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  1. The Netgear forums have a number of customers complaining of issues with respect to external antennas and the MR1100. I use the Netgear 6000450 MIMO Antenna which made a significant improvement with my MiFi. I believe this antenna is recommended by Netgear for the MR1100 but its interesting that Amazon UK has two conflicting recommendations for the same device. Compatible Not Compatable I agree with PMW's post and returning an Amazon purchase if your dissatisfied is a simple procedure.
  2. In this post, most of the discussion has been about battery technology versus fuel cell technology. The main disadvantage of batteries is access to charging and the time it takes to charge. In my view, the coming years will see an emphasis on the charging solutions via a transition to inductive "passive" charging both static (parking) and moving (motorways etc). The post topic relates to the problem(s) associated with moving away from ICE vehicles for the government regarding the considerable revenue it receives from such vehicles. This can be addressed, in part, by passive charging. This
  3. Interesting artice in the New Scientist on this topic.
  4. This has been a very interesting discussion and just goes to show that buying and selling caravans is full of pitfalls. When selling you have to be very careful what you put in print and when buying privately its almost imperative that you get a third party report from a specialist engineer on the state of the caravan.
  5. Will there be a customs charge after January if there is no deal?
  6. I had one from new in 2011 and didnt really like the towing characteristics with the air suspension. The problem for me was that I could easily forget I was towing as I couldnt feel that I had the caravan behind. With the power available I was at times bowling along blissfully unaware that I was towing. I changed the E350 to an SUV without the air suspension. Other than that the E350 was a lovely car to drive.
  7. I expect it will be easier to replace a camera than a mirror. Most new cars have alot of electrical functionality in the mirrors. I had to have a Honda CRV mirror replaced and it was expensive. The cameras in my wifes car seem to be very robust.
  8. Tesco bank are lending up to 25K at 3% APR for up to 5 years for "other vehicles" which should include caravans.. Problem with dealer HP is the amount of interest you end up paying especially if the term is a long one.
  9. I agree but in this case there are other solutions that work with the iPad and iPhone for screen mirroring wirelessly to a TV. Roku, Chromecast dongles to name a couple. 2Kit's screen mirroring app is a good example that allows you to mirror to a TV with these .
  10. Apple sell an USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter which will let you connect to a TV with the appropriate hdmi port to a current iPad. Down side is the cost of the adaptor (£75) and the likely lower resolution on the TV due to the screen size of the iPad. Pretty sure Apple have a similar adapter for a current iphone.
  11. I assume you have a Bailey caravan. You could try writing to Bailey with the caravan model and VIN details and explain the situation. https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/contact-us/
  12. I'm not sure that's the case for new diesel SUVs. We are selling our Toyota Land Cruiser and there seem to be some very attractive deals around. I am hesitant to buy another new diesel SUV though.
  13. This is what is says on the C&CC site in answer to this question: "A deposit is required in order to secure a pitch and if cancelling with less than 30 days notice before arrival the deposit would be lost. " Presumably "altering" equates to cancelling the original booking. I also expect it would depend on the exact circumstances.
  14. Perhaps Admin could send a CSV export of the database to Steve. It would then be a fairly straightforward matter of filtering the information using a spreadsheet or MS Access.
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