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  1. Good to know these tips.We are off on sunday thru france.so will be extra vigilant
  2. Sometimes it makes me laugh,I wonder what people carry in there front locker alone.Many a time ive been opposite ,the Pullup on pitch rushers,and seen what they have in there front locker. So you could not put a pin in there for the amount they take.full to the brim.Awning with extention,and then a extention on that.50+wind breaks to keep the 4 dogs in.All for a weekend.funny but sad. Was on a site other week and pitch oposite has a 50ing tv in the awning.....all for a weekend.
  3. So ,with all of the above post taken onboard ,its said that no matter what the bottle weighs empty it will always have 6kg(ish) of gas.great, But when trying to establish a total weight,there is still a big tolerance. of x2 bottles can be as much as 10kg+ it prob no wonder folk cannot get there nose weights correct,if we keep having to check bottle weights. So im off to lite the cadac,put the heating on gas along with the fridge and have toast from under the grill and 10 min boiled eggs for breakfast all so i can tow the van home.
  4. Bit sad all round.But prob oreso all the workers,and not forgetting folk that have paid deposits etc
  5. I think its the cushions they cannot get hold off???
  6. This maybe ok if you dont use alot of gas,but in a allround situation of trying to get better for our money we have been doing more rallying.So sometimes off grid,its inevitable to use more gas.Ive used 4 bottle this year.but the cost of rallying has probably outweighed what we would normally pay if we stayed on club sites,even tho we have still been on club sites too. But my point really is how much gas are we getting as to the weights of the bottle.seems it can be any where from 5 to 10kg.
  7. yes and i probably should,but most of us are fussy about weights,and as a supermarkets says ,,every little hurts. But i get what you means.The only thing is these days payloads are getting less and less.even for larger twin axles, our is only 130kg
  8. Just the stanard 6kg propane calor https://www.calor.co.uk/shop/6kg-propane-gas-bottle.html
  9. Yes we experianced the same when buying a 2016 cruiser.bought in oct 15 and told delivery would be first week in jan.second week came.rand elddis and .they said Dont know where dealer got that fro as yours is listed for first week in march. So had deposit back and went elsewhere with 1 instock and cheaper too.
  10. So ive been looking at the weights etc of our 6kg bottles.According to Calors web page a 6kg bottle empty can weigh between 7.3 and 10.9kg.And when full between 15 and 17kg What a big tolerance. So do i have a 7.3 bottle empty and 17 when full means im a tad shy of 10kg of gas.but if i have a 10.9kg and only 15kg when full i only getting 5kg of gas. ive bought a new bottle today and it weighs 13.7kg,so how uch gas have i got? i guess i wont know till its empty. But how will i ever know how much i buying or NOT getting for the same money?
  11. Caramans1 total of 87 added to the running of 333 =420 New total 420
  12. Thats a usefull tip.b ut we do use the google apps too. Moreso for narrow roads in
  13. Site in cardiff city centre is known for have bikes go disappearing.Mainly due to the public can walk thru the site on there way to and fro the castle. we had a satellite Snipe dish stolen 2 years ago from bransgore cmc But i do think the worst sites are storage sites.Father in law had a A frame cover stolen,and found it on a A frame about 10 vans away.as he'd wrote his p/c on the inside. Needless to say he reported it and they where removed fro the site.
  14. Well on the basis of rallies this year weve been very happy.marshall had pegged out he corner points nad watched the arrivals comming in.It got to a point at 1 stage that even the marshall thought the peg where to close together and gave every body more room. On a separate occasion on a brean commercial site,we had tenters oposite our h/s pitches with over lapping guy ropes,Then came the children thinking they could use our van as goal posts. They soon went away with there tail between there legs.then over comes the mothers. Of which they had a shock too.
  15. how did you find 4 vents. we are off there next week for 6 days. reviews are good tho
  16. So when a road i liable to a temp or permentant speed restiction,like the new 50mph on the m4 for miles ,all traffic(with the exception of a few) travel at the same speed.is this a convoy too?
  17. Battery is in the miro,so is the fluids for heating,but not fresh water.Also no cistern on a buccaaneers 2018,hitch is max 150kg and a cruiser empty has a nose of 117kg.Carpets weight is 17kg and that is also in the miro. what is also include in the miro is 2 x 20kg gas bottles that 2 x 6kg propanes bottles approx.but not incl the nose weight of 117kg. What some people fail to appreciate is adding a front towing cover.This can have different affect as to the handling .When using a cover i found it adds drag and force the the nose ..I.E if i have the nose at 110kg with a cover it tows better than 120kg without the cover So how much extraa force is applied? Secondly our towball is 415mm off the floor on our volvo and the car and van are raleativly parallel to the floor yet our navara ball is 370mm and gives a impression of a nose down attitude and i find this uncomfortable and twitchy So there are many factors that can affect the handling but my advise is never go to the max on the loading..
  18. Yes refer to the manual for emptying and filling.some boilers must have water in there .even for heating and some dont need water for heating etc. Also for weight saving when towing and emptying for storage so the water doesnt go stagnent
  19. Add another 7 plz 3 with east essex centre follow on from national at Hatton Adventure 2 brecon beacons cmc 2 gowerton cmc running total 2019 (219 from IanV8) plus Borussia 1900 of 14 +=233 +our 7 =240 (Not sure if Borussia1900 already added his???)
  20. personally i would contact O/R themselves.when i had a air pump fault.they asked for a reciept.(of which i sent them it ia email) and they senf out a brand new item foc.ok a bit different with the cost and size of a awning but i did find them polite and helpful over the fone.worth asking in my opinion https://www.outdoor-revolution.com/ on there is a help section and a warranty section If you look on the warranty reg form it clealy states you have a 12 month warranty against materials AND workmanship.So i would suggest yours would be covered.
  21. i thought the new crusader was 2.4 wide?
  22. it does a single beep if you press s/l and the nose is too high ,but no beep if the nose is low enough.just starts the process of leveling with the constant beeping until level.
  23. So you£4k will turn into £8k after you have bought nessasary items,so try to find 1 with all the goodies thrown in.maybe someone giving up.
  24. From what i read here ,you dont say if a 50mph signs where in place?.A single carrageway can be 60mph and with a braked caravan you can travel at 60mph.you say the offence was for driving over 50 with a goods vehicle,and as youve saif that is incorrect.How fast where you going and was there a 50 restriction in place? So was you going under 60mph,and was there no 50mph limit in place?
  25. Just a quick Note. Please dont share on here where your going and when.only after youve been away.
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