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  1. Data Sims can be used in phones to get on line but if you make a call you will likely be charged the full rate.
  2. If you are lucky enough to have a reasonable "Three" 4G signal at home I think this 24 month contract offer from Three is almost perfect for those of us who like to use a MiFi when on our travels. I am currently paying more/month for BT Broadband and having to pay for a landline. My only concern is that there may be hidden costs that come up while you start using it or streaming issues. http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Devices/Huawei/HomeFi?memory=0&colour=Black
  3. Which published an article the other day about fake reviews on Amazon. I wonder if that practice is prevalent on other selling web sites. If you look at the Amazon reviews for the IG2200 generator you get a very different picture. It's difficult to know if you can trust any reviews these days. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Clarke-IG2200-Inverter-Generator-campervan/dp/B004R70K3E
  4. I am pretty sure that GPS doesn't necessarily need a mobile signal.
  5. I sold mine privately using the CMC classifieds with lots of detailed pics and info. Personally I would offer the accessories separately unless they are specific to your caravan. I wouldn't sell through a dealer unless as a PEx and then only if I couldn't sell it privately. Now is a good time to advertise.
  6. I am not sure getting UK gas cylinders refilled when travelling around camp sites in Europe is that straightforward. We travel extensively in Germany and to a lesser extent in France and carry standard "European" 11KG propane gas bottles which we swop out at camp sites when they are empty. This the type we use: https://www.frankana.de/de/gas/gasversorgung/gasflaschen/propan-gasflasche-64490.html#v_320_351 Others (Lutz?) I am sure can give you a much more authoritative answer.
  7. I use mine mainly for streaming. If there is no good MiFi signal, I tend use the kit to login into BT hotspots which are free for BT customers (unless we are on a site miles from anywhere). If the only WiFi signal available is the site's WiFi then I don't need to worry to much about being near to the site's wifi source. Of course if using the site's WiFi then I don't stream.
  8. Solwise kit tends to be big in the boating community. They make very good omnidirectional aerials. The Ubiquity NanoStation comes with a POE supply and can connect via Ethernet directly to your laptop and provide access to surrounding Wifi signals. If you want to run more than one device you need the Airmax Indoor WiFi PoE Access Point which is a router. The nice thing about the Airmax is that it also provides POE to the NanoStation so making a very neat setup. Ie USB to the Airmax (or 24V Passive PoE) then ethernet (POE) to the NanoStation. Thats all you need. Personally for WiFi I prefer the Ubiquity kit but Solwise is equally as good. If I was starting out again I would forget WiFi and invest in a Solwise 3G/4G external aerial and a decent MiFi unit/data plan. The cost of MiFi data plans is coming down all the time and the signal coverage tends to be pretty good. Something like this: https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/31798-d-link-dwr-953-xpol-a0001/ Pretty sure Solwise warranties vary depending on what your buying.
  9. If you like the iBoost setup you can get the same equipment from Broadbandbuyer for just over half the price. I have the same equipment but chose the higher spec'd Ubiquity NSM2 NanoStation. https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/16590-ubiquiti-nsm2/ £85 The Nano Station supplied by iBoost: https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/16589-ubiquiti-locom2/ £48 Window/Wall Mounting Kit https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/17767-ubiquiti-ns-wm/ £18.50 airMax Home N300 Indoor WiFi PoE (Current model) https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/30323-ubiquiti-acb-isp/ £30.50 or the one supplied by iBoost https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/32050-mikrotik-rbmap-2nd/ £38.50 Personally I prefer a directional aerial but omnidirectional also has advantages.
  10. Now TV are now offering downloads of selected films and box sets to watch on tablets using their app. 2 downloads per movie or episode every 12 months. Downloads deleted from the device 48 hours after viewing starts or no later than 30 days after.
  11. Three have introduced an unlimited data plan for £22/month with their Home WiFi plan. If you can get 3 at home it looks a very good deal as you can take the MiFi that comes with it on your travels. http://www. three. co. uk/hub/heck-home-fi/
  12. You need to connect the Firestick to your MiFi wifi by plugging the fire stick into your tv and following the instructions for connecting to a network. When connected follow the advice here to set up Netflix. https://www. kodifiretvstick. com/firestick-netflix/ You will need an Amazon Prime and Netflix accounts to watch films/series from these providers. 12GB will give you around 10 to 12 hours of streaming at SD and about 3 hours at HD. I am pretty sure you can't download or store movies from Amazon/Netflix to a streaming stick. You will need an ordinary video recorder and record the film off the TV while streaming it.
  13. There are a couple of new 22" Finlux available on eBay but they seem quite expensive. Not sure what the rrp is for them. https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Finlux-22-12V-Full-HD-TV-DVD-Combi-22-FDMB-4200-73366/273380180608?hash=item3fa6ba8280:g:PNYAAOSwvmxbXxdO Please ignore my post above. I rang them and they have stopped selling them. Apparently Finlux will be selling them through Amazon but didn't say when.
  14. I think you can order any of the current Finlux range from: Vestel UK Limited Phone number:0333 577 3422 Customer Services Address: TMTI, Corsley Heath Warminster BA12 7PL
  15. Not sure how that impacts the price that it will go for as people are bidding on it. It will be interesting to see the final price at the end of the auction.
  16. If you are interested this one on eBay might be a good buy. https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Finlux-22-240-Volt-LED-Full-HD-TV-w-DVD-Freeview-Motorhome-Caravan-Boat/233108948100?hash=item3646604484:g:h~sAAOSwho1atO-S
  17. I thought they only sold monitors. I looked for a smart tv for my caravan and couldn't find a decent one with a small screen. I wanted one under 22". In the end I gave up and bought a secondhand AvTex and a Roku stick.
  18. Very pleased with my card. The Esso garage where I live has ridiculously high prices for its fuel as its the last garage before the airport and I assume they sell fuel to returning rentals. Nice now to be able to buy fuel at a reasonable price without having to travel far. I have not experienced any issues with using it and can happily abide by the 15<>80 litre limits.
  19. I thought that the ADAC terms of the cover will change for ADAC Plus members in the UK if the UK ceases to be a EU/EEA country later this year.
  20. Its unlikely that you qualify for leisure vehicle insurance as the caravan is not being used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes. Most leisure vehicle insurers will have a clause excluding cover if it doesn't meet the above criteria or if you live in it permanently. However you could try Crusader - I have always found them very helpful. There are companies that provide Commercial Motorhome and Caravan Insurance.
  21. I can't find that statement in the new T&C's. Have I missed it?
  22. Mine arrived today. You need to login to to your Esso card account to retrieve the pin no. Without the pin you can't use it.
  23. I think these TVs only have a 1 year warranty - not sure if you can extend it.
  24. I don't see how giving someone your PayPal email address for them to make a payment will result in them having access to your account. I've always thought that PayPal is about the safest way for online payments.
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