to say the pump is virtually silent so, here's to undisturbed nights sleep.
  10. No it won't make any difference. My Kia Sorento has self-levelling suspension. In fact as far as I know, the self levelling only occurs after the vehicle has been in motion for a short distance. Just to add a piece of useless information, the load on the jockey wheel is more than the load on the towball because, it's located further back towards the axle. What is clear is that it is essential to carry out some manner of check that the hitch coupling is 100% secure by using mirrors, your fingers or the lift test. I for one won't be using a mirror in case I drop it and then suffer the bad luck but, I will be having a good feel of my hitch in future after doing the lift test
  11. I'm sorry but your dealer has given you bad advice. A simple vertical raising of the jockey wheel isn't going to mangle it. Consider the stresses on the jockey wheel when a motor mover is used to manoeuvre a caravan over soft ground or gravel for example. They are pretty robust bits of kit. Let's just be clear about this though. With the caravan attached, the jockey wheel is only wound down sufficiently to raise the car about a couple of centimetres on its suspension or just enough to lift the hitch off the towball if it's not engaged properly. You certainly aren't trying to lift the tow car's rear wheels of the ground
  12. That's perfectly fine if it works for you and I'm sure using a mirror works too. You clearly have years of experience and are confident in how you hitch up. I'm a driver trainer with years of experience with the Police and Fire Service and of towing trailers and caravans. I'm certainly no fanboy of the DVSA. However, when it comes to the simple imprinting of a vital safety check to be carried out when hitching up a trailer, on the minds of students, the lift test works. I'm sure in years to come they will either carry out the lift test or have an alternative, but hopefully, equally foolproof method of ensuring the hitch is secure. What is unacceptable is that no check on the hitch is carried out before driving. Yes I agree, it is amusing to some but, it is a 'theory' test. Sadly though, these days it's more likely that a person finding someone in need, lying at the side of the road, is going to get out their phone and film them, rather than get involved or better still, offer assistance!
  13. Sam, where does it mention two turns on the jockey wheel? The jockey handle is turned enough times until the pressure is sufficient to start to raise the towing vehicle up on its suspension. That way it proves the hitch is secure. As I said in my earlier post, if you don't carry out the lift test on the DVSA trailer towing test you will fail it. So, the DVSA consider it to be important.
  14. I can't remember exactly what it was as it was so forgetable but in around 1989 my friend bought either an Austin Montego or a Ford Orion with a 1600cc, non-turbocharged engine. It was absolutely dire. Even on slight inclines he'd have drop down through the gears to maintain any reasonable progress. He didn't keep it long.
  15. Hi Kiaboy. It's a 200 mile trip to the Alde factory for me unfortunately. I too spoke to a couple of AWS guys including the one who does my servicing. None had retro fitted the inline pump. Anyway, I contacted Alde and got a phone call back from Phil, who talked me through the procedure. He described the modifications to the pipework and likely snags. He also listed the other bits I'd need. So, I'm just waiting for the bits to arrive from Leisureshopdirect. I have all the tools required, including clamps and bungs as I don't want to drain the recently refilled system down completely. I've replaced enough car radiators in my time so I don't think this is going to be too difficult. I can't fault Alde for their customer service and uncommon willingness to help. I'll update when I've done it. 🙂
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