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  1. smino0_1

    Water ingress annoyance

    Dont want to put a dampener on it but the speakers do have a screw in them. bottom middle.
  2. smino0_1

    Twin Axle Questions

    Trolley jack? leave it at home and get a good breakdown service,and let them do the work. simples
  3. smino0_1

    Came home without the van

    Yes this maybe true,but im just trying to give a idea as to its not a great expense for the dealer,and who knows if they claimed it back from Elddis? O right it off against tax anyway? Either way the dealer isnt giving much away and still made a nice wedge whilst doing so. If it was a t shirt in a super store with a stain. it would be maked 50% off etc. Not buy it as it is and we will wash it for you.
  4. smino0_1

    Came home without the van

    you wil have a 5 year warranty on that panel. as said from the cra 2015. never mind what THEY want to give you. remeber they have made a lot of money out of you. only to try and wriggle. free motor mover? thats bad language removed,they give them away free at the show any way. So how much are they actually giving away. nothing. apart from paying the body repair shop £150. May even be a dent removal if the paint wasnt broken. which is just a panel puller. So they make aload of money from you and then want to to have a repair van. Yeah right. think not
  5. smino0_1

    Act soon to beat CaMC price increases

    So can you give some advise on a alternative. plear bare in mind that i do have relative larger size outfits. 5t moho and a 2 t caravan . abeit not at the same time
  6. smino0_1

    Act soon to beat CaMC price increases

    yes i have as a matter of fact. when i also complained last month when we stayed(cut short) at baltic wharf,that there was nightly road works right outside the gates. 22t excavator with hydrolic breaker running within 30 meter of campers. complaint was failure to tell campers when booking in. and people waiting in the que to book in and sending there partner out to find a hard standing and stand on it until there partner pulled up. more commonly know and jumping the que, yet all this was looked into by the regional manager and again fell on deaf ears Like wise my complaint 3 years ago about a visit to tredegar site. With a caravan you cannot book a hard standing. so we arrived at 12 noon only to be told all hs had been taken. we did the tour of the site and pitched on the grass. 8pm came and approx 6 hs where un ocupied. went over in morning to ask why and was told. we keep these pitches just in case we have a late booking of a motorhome,as we cannot put them on the grass. so we are a member and cannot prebook a hs, yet a non memeber motor home can pull in at 7pm and be given a hs. where was our privelege of being a member?
  7. smino0_1

    Act soon to beat CaMC price increases

    As said they have a fob to open and close the electric ramp and barrier. and then have to drive thru partially the site. to exit and entre the compound. Husband works moday to friday and wife works week end simples. what else do they have to do apart from booking in and out of campers we are Talk 16 pitches and no toilet block! Dont even have to collect or empty the bins,as there is only 1 big wheel bin that a lorry collects Maybe some are missing my concept. 10 sites like this and 40 staff. which could be halved to 20 staff. 20 staff wages ( i dont know but i would imaging £80 per day per person) =£1600 per DAY £11. 2k per week £48k per month,,SAVED yes SAVED. Balitc wharf in bristol has 2 men 50 odd pitches toilet block to clean and run site.
  8. smino0_1

    Act soon to beat CaMC price increases

    Come on! take a serious look. 2 sets of wardens just to cover a compound that is self running. fob in fob out. its got 2 barriers and cctv everywhere. Its not like they are even out cutting grass at this time of year. for what grass is there.
  9. smino0_1

    Heavyweight non-4x4/SUV suggestions?

    Just checked my sons 67 merc c220 d estate executive edition 108 co2 kerb 1650 1800kg max. so even on that is a bit slim
  10. smino0_1

    Heavyweight non-4x4/SUV suggestions?

    think it 158 for the volvo and 152 for the vw. vw kerb is 1660kg , bit slim on that volvo kerb is 1850kg but can tow 2500kg but has a gvw 2440kg. so is nearer if he can go over the co2 limits
  11. smino0_1

    Heavyweight non-4x4/SUV suggestions?

    Also consider auto against manual gear boxes. Moons ago auto where quite a bit heavier cars. but with modern teck they are either lighter or cannot tow as much weight in the same car bracket. proberly with the exception of the volvo. It was one of the only cars i could find that the auto was heavier and could tow more . Ok i have the d5 awd but the co2 is 179? Yes but have you seen the co2
  12. smino0_1

    Act soon to beat CaMC price increases

    25% increase in electricity. ive just read a articles saying that the unit price is going down. from jan 2019. swalec dropping the standing charge price and n power dropping the unit prices. as said before,we went to a non toilet block site, that has 16 pitch approx 2 weeks ago that had 4 wardens. wheres the logic in that. doing what i ask.
  13. smino0_1

    Jockey Wheel Shaft Diameter

    Was on a pitch some time ago and a small transit style moho had a solar panel fitted to the back of his roof mounted satellite dish. he then turned the dish to keep it in line and direction of the sun. Ok you cannot do that whilst in storage. but i did think it was a good idea.
  14. smino0_1

    the white peg

    And disabled too
  15. smino0_1

    Came home without the van

    If its new or a used van,i dont know. but Quite simple. dont accept it,repaired or not. You will be sorry if it goes pear shaped later down the line. This happened to our Kontiki earlier this year. asked for tow bar to be fitted before collection. went to pick it up. on hand over i spotted swirl (from a sander)marks in the paint on the rear. I asked about it and they tryied fobbing me off. later it was explained that they had bumped it with the towbar when fitting it. and repaired it. But sir it will be covered under our garanty. Yes was my reply but not to me. some other mug. Had a full refund plus inconvenience money.