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  1. I had a guy on the next door pitch using his BBQ and the smoke and lovely smells drifted onto our pitch.
  2. We have the 260 and think it is great. The only bit I don't like is it is quite heavy and isn't east to attach to the side of the van alone, but with some lube and someone to give you a hand it is a doddle. No fear of bent poles, the front of the awning can fold in if the wind is in the right (should that be wrong) direction but it can just be popped out again. We've used it in freezing cold conditions and very hot in Spain and it was fine in both environments.
  3. Actually, that's a good idea!
  4. You can always get out of the car a couple of times as needed to have a look.
  5. Generally I do the towing but my wife had a go towing home on our last trip and really enjoyed it. We are going away next week and I am towing there and her back.
  6. One thing to consider if you do go down the twin axle route. We really struggled to find a storage site because of the length of the van, not an issue if that is already covered but something that caused me real headaches.
  7. A little off topic, but as new people come to the hobby and have to take a test and show they can reverse to pass, will motor movers die out?
  8. I have a 110 mile a day commute so when I looked for a new car to do this I wanted the following. Good economy, cruise control, automatic and sat nav. The dealer said I wouldn't need the satnav in a car with Smart Link as long as I have an iPhone and he was right! It has transformed my commute. I no longer dissapear for 3 plus hours a day to people texting me, I have full control of my Spotify as well as up to date sat nav with traffic avoidance. The phone knows where I go at certain times of the day and on what days so I normally don't even need to tell it where I need to get to as it is already telling me! I love it and wouldn't go back to a car without it.
  9. The next morning I googled the issue and found it is seen as normal. Took ages to get the van warm after that though. It only seems to happen with the heating and hot water on but I've had no issues (apart from the smell, which doesn't bother me now) since.
  10. I had this problem with the Combi too! On the very first trip away in a very cold week it started making the smell around 11pm! Thought it was a serious issue and turned the hot water and heating off for the night. Bloody freezing!
  11. One of the reasons I tend to use CC sites, this can't happen.
  12. I think they are a great idea. When reversing alone I have to stop and keep checking what is happening behind, not such an issue with a camera.
  13. Swift doesn't, I checked with the dealer at the time because we planned on pulling with a Navara. How would they know anyway unless you told them?
  14. I could see this awning doing well somewhere like Spain where they do have larger pitches. The Dutch seem to have mega awnings over there so perhaps it would suit someone who wanted the same?
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