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  1. Thanks for mthe link I'll take a look. Steve
  2. Hi, I have recently returned from my main holiday and due to over-enthusiastic nephews I have a 2 inch tear in one of the smaller front window sunscreens. The screen is part of what I think is as Remis Blind the question I would like to raise is: Can the screen be repaired or will I need to replace it? If it can be repaired - how easy is it to do? Thanks Steve
  3. Try these people - recommended to me via Gary of Arc Systems http://www. plastic-shower-specialists. com/ Steve
  4. Thanks everyone - currently awaiting a reply from Salbris. If they don't have pitch I'll try some of the other suggestions. Steve
  5. We are travelling from Dunkirk down to Souillac in the Dordogne on 24/25th July - can anyone suggest a site for a night halt near Orleans and the autoroute. I have looked at the Olivet site but there are two issues with it, one the online booking system doesn't appear to work and secondly they surcharge twin axle caravans quit heavily (30 euros per night). Regards Steve
  6. Update on faulty heater. I replaced the fused spur/switch and the heater is now working. Again many thanks go to Gary (Arc Systems) for his advice. Which has saved me considerable time and expense. Steve
  7. Gary - as ever mant thanks for the reply I'll obtain a replacement spur and try that.
  8. Hi to everyone, Hoping I can prevail upon the collective wisdom on the forum. Last time we used the van the heater ceased to heat on the lelectricity option but continued to work if used on gas. Checked the spur which is housed in the wardrobe of 2002 Lunar Sloar Eclipse and the light was out. Bought some standard domestic fuses as these looked the same size as the fuse cover on the spur. On removing the fuse from the spur discovered it was 10 amp - domestic pack only had 3, 5, and 13 amp fuses. Erred on the side of caution and fitted a 5 amp fuse. Connected the van to mains at home and the Truma worked on electricity inituially and then went off. Checked the spur this weekend and the fuse has melted the holder within the spur. This raises a number of questions: 1. Where can I get a replacement spur? 2. Is the fault likely to be the spur or is there anything within the heater that may have caused the short? 3. I don't intend to carry out the repair myself - should I leave it to the guy who normally services the van or contact Truma? Sorry to ask so many questions but this has left me perplexed as I would have expected the fuse to blow rather tan melt the surround? Thanks in anticipation Steve
  9. Thanks Gary - this looks v. promising - where are they based? I seem to think 01482 Area code is Hull - so not so far from me, Steve
  10. Thanks I'll give them a call Steve
  11. Thanks for the info. I thought I had seen a similar thread but a search of the site didn't bring it up. Steve
  12. Thanks John, The tray is rectangular and sits in front of the Thetford toilet and as you say has plastic covered screws. So it would appear that the more pressing issue is finding a replacement tray. Steve
  13. Hi, Have just discovered that the shower tray in our Lunar Solar Eclipse is cracked around the plughole/drainage point. We normally use site facilities so there is no urgency to repair. I have contacted a local dealer and been quoted approx £240 for the part with a 6/8 week delivery time. 1. Any other suggestions on how to replace the part. 2. How easy is it to remove and replace the tray or is it a job for a dealer?
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