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  1. All I can say is I have had excellent service from Powrtouch on the only occasion I have need help in the 15 year I have had a classic 3 fitted to my vans.
  2. My Powrtouch mover has gone wrong, very poor, I have only had it 15yrs. A new set of brushes and it's back to normal.
  3. I have had 5 different Sorento's, but this new model's just to expensive. The £475 road tax doesn't help either. Think I will keep my present model till it falls to pieces
  4. It's not so easy if you wish to retain all the categories on your licence.
  5. Being able to book a site without paying a substantial deposit.
  6. Having listened to the views expressed, I have booked a 14 day break in Yorkshire for next June. Just in case France is still of limits. I still think it is a stupid system, but If hat's the only way, so be it.
  7. I am not throwing my toys out of the pram as you put it, I just don't see the point of driving 600 mile return for a 4 day break, as for using other locations, I could not find a site anywhere using both club sites that I could stay on for more than 4 days. Only left it late because I should have been in the South of France for 6 weeks, but that went down the drain
  8. Having spent hours on the lap top trying to find a club site for 2 weeks in September, I never found a single site that had 14 days clear. I have reached the conclusion that there are just to many people caravaning now. After 20 years as a member of both club, I really don't see the point in renewing my membership to either club next season.
  9. As Joanie suggested, I phoned Powrtouch, they were very helpful and I have arranged for a fitter to come and inspect the mover and quote for a repair.
  10. Hi can anybody suggest someone to repair my Powrtouch classic motor mover. I'm in the Beds / Herts aerea.
  11. Thanks for the replies, looks like I will just have to phone all the local stockist in the hope I ill findsome
  12. Can anyone tell me if Calorlite bottles are still available? I have two that are almost empty, I struggle to keep the nose-weight down as it is without have to swap to standard 6kg bottles
  13. In the end I went back to the original company, and negotiated a reduction down to last years premium. So no more prating about over length of the van.
  14. My car insurance renewal arrived last week with Direct Line and it has barely changed from last year. Funnily enough, it was Direct Line that requested the dimension of my van and told me that their policy would not cover a van over 7 metres. No I am not yet over 70, does this mean more trouble next year?
  15. I think you are right , the bloke is obviously not on the ball.
  16. Yes, they asked for its length minus the a frame and the width. As The van is a standard Eccles moonstone . I can't really see what the problem is, but the agent said it was over size unless I towed with a 3.5 ton tow car.
  17. My car insurance renew landed on the door mat this morning. The premium has risen by a large amount for no apparent reason. I have made a couple of inquiries from different insurance companies, but they will not cover me because my van is over 7 metres. Has any one else had this problem? How did you get round the problem?
  18. I was told by Tescos that I was on their vulnerable list almost straightaway. Not had any problems getting deliveries.
  19. According to the P&O site I can still book a ferry from Dover to Calais tomorrow even though the French government will not let you disembark. I am still trying to get a full refund for my trip booked through the CMC for the first of June. As I am in "Shielding" until the 18th of June, obviously. I will not be able to travel.
  20. However, is it right to maintain an almost indefinite (given there is no real prospect of a vaccine) lockdown that will devastate the economy and lead to many years of austerity, the effect of which will be to destroy the prospects of younger people and quite probably kill more people in the medium term? If you are entirely comfortable with that future then I fear we will never agree. Having spent most of my life paying the price for the second world war, the prospect of a few years of hardship does not worry me at all. The thought of countless deaths caused by peop
  21. Those who wish to remain shielded can do so for as long as they want but there are plenty of us who are prepared to accept the risk. It's nice of you to accept the risk of infecting me with a virus that would almost certainly prove fatal to me. Even those of us that are having to shield ourselves still come into contact with things from the world outside, things like milk, post, newspapers ( I find that wiping with disinfectant makes them very difficult to read ). and grocery deliveries. The more people mix or congregate together the greater the risk to people like me. You
  22. HI Andy.The CMC have sent me an e:mail telling me that my booking is subject to P & O t&c and that I will not receive a refund but I may get a new date, subject to additional charges. As I booked through the club surely my refund should be paid by them.
  23. I booked a ferry to France through the Caravan and Motorhome club, sailing on 01/06/2020. Today I received a letter from Public Health England, telling me I am restricted to my home for 12 weeks and to avoid all face to face contact. Obviously my ferry sailing falls within the 12 weeks period, so I will not be allowed to undertake my journey on the grounds of public safety. Where do I stand as far as a refund of my ferry costs are concerned?
  24. Where are we going to get all these extra examiners. The waiting time for a driving test in my area is already several weeks. Would the extra test be carried out in your vehicle, or would you have to pay to use a driving school car?
  25. It's not that easy if you are carrying a disabled passenger, or indeed if you are disabled yourself. These so called "Smart" motorways are typical of the thinking in this country, if it's cheap that will do. Not so cheap when you add the cost of the NHS treatment for those that are injured or killed on these stupid motorways
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