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  1. Thanks for the replys everyone,have fitted the pump now without the filter and all running good cheers.
  2. Has anyone changed the now obsolete Whale uv0814 smartflow water pump with the new fp0814 watermaster pump,the new pump would fit straight into the old pipe fittings if i didnt have to fit the small filter which goes on the inlet pipe into the pump. The small filter is angled at 45% which would mean i have to alter the pipe work, would it be ok to leave this filter off, any ideas please.
  3. Hi, Can anyone give me advice please. Due to go to Cornwall in a couple of weeks and my tow car has decided to die on me and can't get it repaired in time. My son has offered me the use of his 2006 1. 9 Vauxhall Vivaro cdti van, can anyone tell me if this would be ok to tow my 2008 Bailey Indiana please, thanks.
  4. Thanks Sparkie and Les, will have a look into a solar panel i can leave either in the window or fix temporarily to the roof to see me through the storage period. Will have to make a few phone calls and see what sort of power panel i'll need, i dont want to be over charging or under charging battery. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Hi |'am putting my caravan into winter storage next week until March 1st which will be almost 4 months,i wont be able to get to my van during this time because it will be tightly blocked in. My van which is 2008 Bailey Indiana is fitted with tracker system and i was wondering if my leisure battery which is fully charged at the moment would keep the security system working over this period without relaying on the trackers backup battery which is not chargeable and costly to replace. Any advice please, Cheers.
  6. Hi Les, Did try pumping up awning as much as we could but did'nt make a lot of difference to ours. what did help slightly was to tie a guide line to each eyelet at the top of the awning both sides were it goes through the rail and pull these tight,but realy should'nt have to do this with a porch awning costing £900
  7. Hi I'am new to this forum and after reading about the problems people were having with water pooling on the roof of their awnings i now find that this could be a big problem with the Kampa Air Ace 400. I purchased the awning at the NEC October 2014 caravan show but did'nt use it until end of August 2015, with all the rain we had on holiday i spent a lot of time pushing pools of water off the roof to stop the awning collapsing,this now may have stretched the roof fabric. Does anyone now have a solution to this problem or do you think i might be able to send it back as not being fit for purpose. p. s. Can Kampa Max have any ideas. Thanks
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