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  1. You may find this interesting: https://www.practicalcaravan.com/reviews/tow-car/32326-honda-cr-v
  2. I would make an excuse about not being able to visit the Bailey 646 till later next week and take a look at the Elddis Tempest Crusader when the owner return from holiday. You can't make a decision until you have seen them both. I wouldn't worry to much about the deposit if you find that the Elddis Tempest Crusader is the one you end up choosing. Keep in mind that the owners of both may be members of this forum.
  3. The IP-Com solution mentioned by matelodave looks like the perfect answer to your question. In addition I would take a suitable MiFi with roaming sim as stated above so that you are covered for most situations.
  4. Both Ubiquity and Solwise offer very good options. This topic has been brought up before. I use Ubiquity equipment which, like Solwise, is available from Broadbandbuyer.com. iBoost sell it rebadged and with a considerable markup. Search for the "Solwise or I boost" post and you will get some very good info This is the set up I have I have the same equipment as iBoost but chose the higher spec'd Ubiquity NSM2 NanoStation. https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/16590-ubiquiti-nsm2/ £78 The Nano Station supplied by iBoost: https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/16589-ubiquiti-locom2/ £47 Window/Wall Mounting Kit https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/17767-ubiquiti-ns-wm/ £18.50 airMax Home N300 Indoor WiFi PoE (Current model) https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/30323-ubiquiti-acb-isp/ £30.50 or the one supplied by iBoost https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/32050-mikrotik-rbmap-2nd/ £38.50 Personally I prefer a directional aerial but omnidirectional also has advantages. There are two videos on the Ubiquity site which take you through the set up https://www.ui.com/videos/ Beginners Guide for Mobile Users and Setting a Static IP to Connect to Ubiquiti® Devices - Mac Check matelodave's comments in the earlier post I referred to. He has very good experience of the Solwise range.
  5. This article explains how it's done. https://www.imore.com/netflix-now-lets-you-download-some-tv-shows-and-movies
  6. I am surprised that there has been no mention of the other technologies being looked at to support the conversion to EV transport. This article came out last year which I thought was interesting https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/electric-cars/100194/government-to-investigate-wireless-charging-for-electric-cars and the FT article on electric flight. https://www.ft.com/content/0a58d62e-aeb9-11e8-8d14-6f049d06439c The key for me, as has been mentioned earlier, is the cost of supporting the move to electric transport. Clearly this all has to be paid for by us.
  7. Thank you Woodentop I wasn't aware of that limitation with Three.
  8. Three offer a number of options with Netflix which doesn't eat into your data allowance. I use EE where a basic monthly contract MiFi sim card comes with 5GB for £15 and can be added to from your phone allowance (Data Gift) at no cost. As my wife and I both have mobile contracts with EE we can add 30GB to 40GB a month between us without any adverse affect to our phone usage. We only use the MiFi contract during our "caravan" months - May to September. When my EE contract renews I will consider switching to Three as I think they offer the best options for MiFi streaming.
  9. Depends on the SIM contract - we manage with 40GB a month with no problems. The WiFi to a BT Hot Spot is covered by our broadband package.
  10. When we first started caravanning we used a product called EYETV which did exactly what you are asking. We now stream using our MiFi and/or external WiFi aerial. The EYETV system worked very well and ours came with an additional outdoor aerial/cable which had a sucker to stick to the side of the caravan. We stopped using it when we bought a caravan that had an external TV aerial.
  11. I agree with Easy T's comment. You tend to see mostly roof mounted aerials. If you Google there seem to be a number of options that address your question. For example: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Portable-TV-Magnetic-Motorhome-Freeview/dp/B00XL97PVO/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1526137366&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=caravan+aerial&psc=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=caravan028-21&linkId=97d7574448f83b80b7d0571e34e7c1b5
  12. When there was no strong 4G available we used our 2nd Generation Apple TV box. You can pick up secondhand ones (with remote) on EBay for £30 to £40. It's important that your TV has an hdmi port. Setting up was fairly straightforward but you do need your own local wifi in the van (from a MiFi or other router). This video shows the setup.
  13. I am also on EE and thinking about switching to Three. I would be interested in your experience with Three. We have found, in the past, that EE has better 4G coverage on some of the sites we have visited.
  14. Thank you Laurie. Thats clarifies it nicely.
  15. We have a Hymer which has an on board water tank and a separate city feed for a direct connection to a tap (assuming sufficient water pressure). We also have this socket mounted beside the water inlet which I assume the previous owner had installed. Can anyone shed a light on what it is intended for. As can be just seen in the photo it has a twin connection for something.
  16. Does Three offer Go Binge with the cheaper simms? I thought the minimum package had to be 12GB or greater data plans.
  17. Sorry I should have said the start up voltage associated with the magnetron of the microwave oven.
  18. I think microwaves designed for use in a caravan have a lower starting voltage than domestic ones hence the higher price. Check the spec very carefully before putting a domestic one in your caravan. Matelodave has explained the issues in this post
  19. Amazon lets you change the country details in your registration to watch the Amazon offerings when abroad. See here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201624360
  20. I always leave the Mifi external aerial out for the duration of the holiday. The old one had suctions cups so attaching it to the side of the van or a window was straightforward. My new one needs a pole. We too need good WiFi to support a business and my first choice is always to try and get on to a BT hotspot with my external WiFi directional aerial. I tend not to use the site’s WiFi due to cost and poor bandwidth (not always the case). Both Ubiquity and Solwise make excellent external aerials for WiFi and there is plenty of advice in earlier posts covering a number of solutions.
  21. I have a similar set up. Not Kuma but I used a Huawei with similar external aerial which I mounted outside on the window. Providing there was a mobile signal this setup would improve it. I use the “OpenSignal” app on my iPhone which tells me which mobile providers are available, their strength and which direction their mast is. I find EE is usually in the list. I have upgraded my aerial to a Solwise panel unit but haven’t tried it yet.
  22. This link tells you how to do what you want with Netflix. https://help.netflix.com/en/node/87 However both Netflix and Amazon Prime will adjust the resolution automatically to suit your streaming bandwidth. As I mentioned earlier you may find you need an external 4G antenna in many areas where the 4G signal strength is limited to stream successfully. At least that is my experience. As an aside I use EE data gift to move unused data from my phone (and wife's phone) to our EE MiFi sim when away. As collectively we have 50GB/month on our phones this works well.
  23. I am fairly sure that the Huawei E5573bs-322 unit that 3 provides with this contract doesn't have the option for an external antenna. IMO a must have option for use in a caravan. The previous model E5573s-320 did have. The Three HomeFi plan which is the same cost uses the HuaweiB311 4G LTE wireless router which has one SMA port.
  24. Data Sims can be used in phones to get on line but if you make a call you will likely be charged the full rate.
  25. If you are lucky enough to have a reasonable "Three" 4G signal at home I think this 24 month contract offer from Three is almost perfect for those of us who like to use a MiFi when on our travels. I am currently paying more/month for BT Broadband and having to pay for a landline. My only concern is that there may be hidden costs that come up while you start using it or streaming issues. http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Devices/Huawei/HomeFi?memory=0&colour=Black
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