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  1. Personally i found this idea by mistake.if you try and move the van backwards with motormover when hand brake is applied.it pulls the hand brake on more.so is the same effect when you move it forward..it wont release the hand brake but makes it alot easier to push it down.it only takes a little blip on the button but works for me.

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  2. Where some of you maybe wrong is in the wording of credit card.This sometime underwitten by Bill of sale.Where by if you default with a cc they have to take you to court to get there money back.but with a bill of sale the item remains the property of the lender and so doesnot have to go to court to retrieve there money.As the item is the garanty,Vehicle are easy to find itf payment is not made.but items like caravans are not so easy to find,so you may fing they wont do 0% on them


  3. Im not supprised,we all say about the prices of caravans going thru the roof.last year our kontiki 669 was £101 retail and now this year equivelant is £153 retail.So if they write to the gov,will the gov ask to see there profits before they consider reducing the tax?

  4. Whilst i dont want to start a salted or sweet popcorn.I am amazed at the amound of speeding towing,not just caravaners but all type of trailers.The last 3 or 4 outing for us have been with the moho.and we keep to approx 62/63mph as we find it returns good fuel fig.But the amount of items being towed overtaking us is breathtaking.I twin axle van swaying from the middle lane to the slow and middle to the fast,and a good guestimate of 70mph.How are they getting away with it.Or more importantly ,how are they stopping beats me?

    And most of the time its on a friday .Are they in such a rush to get thaat Perfect pitch?

  5. 4 hours ago, VOLVOVANNER said:

    We tow a 2018 Cruiser with our XC90 D5 PP. It is an R-Design Pro model and I weighted it the other day - empty (and without driver/passenger) it weighed 2240kg.

    Previous car was a 2014 VW Touareg v6.

    I loved the VW and was concerned the Volvo with its 2 ltr engine would not have been up to the task. How wrong was I. The Volvo tows the caravan equally as well as the VW. They both have air suspension altho i guess the longer wheelbase of the Volvo makes it feel more stable and comfortable. The Volvo just gets on with it without fuss - I am over the moon with it.

    My d5 has a 2.4 in it.didnt know they done a 2.0 in the d5?mine is the se nav model not the r design,but thought they had the same engine unless it to do with the power pulse.either way mine is brill if a little thirsty.

  6. another 23

    bit of a switch around due to small family matter.

    1 blackhorse CMC Folkestone

    3 camping le mans

     7 camping le oceans brem sur mer

    6 caravan of 4 winds, Crèvecœur-en-Brie

    3 le clos cacheleux miannay france

    3 henley four oaks  henley on thames

    ours 53

    running 595

  7. Sometimes it makes me laugh,I wonder what people carry in there front locker alone.Many a time ive been opposite ,the Pullup on pitch rushers,and seen what they have in there front locker. So you could not put a pin in there for the amount they take.full to the brim.Awning with extention,and then a extention on that.50+wind breaks to keep the 4 dogs in.All for a weekend.funny but sad.

    Was on a site other week and pitch oposite has a 50ing tv in the awning.....all for a weekend.

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  8. So ,with all of the above post taken onboard ,its said that no matter what the bottle weighs empty it will always have 6kg(ish) of gas.great,:Thankyou:

    But when trying to establish a total weight,there is still a big tolerance. of x2 bottles can be as much as 10kg+ it prob no wonder folk cannot get there nose weights correct,if we keep having to check bottle weights.

    So im off to lite the cadac,put the heating on gas  along with the fridge and have toast from under the grill and 10 min boiled eggs for breakfast all so i can tow the van home.:D

  9. 7 hours ago, Caravantech said:

    is it not something the van can go back for once you've had your holiday?, unless its something really hindering the vans usage then as long as your happy to take it with this fault then it shouldn't stop you going on your holiday.

    I think its the cushions they cannot get hold off???

  10. 9 hours ago, onewheelonmywagon said:

    But as already mentioned there are far bigger rip-offs associated with caravanning.

    I use a 6 kg bottle of gas a year, and at £25 a pop I don't much care if I'm paying four times what it's worth.

    This maybe ok if you dont use alot of gas,but in a allround situation of trying to get better for our money we have been doing more rallying.So sometimes off grid,its inevitable to use more gas.Ive used 4 bottle this year.but the cost of rallying has probably outweighed what we would normally pay if we stayed on club sites,even tho we have still been on club sites too.

    But my point really is how much gas are we getting as to the weights of the bottle.seems it can be any where from 5 to 10kg.

  11. 9 minutes ago, jetA1 said:


    You probably won't, I've been there and wondered the same ... but then in the scheme of things I decided it really didn't matter. In the overall scheme of things the weight variance is not significant and in terms of gas cost, then gas is such a small cost in terms of owning/using a caravan. I decided there are too many other things to concern myself about. 

    yes and i probably should,but most of us are fussy about weights,and as a supermarkets says ,,every little hurts.

    But i get what you means.The only thing is these days payloads are getting less and less.even for larger twin axles, our is only  130kg

  12. Yes we experianced the same when buying a 2016 cruiser.bought in oct 15 and told delivery would be first week in jan.second week came.rand elddis and .they said Dont know where dealer got that fro as yours is listed for first week in march. So had deposit back and went elsewhere with 1 instock and cheaper too.

  13. So ive been looking at the weights etc of our 6kg bottles.According to Calors web page a 6kg bottle empty can weigh between 7.3 and 10.9kg.And when full between 15 and 17kg

    What a big tolerance. So do i have a 7.3 bottle empty and 17 when full means im a tad shy of 10kg of gas.but if i have a 10.9kg and only 15kg when full i only getting 5kg of gas.

    ive bought a new bottle today and it weighs 13.7kg,so how uch gas have i got? i guess i wont know till its empty. But how will i ever know how much i buying or NOT getting for the same money?

  14. On 12/07/2019 at 09:23, Black Grouse said:


    I find it useful to check the size of a CL in acres, given in handbook and on website - 1/4 ac is simply too small for 5 vans - 1/2 ac is "compact" - I use 3/4 ac as my normal minimum.


    By comparison, the Caravan Club gets 16 vans/acre on their club sites - that's why they feel so cramped.

    Thats a usefull tip.b ut we do use the google apps too. Moreso for narrow roads in

  15. Site in cardiff city centre is known for have bikes go disappearing.Mainly due to the public can walk thru the site on there way to and fro the castle.

    we had a satellite Snipe dish stolen 2 years ago from bransgore cmc

    But i do think the worst sites are storage sites.Father in law had a A frame cover stolen,and found it on a A frame about 10 vans away.as he'd wrote his p/c on the inside. Needless to say he reported it and they where removed fro the site.

  16. Well on the basis of rallies this year weve been very happy.marshall had pegged out he corner points nad watched  the arrivals comming in.It got to a point at 1 stage that even the marshall thought the peg where to close together and gave every body more room.

    On a separate occasion on a brean commercial site,we had tenters oposite our h/s pitches with over lapping guy ropes,Then came the children thinking they could use our van as goal posts. They soon went away with there tail between there legs.then over comes the mothers. Of which they had a shock too.

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