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  1. Many thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts. I've printed the whole thread out, and shall mull it over in the dark winter days. So looking forward to the trip. J'aime La Belle France!
  2. Many thanks for all the help. I've just looked at the CC Mayday breakdown cover, but it is only for CC members. We're in the Camping and Caravan Club. ...
  3. Well, we don't have a hydraulic lack. .. The caravan service people told us we didn't have jacking points, but could have them fitted. However, that isn't the real issue. We would like some advice about breakdown cover, please, if anyone has any to impart.
  4. We've been caravan owners for a year, and I'm totally lost with all this information. Our car is insured through the NFU. Our caravan is insured through the C&CC. We don't have any breakdown cover. Next year we shall have some UK based holidays, and three weeks in France. We shall certainly need cover for when we're in France, but would also like cover for the UK, as we have just found out, at the annual caravan service, that our van doesn't have any jacking points, and, if we have a puncture, it would involve a hydraulic jack. Our van is 6. 475m shipping length. Any advice w
  5. Many thanks to everyone who has replied. Lots of information for me to digest through the winter! Might see you there, Eric, we're planning to go in September.
  6. Good Afternoon We're planning our trip to Alsace next September. We're thinking of crossing to Le Havre or Dieppe and then going through Beauvais, Compiegne, Reims, Chalons and Nancy. Should we choose to use mostly motorways or trundle through the countryside? We shan't be in a hurry, we're planning to take three weeks over the whole trip. We've driven abroad often, but this will be the first time we've taken a caravan. Has anyone any recommendations of routes to choose/avoid? Many thanks
  7. Well, thank you everybody for the help! I hadn't thought of looking online for a secondhand drawer unit. There are quite a few available. I think we shall be able to get what we want. The next job will be how to fix it. ....
  8. That's a good idea Upyonder. Thank you. Now, where do I find a caravan breaker. ...
  9. We have bought an Olympus 460-2 caravan. It is four years old. It has a wrap around sitting area at the front end. I have been trying to find if we can buy and fit a set of drawers with a pull out table in the middle of this seating area, under the window. It is really difficult to get anywhere with Bailey caravans direct. They aren't accessible by phone, I had to email them. They asked for the van details which I sent. Then they asked for the VIN number, which I had never heard of, but I sent the chassis number. Then we had another email asking for the same details again, which I se
  10. Thanks to everyone for the wealth of information and help. It will take a little while to understand it, but it will be very helpful.
  11. Oh, do you mean the one on the end of the electric hook up cable?
  12. We are planning our first caravan trip abroad. The campsite we are planning to stay in says it has 16 amp electricity and mentions a PF16 plug. Please could anyone advise? Many thanks.
  13. I have scanned through all the replies to this topic, as I was looking for an answer to a question on roughly the same theme. We have our caravan insured through the Caravan and Camping Club and the car through NFU Mutual. The car insurance includes breakdown cover for the car but not the caravan. The caravan insurance doesn't include breakdown cover for the van. So, in the event of a breakdown of the van when we are away, we aren't covered. I rang the Caravan and Camping Club to ask if breakdown cover could be included, but they said they didn't offer it and referred me to the RAC Arri
  14. Many thanks for the answers. It all sounds pretty complicated. .... I think I might just check my insurance (with the Caravan and Camping Club) and see if it covers emergency roadside help, such as punctures, etc.
  15. We have bought a second hand Bailey Olympus 460-2. Should we have a jack with it? We can't see one anywhere in the van. Or are we supposed to use the car jack? The handbook shows jacking points, but it's not obvious from the diagram where these are actually located. All help much appreciated!
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