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  1. Really depends what you want to do with it. For example if its to provide your broadband at home you may choose a different one to using one when travelling about in a caravan. If its for the caravan you can't go far wrong with the Huawei E5577C which works in Europe and has 2x External antenna connector type TS-9 in case you want to use an external aerial. There are of course many others but that was my choice.
  2. Can you clarify exactly what you are trying to do. Which 4G aerial have you got?
  3. This may be the IEE reg that Ern was referring to. Paragraph 11. https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Book/7.9.2.htm
  4. You may be able to replace the switch with a caravan 12v dimmer switch. If you google this there are a few examples.
  5. Personally I would go for a "dumb" tv and a Fire stick or Roku stick. I haven't been too impressed with our Sony and Panasonic smart TVs. A friend has a LG smart tv which seems to have better sw. The sw that comes with the Roku and Firestick is IMO far better. Camp Site WiFi tends to be to slow for streaming and anyway often not fair on others using the sites wifi. You are better off with an EE or Three Data SIM with a Huawei MiFi unit.
  6. We have the Roku Express Stick which does the same and is a little cheaper. We use it with our EE Sim and a Huawei E5577-4G MiFi with no issues on most sites. Having had two smart TVs I would recommend using a Fire Stick or Roku Stick as they tend to be better streaming devices and you can take it home with you to use on the home tv.
  7. Not sure that's right. When we lived in Germany the Hymer Nova range was available as a German spec'd caravan for the local market as well as other EU markets.
  8. I have the 541 albeit a 2014 model. The layout is the same with 2 fixed single beds at the front. We particularly like the layout as it allows you to pitch nose in and keep the seating area with the view. Hymer are very well made and you shouldn't experience any issues. I don't know what you are thinking of paying but I would value ours at around 14.5K. Ours also has AC. I would question the comment about the insulation as we have used ours in winter and wouldn't say it was that well insulated.
  9. Would you need access to the internet for that to work?
  10. I thought the insurance cover for you to drive another persons car was provided by your insurance company when you had fully comprehensive insurance. My insurance clearly states that I can drive another persons car (providing I am driving with the owner's express consent). I can't recall if my German car insurance said the same thing.
  11. I used to buy the Three 12GB sim but since having mobile SIMs from EE for our phones I find buying a 5gb data sim on a monthly contract from EE for the months we use the caravan far better value. Using the data gift option that EE allows we “gift” data from our phones to the data sim which works out at around 40gb to 50gb per month for £13.50. We cancel the data sim contract at end of September. We tend to watch tv using the MiFi with an external aerial if there’s a reasonable signal. Our mobile sims now have 50gb/month each which we never fully use. I was tempted to switch our phone sims to Three to make use of their Go Binge but decided against after reading reports of limited Three reception.
  12. You may find this interesting: https://www.practicalcaravan.com/reviews/tow-car/32326-honda-cr-v
  13. I would make an excuse about not being able to visit the Bailey 646 till later next week and take a look at the Elddis Tempest Crusader when the owner return from holiday. You can't make a decision until you have seen them both. I wouldn't worry to much about the deposit if you find that the Elddis Tempest Crusader is the one you end up choosing. Keep in mind that the owners of both may be members of this forum.
  14. The IP-Com solution mentioned by matelodave looks like the perfect answer to your question. In addition I would take a suitable MiFi with roaming sim as stated above so that you are covered for most situations.
  15. Both Ubiquity and Solwise offer very good options. This topic has been brought up before. I use Ubiquity equipment which, like Solwise, is available from Broadbandbuyer.com. iBoost sell it rebadged and with a considerable markup. Search for the "Solwise or I boost" post and you will get some very good info This is the set up I have I have the same equipment as iBoost but chose the higher spec'd Ubiquity NSM2 NanoStation. https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/16590-ubiquiti-nsm2/ £78 The Nano Station supplied by iBoost: https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/16589-ubiquiti-locom2/ £47 Window/Wall Mounting Kit https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/17767-ubiquiti-ns-wm/ £18.50 airMax Home N300 Indoor WiFi PoE (Current model) https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/30323-ubiquiti-acb-isp/ £30.50 or the one supplied by iBoost https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/32050-mikrotik-rbmap-2nd/ £38.50 Personally I prefer a directional aerial but omnidirectional also has advantages. There are two videos on the Ubiquity site which take you through the set up https://www.ui.com/videos/ Beginners Guide for Mobile Users and Setting a Static IP to Connect to Ubiquiti® Devices - Mac Check matelodave's comments in the earlier post I referred to. He has very good experience of the Solwise range.
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