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  1. Good tip, that put's you above a 250 kg payload.
  2. 234 kgs is the payload when plated at 2000kgs, no secret, its in all the brochure's.
  3. The Buccaneer's didn't have any problems at all, to be fair, the ash roads are not a problem, they sound much worse than they are, biggest problem when dry is the dust. And remember there was only about 25% ash 10 years ago, probably less now.
  4. We organised a tour and four Rallies on Iceland in 2008 for the Buccaneer Owners Club, one of the best tours we have ever done. We had one month on Iceland and experienced fantastic scenery and remoteness. Although the outer ring road as it is called, was only tarmacked for about 75% of the route, the rest being a surface made up of volcanic ash, all proved to be no problem. The internal roads were something else, you have to have a 4x4 to use these roads, but well worth a visit.
  5. You would think that with all these remarks regarding continental caravans every site you visit in the UK would be awash with them, truth is you hardly see a handful. Doesn't this prove that most caravanners are quite happy with their British caravans. The opinions of the few are not always correct. Be happy with what you have got, but mind your nose weight of course.
  6. If non insulated wheel arches are causing this water ingress problem, dealers are fixing the problem at great cost to the manufacturer, just what are they getting away with?
  7. Yes we have the same view, after 350 nights on the Ozio Mattress we would say its the most comfortable caravan mattress we have ever slept on.
  8. You just have the groups back to front, HGV1 was artics, HGV11, more than 2 axles and HGV111 was 2 axles.
  9. Just what test results are you looking for? The CMC, CCC, and lots of magazines do road tests of cars for towing, and caravans, never seen a combination that exceeds 85%.
  10. The 85% recommendation has been tested and approved by the whole caravan industry over many years, this is for your own safety as well as other road users. I think that a "newbie" that is complying and taking advice is probably safer that someone that has been towing a few years that thinks they are above taking advice.
  11. What are you comparing the Buccaneer with?
  12. A simple test, drop both front windows of the car, run a tape between both mirrors, if this distance is the same or greater than the width of your caravan then you don't need mirror extensions. As Em says, don't think you will be lucky.
  13. Perhaps try rubbing the eyes first, my quote was all about payload.
  14. There are two sides to every story and you are just looking at one, the caravan, yes of course its easy to keep upgrading chassis, but what are we going to tow them with, at 2000kg you are beginning to run out of options, regarding the 85% recommendation, and whilst this is not law it is a recommendation used throughout the caravan industry based on safety. The payload on our Schooner is just over 200kgs, and of course the battery has already been accounted for, we find this more than adequate, but we have never stowed awnings in the caravan. Regarding the cost, when all the extra's are taken into account the Buccaneer is a very good proposition.
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