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  1. smino0_1

    2018 buccaneer q's

    Ive found that if you run it on 3kw then its to hot for the system.(the fluid gets very hot ,just feel the pipes) measure it gets up to 82 degrees. if run on 2 kw then this doesnot happen as the difference in the heat is less.start it up on 3kw then turn it down to 2kw (it will still keep the van at 21 if needed (we retire at night to 19.secondly have you checked the pump is set to 2 not the 5 for bleeding system as some have found
  2. smino0_1

    Review: Pembrey country park

    you may find you are talking about a different site next door which is run by the club,the site we are reviewing is the council run site next door
  3. smino0_1

    First Caravan

    We are auto in all our cars and kontiki moho . maybe we are lazy or the traffic jams are getting longer.but either way i would not go manual.
  4. smino0_1

    2017 Commodore

    On our 16 cruiser on the 2nd service we had all the mastic removed and resealed. awning rails,wheelarch spatts,locker boxes ext. mst of which had gone black pitted. dealer had it for 3 days. must say looked new again afterwards
  5. smino0_1

    Tesla cars and fire!

    Lipo batteries can be smothered with dry sand. they can also be contained in a fire bag/ blanket/ but i would think it would need tobe alot of sand or a big bag. but they are working on it. i. e wrapping the battery in a concealed fireproof blanket. As said it doesnot stop the fire but contain it until it burns itself out
  6. smino0_1

    Kampa electric pump fail

    Ian i have this if you want it. just pay the postage if you want. i bought it brand new in devon. when i got home it wasnt working. foned up the dealer and they gave me the number of the makers. they just sent me out another brand new 1 and said keep the other or throw it. its been in the garage since last summer. got the pipes and bag etc. could be something simple ??? If i recall the pump runs but dosnt stop at the right pressure???? maybe wrong. lol https://www. amazon. co. uk/Outdoor-Revolution-Stream-Electric-Pump/dp/B01M5IHFE6 If you dont want it maybe somebody may make use of it ?
  7. smino0_1

    What belongs to caravan

    If buying new new. then most vans come with a starter pack like ehu,water and waste containers. if a mover is fitted it will come with a battery. so i would ask the dealer what comes with it from new
  8. smino0_1

    Using a Firestick in the caravan

    I use a firestick or a android box or sometimes a android projector. I pay £36 per month with VF and get 50gig of data. .i have tv on allday and have only ever used 25gb in 3weeks away. If you are using things like iptv smarter etc, then your provider will block you even with a good vpn. so the other option is to use sat for the video and audio and use data to decrypt only.
  9. Where to go for half term, that come around pretty quick. couple of extra days id forgot about. maybe the nec for a couple of days?
  10. smino0_1

    New Caravan - What do I need?

    Normally when buying from a dealer new. some items will be given in a starter pack. so if buying from the dealer. ask them first if they supply anything like aquaroll water master etc. so you dont waste money and double up. If brand new, things like pig tails may be needed as some dont come equiped. so ask the dealer for it to be ready to go,that will help with some items. And keep a record of the items as a will give a idea of weights loaded into the van. so you dont go to mad with weight
  11. smino0_1

    Upset : Major 6TD Pothole?

    what about when your using your motor mover. how the heck are you going to move it with a wheel lock on.
  12. smino0_1

    Volvo XC60 comments

    I have both the xc60 (65)and a xc90 (67) both d5 and awd models both are 220bhp yet the 60 seems to be a better towing car for stability and oomff. only th 90 feels a much bigger car. i dont hang about,but im not a speed freak either. 60 does approx 32mpg and the 90 does approx 26/28 solo. so they arnt the bast on fuel.
  13. smino0_1

    International Driving Permits

    i will just get the papers for the country i need to apply for after british exit from the EU deal or no deal. seems that we want to do a no deal % yet we still have to put up with no deal or a deal for our liscenses. bad language removed really if we want a no deal. we still have to have a deal for ins and lienses etc etc. i will buy my eggs +ham from the local farmer what ever happens
  14. smino0_1

    Michelin Crossclimate SUV?

    Ive just had 6 new crossclimate m+s 3mp symbol 21/20 fitted to our moho. 225/70/16. last week in the snow must say very impressed. did have michelin agila camper greens and where no where near as good in just the heavy rain. but the do have a big block.
  15. If you check on the filter it should have, as with all the other joints,little red clips to stop the release buttons coming back on there self. our pipe came off at the inboard water tank and also flooded the floor under the bed. When i approached the dealer they said they where supposed to be on all joints and did them all the following week. or ask dealer too send you them. they only pushon to the joint and would save a trip to dealer.