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  1. i thought the new crusader was 2.4 wide?
  2. it does a single beep if you press s/l and the nose is too high ,but no beep if the nose is low enough.just starts the process of leveling with the constant beeping until level.
  3. So you£4k will turn into £8k after you have bought nessasary items,so try to find 1 with all the goodies thrown in.maybe someone giving up.
  4. From what i read here ,you dont say if a 50mph signs where in place?.A single carrageway can be 60mph and with a braked caravan you can travel at 60mph.you say the offence was for driving over 50 with a goods vehicle,and as youve saif that is incorrect.How fast where you going and was there a 50 restriction in place? So was you going under 60mph,and was there no 50mph limit in place?
  5. Just a quick Note. Please dont share on here where your going and when.only after youve been away.
  6. hi Ian ive just googled them,save me taking fotos etc https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171901723389?ul_noapp=true ouch! just seen the price is for 3.there must be 50 on ours get dealer to supply them Also Ian if i remember you had a leak on your 16? maybe that was the problem
  7. yes i found this out via the dealer had stumbled accross this. i found out as the floars where not tightened enough and leaked when i filled the onboard tank. this was on our 2016 cruiser.also the dealer then fitted red clips to all the push fit joints throughout the van to stop them coming loose and leaking.
  8. Add 9 5 west dorset rally at lychette minster 1 tredegar house CMC 3 burford CMC ours20 running 203
  9. +1 but id would also go thru ebay as to retrieve a partial refund.the seller may agree to that.or tell him not as described and you will get refund thru the resolution system.your not trying to pull the wool over his eyes.just something towards the repair. maybe 50/50?
  10. I got a funny feeling i know where this is going to go.. How long have you had the van? Where did you buy it from ,dealer or private? I would think dealer if its ben back once Hae you made a complaint about the way they have handled your Already complaint and new faults list? Some info will give a bigger picture as to if there is any advice avail
  11. looks like a site we went to last year.same thing happend.we spoke to the warden and they moved us insted .(which we didnt mind) saved conflict but must say its not ideal It was on that site that it happened to us.ive left a review in the section.some people think they own the pitch.maybe they do but it doesnt mean they have to use every inch of it. And then kick there football at our van as a goal posts. And the prices charged wasnt much cheaper than a CMC site.
  12. I would look at a company called Which Legal Services. and give them a ring with all the details and see if they can help.It is advertised that they charge you £75 per year.not to cover just this 1 incident but anything that needs legal atention for 12 months
  13. Also bear in mind about the weight on the side of the van.the bigger the heavier it is
  14. Was just wondering how old your van is.or more so the gas hoses? Is the rubber perishing from inside? It is supposed to last 5 years,and should be date stamped
  15. i have seen a wind out awning that fits on the roof.think its called a thule? basically its glue to the roof and then winds out.have seen 1 with led attached too. https://www.thule.com/en-gb/gb/caravans-accessories/awnings/thule-omnistor-6300-260x200-_-302100
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