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  1. The above Photo shows what Ihave from towbar lead in boot its an audi a6 not sure if this is a type of fuse box ? Car lights still working as is everything else. Everything in caravan working also just the lights operated via tow hitch
  2. All car fuses ok, would there be a separate fuse as its aftermarket towbar? ive checked around boot but cant seem to find another fuse.
  3. Fuses in caravan ok, although doesnt seem to be any power going to tow bar from car as friend has metre. everything wirking in caravan ither than outside caravan lights for towing Could it be fuse in car for tow bar?
  4. When changing bulbbon Elddis oddyssey marker light. Contact points for bUlb touched now tails lights, indicatirs break lights wont work. Think i may have blown a fuse. Any help greatly appreciated as going away at end of week. thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for all your help, i will try kenmore caravans then email a glass supplier cheers guys
  6. Hi i have a 2004 Elddis odyssey 524 and was closing the lid and it shattered. Says country leisure midi prima on the cooker. Glass hinged top that covers cooker abybody know where i would get a replacement. thanks in advance
  7. Thanks guys plastic for me i think easier and less hassle regards
  8. Hi guys, my jockey wheel broke at weekend, think it may have been going over a bump in road. I had quite a bitof weight in the boot. The wheel is 230 mmin diameter. Is it best to get the same size wheel, what your thoughts on a pneaumatic wheel also. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks guys for all your help, it was the o ring it was missing from the end of the pump. Works fine with another o ring . Cheers for all your advice
  10. Cheers alan will try that Thanks guys for all your advice, much appreciated
  11. No water coming out bottom ofcaravan pump is on for about 3 minutes then we turn it off. Nothing from cold water tap at sink after the 3 mins looks like water isnt even going into van.
  12. The water in the barell isnt reducing so diesnt look like its leaking out, we drained it down although not filling system up again as full barell of water and still full after pump been on
  13. Thanks guys just having another check now
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