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  1. you may find that they are just 165/15 as if they are 15years old they didnt need to allow for profiles.As in traailer tyres. and cars like early minis etc. and most are not into balancing them either.
  2. We looked it this place theother week online.looks good and has high rating.but is terraced and would not accomodate our 8.2m van tho.
  3. This year we was not going to rejoin.but we had second thoughts and considered more to the Rallying side instead.W e have already prebooked some rallies and our first this year will be easter thurs day to tuesday £85.whereas normally we book a CMC and it nearly 2x the price.So the test will be.ok we are not in the full site but a rally field.but it seems to me that the rally marshalls are going to give us a nice time after speaking via emails.Hope the weather holds for us all. Hillhead has a pool and bar entertainment. We had been going there for years then the CMC got it and pushed the prices up.so we gave it a break for a few year then went back last year.wasnt impressed.
  4. What i would like to know is how to disable speed camera detection as going to france and is a no no.i just got a new galaxy s10 and even that when playing media alerts me of cameras?
  5. sadly this is a industry where by if you dont accept it, maybe some unconspicuious person will.but even then that peson with the power of media will learn.and in the end everybody will learn to reject item of unsatisfactory quality. it may take a few years but folk will eventually cotton on to faulty goods.and the more we broadcast it the kwiker it will get about.
  6. We are talking 2 separate accounts here.1 for a car and 1 for a caravan(over a certain length) with a car breakdown they will tow the caravan,but witha caravan breakdown they wont tow a car(but you could drive it,yes) Silly, car breaks down with caravan.they dont ask what size caravan when getting cover.but if getting caravan cover they ask sizes of caravan. why? We went with rac arrival for trailer of any size.£120 yr
  7. Ian ,youve booked a cl.you could roll out of bed at home and see it. Best spot are the other side of the river,as most banks have high sides to see it and the riders
  8. Ok so if you open the lower draw next to the bed and fridge,look at the back,you will see the heating pipe. It will most prob be kinked.theres a straight running under the bed then a 90 bend(rubber) the points up.and joins another straight aluminium pipe.But the angle of the bend is too much and kinks.seen several like it.
  9. Number plate is dated from 1990/91.so could have been on any car after that under cherrished plate transfer.
  10. Smallish difference i noticed last year was the freindly club wants payment upfront too.Or at least a deposit.
  11. Drill a hole at the end of the split and then silcone it up witha plate over it.At 25% damp it should soon dry out and hopefully not done any damage if you have caught it in time.
  12. Add 2 please 1 tredegar house CMC and 1x northam farm (yes i know we like it there especially on a caravan sales weekend) ours total 9 running50
  13. What i would like to ask is has any body thought about condensation.at this time of year there is alot about, have you used the van recently? this maybe the cause.I think it was ian (durbanite) who had this a few years back.just a sugestion as 25% is not a massive high reading,but enough to unease the situation.
  14. going back to the original Q.do you know what the post amp size is.as if your car is on a 13amp socket/plug it should have been ok.but with the fridge on would be too much.so maybe when you return you turned the lights on, this would then trigger the charger too,etc etc.so i would think you would have been well over the post supply. Just a update to Legal Eagle is the load monitor now also covers certain air con units like truma too. Not saying this is thing here just so people know.
  15. Did you get out of bed the wrong side today.Maybe you have a french bed and hit the wall and knocked the sense out of you. Accuracy? or lack of ,as you say. must of hurt buying that vw knowing it was made in slovakia.same place the front and rear panels came from on the buccaneers. And just for the record the tyres on our 2016 cruiser .2017 commadore and 2019 cruiser and our swift kontiki tyres are all from france and made in france.google it.it may be like sinus relief to you and clear your head Oh and theres me thinking this was CT not FB
  16. Says a man that has a Vw thats made in Bratislavia. Which flavor thats the question, salted or sweet. Come on !!! the mans bought a new caravan,just because its not your choice,Its his choice and YOU(FRED) should not slate him for his choice
  17. Sorry but i must warn you. this is a post from a good willing person that hs bought a buccaneer.He has not come on here to be slated at his first post.Wether it be british or not (Part or wholey) has no relavance. Every and all things Man made in this world comes from somewhere or another.And just because he has shown that he is not scared of the uk leaving ,that doesnt mean hes wrong,just his opinion.We dont go to other dealer areas on here slating them off so please dont come on to the Elddis caravans area and run us down. Ive just return from 4 days away to Northam farm site and must say that out of proberly 500 pitches 90% of the vans and motorhomes where Elddis.So they must be doing something right.
  18. Add 4 Northam farm site brean ours 7 running 44
  19. Ive found that if you run it on 3kw then its to hot for the system.(the fluid gets very hot ,just feel the pipes) measure it gets up to 82 degrees. if run on 2 kw then this doesnot happen as the difference in the heat is less.start it up on 3kw then turn it down to 2kw (it will still keep the van at 21 if needed (we retire at night to 19.secondly have you checked the pump is set to 2 not the 5 for bleeding system as some have found
  20. you may find you are talking about a different site next door which is run by the club,the site we are reviewing is the council run site next door
  21. We are auto in all our cars and kontiki moho . maybe we are lazy or the traffic jams are getting longer.but either way i would not go manual.
  22. On our 16 cruiser on the 2nd service we had all the mastic removed and resealed. awning rails,wheelarch spatts,locker boxes ext. mst of which had gone black pitted. dealer had it for 3 days. must say looked new again afterwards
  23. Lipo batteries can be smothered with dry sand. they can also be contained in a fire bag/ blanket/ but i would think it would need tobe alot of sand or a big bag. but they are working on it. i. e wrapping the battery in a concealed fireproof blanket. As said it doesnot stop the fire but contain it until it burns itself out
  24. Ian i have this if you want it. just pay the postage if you want. i bought it brand new in devon. when i got home it wasnt working. foned up the dealer and they gave me the number of the makers. they just sent me out another brand new 1 and said keep the other or throw it. its been in the garage since last summer. got the pipes and bag etc. could be something simple ??? If i recall the pump runs but dosnt stop at the right pressure???? maybe wrong. lol https://www. amazon. co. uk/Outdoor-Revolution-Stream-Electric-Pump/dp/B01M5IHFE6 If you dont want it maybe somebody may make use of it ?
  25. If buying new new. then most vans come with a starter pack like ehu,water and waste containers. if a mover is fitted it will come with a battery. so i would ask the dealer what comes with it from new
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