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  1. As someone who can read, I still want to leave and the sooner the better.
  2. I have just spent the week at Devizes and the wardens there were very friendly indeed
  3. I have the same problem, except it was the BT who decided to put a telegraph pole dead opposite my drive, making it impossible to use the car to put the caravan up my drive.
  4. Sorry my mistake, got the wrong end of the stick.
  5. My van tyre pressures are 65psi cold, so it does not take long to go over 70psi even in normal weather conditions.
  6. Thanks a lot, will get some Soudal sealant tomorrow.
  7. I have to replace the high level stop lamp on my van, the old one was stuck on with some kind of sealant as well as the two screws. What kind of sealant should I use?
  8. Some of you make London sound like downtown Beirut, I carry my money in a wallet in my back pocket, but I also keep my wits about me and avoid the obvious problem places. I don't walk around with my phone clamped to my ear and if it rings I only answer when I am somewhere safe, not strolling down an alleyway. I have been mugged in the past, but if I was not the worse for wear, it would not have happened.
  9. I was stopped and breathalyzed at 11 oclock on a Sunday morning. I was given the impression that they only breathalyzed me be cause they were stopping everyone including locals. I was not asked to produce a breath kit.
  10. Are you sure that the alarm is not being deliberately tripped. This used to be a common thing with car alarms, after a while and completely hacked of with the constant false alarms people switched the alarm off and the next night the car disappeared.
  11. Fortunately the damage has been limited to replacing the battery box door and fitting a new battery lead, all in all less than £60. The door shows almost no sign of being forced, I was surprised how easily this was opened and how vulnerable it is to this kind of assault.
  12. Phantom Tracker phoned me last night at 20-10 hrs, to inform me that they had had a power down alarm from my van followed by an intrusion alarm. I went straight to the storage yard and found the battery compartment forced open and the battery lead cut. on further inspection I found the door had been sprung by a large screw driver. Fortunately the alarm has a separate back up alarm wich went of as soon as the door was forced. There was no other damage and as far as I could tell there was nobody about. The clock in the van stopped at 20-07 hrs, so not a bad response time from Phantom.
  13. My car is registered July 2015 and it goes through alright
  14. At last I finally got the Log book accepted, just remains to see what happens. Thanks to all that replied to my cry for help.
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