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  1. Beware DIY or incompetent fitters as running wires inside pillars can result in serious injury if placed over airbags. Slash your face or the airbag when deployed. I also mention that if you use Halfords double check any form they complete as the manager lied when completing one the only time I had to use them. I asked and stated that my details on the receipt/guarantee form not be used for advertising or provided to third parties. We don’t do that he claimed. Lied because he’d already typed in that I’d agreed and later claimed computer would not allow any change. Two years of rubbish followed. Never again especially as they could not be bothered to put all the bolts back in the underbody cover which dropped to the road two days later. No apology of course. When it came to having front and rear cameras fitted I took the car to an auto electrician shop/workshop. He completed without breaking any trim, (adds to any diy job), all trim refitted tight as new, no trace of wires anywhere. Why use a generic service when personal, specialised services exist. Didn’t even have to buy the cameras from him.
  2. Would not even buy a new Lunar. We did and found the ‘workmanship’, (laughs here), a joke. Didn’t think to take a ladder when first collecting to inspect the edging and joints! Still have the photos so cannot claim slanderous. It leaked, it was repaired badly, the front panel cracked, it was repaired badly, it was part exchanged for a Coachman which has proved that buying the Lunar was a ridiculous decision. Nearly left caravaning as a result as who needs it. You want a caravan to go away in not to spend time waiting for its repair or stressing what if. Get something that doesn’t have possible issues before you’ve even bought it. Hope this happens for you
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