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  1. I wish it was body length, then I'd be okay with the standard recovery but sadly it's not. It's overall length of the caravan including the tow hitch. I must admit that I haven't seen any reference to the length limit of of 6.4m though, only 7m.
  2. Yes I know. I get standard RAC recovery including European cover through work but it has the 7m limit on caravans. I was hoping to simply upgrade it somehow so that my 7.5m caravan was covered. The RAC couldn't do that so I ended up buying the Arival policy. Saved £77 buying directly from the RAC instead of online via the CCC though
  3. Yes they will. My caravan is 7.5 metres long and I went all through this before buying. The Camping and Caravan Club Arival policy serviced by the RAC has no limits unlike the standard RAC recovery. With Arival they know they have to send a specialised recovery vehicle. I'm still going to ring the RAC tomorrow about repatriation of the caravan when not attached etc. as mentioned above.
  4. Well I came here to tell you about my recent experience when taking out breakdown recovery while in the UK and Europe. I've just bought the CCC Arival policy but saved £77 by going direct to the RAC (£161) and speaking to someone rather than using the CCC automated online system (£238). However, after reading this I'm now concerned that I'm not covered as fully as I need to be to cover all eventualities.
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    Thanks Paul, I know this. I did my very best to dissuade them but they would just fly away and return a few minutes later and begin building again. They were very persistent so, as much as I disliked doing it I had to kill them for the reasons in my OP. No other wasps were seen as I believe these Queens were building the nest to this years offspring.
  6. SCP1959


    Hello. I just thought I'd do a quick post about an unusual problem I experienced during my recent stay in Longtown, Cumbria. The awning was put up and very quickly became the focus for a succession of very large wasps intent on building their nests both inside and outside of the awning. I suspect they were Queen wasps, if there is such a creature. Sadly, due to their persistence I had to dispatch them. If I'd left them to it I'd would have have at least five nests on my awning. As it was I was left with some very stuborn deposits on the awning and roof lining. Wasps serve a very important role in nature but these were real pests. Just be advised folks to check around your awnings at this time of year because you may have unwanted guests.
  7. I've just replaced my Kampa Rally Air Pro 390 with a Kampa Air Ace 400 All Season and love it. More than enough space for the two of us.
  8. After the ridiculous delay in receiving my card I find my local supermarkets are consistently 2-3p per litre cheaper than Pump-King so I haven't used it yet. My wife and I both received 47 identical text message beween 11:05 and 16:53 from them yesterday!
  9. I did a write up after I did the swap back in September last year. Here is the link:
  10. This tip is for those with the Alde 3020 'wet' central heating system with the impeller pump in the header tank. When it's time for the Alde 3020 coolant to be replaced and you are bothered by the noise of the impeller pump in the header tank, which is often located in a cupboard by the bed, consider upgrading the pump at the same time. I decided to swap the impeller pump for the inline unit fitted to the boiler. Well worth the effort and no more disturbed nights' sleep. However, I did the job myself after having the Alde fluid replaced so, I did it without draining the system down. This probably added two hours to what is a relatively easy job, due to having to clamp pipes very carefully to prevent a major fluid spillage. Despite my best attempts, I still lost about a litre onto the caravan floor which, I was desperately trying to avoid. Fortunately I'd got lots of old towels to catch the spills so, no damage done. It would have been so much easier on a drained down system
  11. I bought my very first caravan a VIP 575/4, from Spinney (North Staffs). It took months to decide where to buy from after some ingredibly poor treatment at other places. I can't fault the sales team at Spinney or the reliability and quality of the caravan. A chipped sink was quickly replaced under waranty too. However, I do wish I'd been made aware of certain options such as the weight plate upgrade at the time of purchase which, as a caravanning newbie, I didn't know about. Apparently I can't have one now as the caravan is over 12 months old, despite it not mysteriously changing since coming out of the factory. Personally, when I've had to contact Coachman for advice I found Matthew Yates very helpful indeed.
  12. Same here. Applied on 6th December, no reply to emails and no answer on phone. I'm getting the text messages though!
  13. Oh I know, when the very pleasant lady on the checkout at Tesco handed me my voucher yesterday, I wanted to give her a kiss Strangely, my wife who I'd lost in the store suddenly materialized as I leant over. ........... LOL
  14. I've just checked the FAQ re the Esso card on the CMC site: Q: My card has not arrived? A: Once registered online your card should arrive within 28 working days. If your card has not arrived after 28 working days please contact My Esso Card directly. Email accounts@myessocard. com I ordered mine on 6th December, I've had no reply to any emails I've sent and the nobody answers the phone. My latest edition of CMC magazine has just arrived and the My Esso Card offer is still available.
  15. I applied on 10th December and I still haven't received my cards although I am receiving the weekly texts I have emailed them and got no reply. Doesn't bode well!
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