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  1. Does Three offer Go Binge with the cheaper simms? I thought the minimum package had to be 12GB or greater data plans.
  2. Sorry I should have said the start up voltage associated with the magnetron of the microwave oven.
  3. I think microwaves designed for use in a caravan have a lower starting voltage than domestic ones hence the higher price. Check the spec very carefully before putting a domestic one in your caravan. Matelodave has explained the issues in this post
  4. Amazon lets you change the country details in your registration to watch the Amazon offerings when abroad. See here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201624360
  5. I always leave the Mifi external aerial out for the duration of the holiday. The old one had suctions cups so attaching it to the side of the van or a window was straightforward. My new one needs a pole. We too need good WiFi to support a business and my first choice is always to try and get on to a BT hotspot with my external WiFi directional aerial. I tend not to use the site’s WiFi due to cost and poor bandwidth (not always the case). Both Ubiquity and Solwise make excellent external aerials for WiFi and there is plenty of advice in earlier posts covering a number of solutions.
  6. I have a similar set up. Not Kuma but I used a Huawei with similar external aerial which I mounted outside on the window. Providing there was a mobile signal this setup would improve it. I use the “OpenSignal” app on my iPhone which tells me which mobile providers are available, their strength and which direction their mast is. I find EE is usually in the list. I have upgraded my aerial to a Solwise panel unit but haven’t tried it yet.
  7. This link tells you how to do what you want with Netflix. https://help.netflix.com/en/node/87 However both Netflix and Amazon Prime will adjust the resolution automatically to suit your streaming bandwidth. As I mentioned earlier you may find you need an external 4G antenna in many areas where the 4G signal strength is limited to stream successfully. At least that is my experience. As an aside I use EE data gift to move unused data from my phone (and wife's phone) to our EE MiFi sim when away. As collectively we have 50GB/month on our phones this works well.
  8. I am fairly sure that the Huawei E5573bs-322 unit that 3 provides with this contract doesn't have the option for an external antenna. IMO a must have option for use in a caravan. The previous model E5573s-320 did have. The Three HomeFi plan which is the same cost uses the HuaweiB311 4G LTE wireless router which has one SMA port.
  9. Data Sims can be used in phones to get on line but if you make a call you will likely be charged the full rate.
  10. If you are lucky enough to have a reasonable "Three" 4G signal at home I think this 24 month contract offer from Three is almost perfect for those of us who like to use a MiFi when on our travels. I am currently paying more/month for BT Broadband and having to pay for a landline. My only concern is that there may be hidden costs that come up while you start using it or streaming issues. http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Devices/Huawei/HomeFi?memory=0&colour=Black
  11. Which published an article the other day about fake reviews on Amazon. I wonder if that practice is prevalent on other selling web sites. If you look at the Amazon reviews for the IG2200 generator you get a very different picture. It's difficult to know if you can trust any reviews these days. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Clarke-IG2200-Inverter-Generator-campervan/dp/B004R70K3E
  12. I am pretty sure that GPS doesn't necessarily need a mobile signal.
  13. I sold mine privately using the CMC classifieds with lots of detailed pics and info. Personally I would offer the accessories separately unless they are specific to your caravan. I wouldn't sell through a dealer unless as a PEx and then only if I couldn't sell it privately. Now is a good time to advertise.
  14. I am not sure getting UK gas cylinders refilled when travelling around camp sites in Europe is that straightforward. We travel extensively in Germany and to a lesser extent in France and carry standard "European" 11KG propane gas bottles which we swop out at camp sites when they are empty. This the type we use: https://www.frankana.de/de/gas/gasversorgung/gasflaschen/propan-gasflasche-64490.html#v_320_351 Others (Lutz?) I am sure can give you a much more authoritative answer.
  15. I use mine mainly for streaming. If there is no good MiFi signal, I tend use the kit to login into BT hotspots which are free for BT customers (unless we are on a site miles from anywhere). If the only WiFi signal available is the site's WiFi then I don't need to worry to much about being near to the site's wifi source. Of course if using the site's WiFi then I don't stream.
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