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  1. macSpot


    My daughter passed this yesterday morning. She said the tow car was on it's side and the caravan looked twisted. Also there was another car involved, which was on it's roof. I wouldn't like to speculate how that happened.
  2. I've used them successfully on a number of cars in the past. The last time I used them was on a Vauxhall Insignia Tourer and they worked really well. It didn't change the feel of the car until the caravan was attached or we had a heavy load in the rear. Make sure you get the right size.
  3. And by filtering on the C&CC web site they have 905 CS's with toilets, 688 CS's with toilet/showers and 708 CS's with showers.
  4. I didn't know either, until we bought a replacement lozenge, opened it and there was no plastic protector. If you check the Alko web site you will see they are sold as separates.
  5. We got our first complete Alko wheel lock with a Swift Challenger, by the time we changed caravan Swift had altered the alloy wheel, which mean't we had to buy a new insert (Alko call them a lozenge). We have recently changed to an Elddis and again we have bought a suitable lozenge (£140). We have kept the same key, lock and bolt. The only thing you need to do on each change is update the account information on the Alko web site. It is worth noting the red lozenge does not come complete with the protective black plastic backing, which is a separate item.
  6. Seriously get somebody with some caravan electrics training/knowledge to look at this. Everybody is trying to second guess this on a image that to me is confusing. There appears to be two wires going into the loose connector, or am I imagining the light brown (white/orange?) wire looping behind the red. Is the fuse connector actually attached to the connector that the black wire is going into, the perspective is confusing, and I don't think it is. And where is the dark brown wire going, it looks wrong and I can't work out what it is looping into. Simple rule - Don't play around with electrics if you are not sure what you are doing.
  7. Wow! We had ours on a CMC storage site, which is CASSOA Gold, and I blanched when they asked over £400. Moved to another Gold site, not that far away, which charges £250 and is actually a better facility. I did notice recently the the CMC site had dropped it's price to £350 - I can't think why
  8. We had this type on a previous Swift, and as Grandpa Steve, double check it has latched "and locked" with a bump on both sides. We didn't and thing fell open when we hit a bump and deposited a box of our stuff (pegs, mallet etc) out onto the verge. Worse still we didn't see it straight away and had no idea we had lost anything until the wife spotted it in the mirrors. Lesson learn't the hard way.
  9. My Elddis VIN starts SG ES, the E for Elddis (Manufacturer identity), the S for single axle. The manufacturer code appears at digits 8 & 9, in my case EX (Manufactured by Elddis). Elddis used EL code between 1987 & 1991, since when they have used EX.
  10. I had my tongue planted firmly in my cheek - sorry it was lost in interpretation.
  11. I would love to see what would happen if the two clubs had no site rules at all. Pitch where you want, drive as fast as you like, let your dog roam free, let you children run loose. It would be superb.
  12. Have you looked at Swifts web site? They have an Owners section that has caravan manuals that can be downloaded, from 2019 back to 200 (Try here).
  13. We always turn over the two base cushions and put them in the middle, with the two back cushions, turned over at the head and feet. We also use two quilts, one with a higher tog, the other with a lower tog. Depending on how warm/cold it is governs which quilt is on top, mostly the lighter one. That has worked for us for years and we rarely suffer any problems. Everyone has there own method for this, I am also aware of people who use a mattress topper to cover the cushions. It is a case of finding what suits you and sticking with it.
  14. Not sure which model your Insignia is but we've had three, one of them may be the same as yours. 2009 Insignia 2.0 CDTi (130ps) hatchback - a decent car, stable with the caravan in tow (Swift Challenger 480 (1370kg)), but had to work the gears as it would run out of steam on long slopes. Hence the quick change to the next car. 2011 Insignia 2.0 CDTi (160ps) hatchback - a good stable tow car and the extra power made for a more relaxed tow on our Swift Challenger 480. However we changed caravan to a Challenger 570SE (1500kg) and afterwards were never happy with the way it towed, it just never felt settled. 2014 Insignia 2.0 CDTi (163ps) estate - the best car of the lot. Bags of space, especially the rear boot which was huge. It did feel a bit soft on the rear suspension, we added some Grayson rubber spring assisters to stiffen it when loaded. Towed the Challenger 570SE without a issue, and even better with the smaller Challenger 480SE (1350kg) that we went back to. The only criticism is the tow bar nose weight on the Insignia's is/was 85kg, which could be difficult to achieve on some of our previous caravans. We gave up on the last Insignia after repeated issues with the media system, which Vauxhall could not cure. Hope that helps.
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